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  1. I've just been informed that SteelersFan is not Pensfan, and I have one question: Why?
  2. so what's next for pootshik destroyer?
  3. these new pips are comedy gold. bravo!!!
  4. Kashmir isn't hiring right now, sorry. I hope you find what you're looking for. @Lord Draculea make a post somewhere else/quit posting
  5. oh nothin just reading a really weird thread and found a post where someone called lord hitchcock a victim of hate crimes. sup with you?
  6. why are you announcing treaties in these perilous times? this is very irresponsible.
  7. Sure, but who is Lord Hitchcock? And what does FA department mean?
  8. will someone please do or say something to help theol feel better? i hate seeing someone going through it in this way.
  9. so why toilet paper factory in particular
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