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  1. Master Hakai

    Positive Mental Attitude

    i would recommend also disbanding and quitting
  2. Master Hakai

    Joint Declaration FTW

    YAY!!! I still want like at least 9 more rounds. and when i say nine i mean like 9 friggin million. One round for every dead woof.
  3. Master Hakai

    Joint Declaration FTW

    aNd EvErYoNe KnOwS tHiS, eVeN gPa KnOwS iT.
  4. Master Hakai

    Joint Declaration FTW

    So what's the deal with sanctions these days? I quit paying attention to stuff long before sanctions were a thing so I don't know. Is it normal to use them as weapons during a war? Or is it just something alliances do when they're losing? Do both sides start sanctioning each other now? Just curious how it works, never really messed around with it.
  5. Master Hakai

    Joint Declaration FTW

    I am in favor of the introduction of the new term "honey-mood"
  6. Master Hakai

    Joint Declaration FTW

    bout to bite that shiny metal ass
  7. Master Hakai

    TIE Declaration of Sadness Updated x1

    holy cow man, i thought i was inattentive to detail but haf you just took it to the next level!!!
  8. Master Hakai

    Joint Declaration FTW

    I'm likin the dedpul gifs! I didn't watch the 2nd movie. In that one does he mainly just start very easy fights but go around asking for help first?
  9. Master Hakai

    Joint Declaration FTW

    IS "freehold of the woovs" 15.46084558854045 times larger than COBRA in terms of TOTAL NATION STRENGTH? AND DID "freehold of woofs" also need help from " CLOS " who may be 23.12540235094132 times larger, mas o menos, than COBRA in terms of nation STRENGTH? furthermore, DID "free hole of wolves" NECESITAMOS AYUDAR from SUPPER NOVEL X who is ABSOLUTE GARBAGE in order to be able to handle COBRA? I am only asking because I have become curious as to whether or not "CANIT" is the biggest *WIMP* currently in Cyber Nation. I am assuming so, but I want to get my facts straight before reaching a conclusion.
  10. Master Hakai

    The Brewers Sucks Accords

    iron is definitely the worst
  11. Master Hakai

    A new power rises

    Hey Franz, quick question: Why are you reviving GGA?
  12. Master Hakai

    Wait, I thought he already deleted...

    bye charmander hal!!
  13. Master Hakai

    Slow, but still kickin'

    I don't know what anybody is talking about
  14. Master Hakai

    GATO Announcement

    white choc is an honorary GATO member? jeez man just when you think you know a guy.
  15. Master Hakai

    A Clerical Note

    dude nobody cares bro