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  1. Serberus_I

    Bet you didn't see this coming..

    A truly excellent outcome and hopefully a new era in friendship and diplomacy.
  2. Hi mate, No one really uses forums anyway, which is a shame because I love forums! We have Discord channels and Skype. The link for Discord is above. Any questions message me on here or in-game! Serb
  3. Join TODAY For the night is dark and full of terrors. TCs, tech deals, aid, guides, social stuff n laughs - simple.
  4. Join today and begin your watch!
  5. Crikey! Like a whole page of nonsense. Even I'm not that bad, man!
  6. I think though that the core active members will always remain and so there'll be loads of actives who want to play rather than 2-week noobs who then disappear. AND people are returning to the game all the time.
  7. Maybe I'm just not putting much effort into reading that, but Kindle sounds like he's lost the plot, man.
  8. Plus both noobs have no nukes/manhatten projects so no wonder the mighty animalz won those ones...
  9. As us Brits would say two nill to Night's Watch.
  10. We all like to live a little dangerously sometimes. Spices things up!
  11. All hail the Mad Dog Mad Jack Layton, First Ranger of the Night's Watch!!!
  12. I know, but everyone will be trying to do this now.
  13. I'd say it's more Ancient Greek than Muslim - Trojan Horse and all that.
  14. A cunning and decisive stroke against those who have nothing left but hate. It's almost poetic.