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  1. Everything Roq said is correct. I'm sure it's true that a few players who were already on the verge of quitting saw Oculus get formed and said "screw it, I'm done" a year or two earlier than they would have otherwise, but that's all. A few more were lost with MI6's death, but MI6's death was essentially an assisted suicide. Oculus wasn't a cause of the game's death; Oculus was evidence of the game's death. The game had gotten to a point where it was actually "winnable," and we and our allies won it. That wouldn't have been possible to do if there had still been a vibr
  2. I had a very poor first impression of Non Grata years ago, but I have to say that they were very good and honest allies in Oculus. We did indeed win the game together. What a ride! Sorry to see you hit IRON and Os on your way out, but I understand what it's like to have a thirst for vengeance that you never got to satisfy.
  3. Three thoughts, two related and one unrelated: 1.) Gotta keep your scheming a little more subtle, Ghost. 2.) I'm always a fan of kicking the hell out of TTK. See you after the initial round of wars expire. 3.) Everyone who was so damn certain that Oculus would turn on itself inside a year, suck it. It's been nearly two years and we're still cruising. We didn't form the thing on a lark; we put in the work and made sure everyone was committed.
  4. No, it's not fun. But neither is vacuuming a carpet. That doesn't mean that you don't continue to vacuum the carpet. It's simple housekeeping that just takes a few minutes each week. A number of the folks in the Mongols, SPATR, NEW, Kaskus, and TIR grouping have said that they're done with politics and that they just want to permawar forever, similar to TPF. There's no reason for us to offer peace when the cost of the "war" continuing is entirely negligible and we know there are a bunch of permarogues contained in this tiny grouping anyway. If they ask for peace, they'll get it. If
  5. Let's not exaggerate the importance of whether or not this continues forever. Mongols: four in war mode, all between 18-36k SPATR: eight in war mode, all below 8k NEW: 12 in war mode, all below 20k Kaskus: four in war mode, all below 18k TIR: zero in war mode This isn't even a hassle, it's a rounding error.
  6. Pound-for-pound, Sengoku was one of the game's most impactful alliances in the past five years. Happy to have been a friend; enjoy Umbrella.
  7. Congratulations to you both, and best of luck to LoD and Jesse End in their new positions.
  8. Always love to see my friends at ODN marching into battle. o/
  9. I heard the same things in 2007 and 2008 before the Karma War. Everyone had their own little spreadsheet or notepad where they had done the math and it was clearly impossible to take down NPO. They had Continuum and 1V, who could possibly take them down? Most of the talking heads sagely agreed with each other that it couldn't be done and that the Pacifican sphere had to disband itself if the world would ever change. It required far-thinking leadership, effective long-term diplomacy, and capable alliance-building to do it. It wasn't easy; nobody shot a single proton torpedo and man
  10. I'm no longer a member of the Oculus leadership, so feel free to discount this, but the single largest frustration I had over the past year was the unwillingness on the part of virtually every alliance in the game to have a proactive foreign agenda. This was a problem long before Oculus came into existence. The old grudges are simply too old to still bear fruit, and new grudges have not arisen (except on the micro level) to spark new global conflicts. To be honest, this was mostly true for us, too. Everyone chattered away about an "inevitable" Oculus vs. Doom conflict being the ne
  11. Right, let's drop this. Evilest is right that there were individuals who wanted us dead from the beginning, but nothing solid came of it and no alliance put their weight behind those individuals' sentiments. We're talking about events that are more than seven years old. Our feuds with Monos Archein and affiliated alliances lasted maybe a few months after we split off. There's a reason it received only a slight mention in the announcement; this was a long time ago. The only alliance Aurora Borealis ever truly hated was GOD, and really, it was just Xiph specifically. Even those event
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