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  1. Round 51 will start on Friday September 20th.
  2. Sorry for the trouble yesterday. The issue has been addressed.
  3. Round 50 will start this Friday June 21st. Round 49 winners will be announced at that time.
  4. Tournament Edition Round 49 will start this coming Friday, mid-morning. I will announce the round 48 winners at that time.
  5. noreply@cybernations.net


    to me

    Your nation Kingdom of Lucis ruled by Noctis Lucis Caelum has been deleted from Cyber Nations for the reason of: You have violated the Cyber Nations Terms & Conditions by using more than one nation. Multiple accounts by the same user are not allowed in this game, as you know and agreed to respect when you signed up to play. Please create only one nation per user next time, or you will find yourself banned from the game.

    I have 0 warn points as well & no reason given. I never had multis and definitely only had one nation now.


    If CN tells people they can make another nation, only to ban it for no reason; that is really messed up imo.

    Also if i'm not unbanned, this will serve as an example anyone can be banned for no reason with no reason given. Making building up any kind of nation by investing time pointless, as well as making any donations a complete waste of money when bans are handed out on whims for no reason.


    Mods doing stuff like this will kill the game. Pointless to spend time making a nation or donating if nations can be banned for reason suddenly, at the whims of mods who are either corrupt or have no idea what they're doing.

    I hope my nation is restored asap & the mods stop trying to actively kill the game as fast they can...

    1. Ethereum


      Also I feel wrong in the time I wasted making a nation, only to have it deleted for no reason after being told I could.


      If my nation isn't restored asap & mods can ban people on whims due to personal feelings without giving a reason or rules broken; investing any time in this game is pointless. Without them even pretending not be biased, nobody will want to play.

  6. CYBERNATIONS is rigged and is dumb I got banned for no reason and same on tournament version you site sucks

  7. Why was my acc deleted? The message i received  thru e-mail stated i had multi accounts. That's a lie. I have just one so you and your team just deleted my nation for nothing.Thanks a lot fr not even giving me the courtesy of defending myself under false accusations. I have no intention of restarting my account since you and your stupid !@#$@#$ team have no respect for your members. The very least you could of done was notify and ask me about it but I guess that would have be too much to ask. Good riddance to you and your team of inconsiderate idiots.

    1. Captian


      I know right that happened to me

  8. hmmm, you know i was greatly disappointing when planet gamming suddenly vanished. (well not that much sense the only game I ever played was cyber citzen and tour of generals which in my opinion was slightly more realistic compared to cn,down side you don't need to wait around for your opponent  to attack however unlike cn there is an clear winner. )



    Speaking of which are the mighty admin ever going to implement a winning macanic? ps it would simply rock if i could control my men movements in game other then simply playing by chance and numbers.


    legibly asking questions. :P

  9. Trying to get adjusted to the "ugraded" forums.

    1. Margrave


      Same. What's the reason for the move/update? 

    2. admin


      It's the latest version from IPB.

  10. This update to the rules is not about a single player but rather a change in the rigid approach to moderating the community as a whole. It boils down to giving the moderators (and the community for that matter) more flexibility whereas in that past it had to be more black and white, but as the size of the community has become more manageable we have the ability now to show more discretion.
  11. Today marks the 10 year anniversary of Cyber Nations. I always like to look back on history and it seems appropriate to do so today, so here we go. I registered the Cyber Nations domain name in 2003 with the hopes of creating a web based nation simulation game but I was unable to come up with a working model and I quickly abandoned the project. I let the domain name sit idle for a year and decided to let it go in 2004 since I couldn't find a use for it. In 2005 my interest was sparked again and so I re-registered the domain name on May 22, 2005 in the hopes to get a game up and running but once again I was unable to lay down any real code structure. Finally on December 24, 2005, during my Christmas break from work, I sat down and really began developing the game. I spent the majority of my Christmas break glued to the computer in hopes to get a working game rolled out by the first of the year before I lost interest in the project for a third time. The game was launched on January 6, 2006 with little fan fare and with very few features. The early game was quite buggy with major issues plaguing the entire economic system that originally did not include tax collection or bill payment systems. Other features like the resource and trade agreement system, foreign aid system, national events, nation rankings, government position, improvements, wonders, technology, aircraft, tanks, nuclear weapons, and cruise missiles were added months after the initial release date as the game continued to be a work in progress. The few players who originally discovered the game did so by way of Google AdWords but word quickly got around to other gaming communities and the system began to become overrun as it was originally had only a Microsoft Access database backend and hosted via a shared hosting provider. At that time the community forums also ran on a Microsoft Access database version of Snitz Forums 2000 and it existed as a subfolder on the same shared hosting server as the game. During the first couple of weeks the server began returning “Service Unavailable” errors in which numerous attempts were made to resolve. Such attempts included converting the game database to a MS-SQL database (I had just completed an SQL Server course in college during that same month) and moving the community forums to Invision Free, an offsite forum hosting provider. Still the “Service Unavailable” problems persisted and the game was moved to another shared hosting provider but the problem was not finally resolved until the game was moved to its own dedicated server. The game still has it's traffic bottlenecks, that's unavoidable due to the way the game was designed and played, but throughout the years a myriad of dedicated servers have kept the game alive. So much has transpired over the years, so many players have come and gone, so many fascinating geopolitics and world wars, so many friends made. I'm amazed that there are nations still in the game that were created the very same month that the Cyber Nations was born, with their tiny 3 digit nation ID's, they've seen it all. Those ancient alliances that were all created during that same month, Global Alliance And Treaty Organization, Orange Defense Network, New Pacific Order, World Task Force, Green Protection Agency, alive and still strong (some stronger than others). As I said before, I never would have imagined that the game would still be around after all these years (heck I always figured it would sputter out after a few months which was evident at the initial lack of planning and hosting infrastructure) and while the game has seen much larger player base populations in the past (at times it was too large imo) I'm happy to see that the game continues to have such a loyal following after so many years. Thank you to everyone who has been part of the journey. I leave you with some old relics of the past. This first one is kind of embarrassing given my horrible handwriting (I generally write much better than this, unless I'm in frantic note taking mode). Here I scratched out some thoughts on 3/15/2003. I still chuckle at the question that I posed at the bottom, as I don't believe that one has yet been answered: The first logo for the game: This is the very first image of the game as I was coding it in December 2005 on the old Compaq monitor that I was so glued to. I'm glad that High Contrast theme did not survive very long.
  12. I've spent a lot of time looking over this. As you've seen, there are cases where tech received from multis number in the thousands and at that level it should no longer constitute a grey area, the recipient knew what they were up to. I have been cautious in my approach to this because I dislike such intervention into the game, but damage has been done, and while it is not possible to undo all the damage, those who perpetrated it by receiving tech from multis beyond the grey area mentioned will be held accountable.
  13. Since this announcement was made there has been a lot of pressure from the community for moderation action/inaction to be taken on this one way or the other. My instruction to the mod team was over my concern with mass back-deleteing tech when there may exist a grey area between each and every transaction (did the receiver knowingly receive tech from a cheater or did they have no idea whatsoever). So my instruction to the mod team was to look at this on a case by case basis. To that, don't expect to see any mass updates to large groups of players, and don't hound the mods asking when is action going to be taken. We'll conduct our reviews, and any evidence that you can offer in the moderation reports section is appreciated and will be compiled for the decision making process when reviewing past offenders and adjusting nations as deemed necessary. In short, we want to get this right and we are going to take whatever time necessary to get there.
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