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  1. Hal Bumbry is correct; kashir is should be punished for its crimes against humanity!
  2. I would prefer it if we were just "on our own" to deal with the devastation and carnage
  3. thread made me think of a time when treaty web was relevant!
  4. sometimes i don't send money because it is TOO MUCH EFFORT! too many buttons to press/push.
  5. Deleted! WOW! Look @ this gentleman
  6. what if one day the snales put salt on us?
  7. the thing about slugs is they slip n slide around, ain't SHIP you can do about it!
  8. this is a pretty good answer!
  9. Wondering how each of you feels about everything going on? Write down your thoughts.
  10. If one side has the other outnumbered at least 50:1 then for sure claws and iron will show up to PAR-TAY
  11. a·maz·ing /əˈmāziNG/ adjective causing great surprise or wonder; astonishing.
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