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  1. This screams " projecting my own issues... drama... and delusions" to me.. but then again I hear a lot of screaming in my head sometimes... maybe you do too? If so.. may I offer some wise words? Stop listing to the voices in your head and maybe try listing to the voices that you use to call friends 😏 P.s. ... you are no longer even IN cobra.. what are you talking about????
  2. I love short and sweet announcements this time of year 😍
  3. hey nerd.. i miss you

    1. RoadRash


      hey sweetheart how the hell are you …… 


      hope all is good 

    2. coldielox


      I am okay thanks, how about yourself??

    3. RoadRash


      all good and pretty much the more things change the more it stays the same ……   I’m the same just a little older and a bit slower :D 

  4. im spamtafical thanx :D

  5. I'm great, how're you? =D

  6. an how might you be?

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