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  1. If one side has the other outnumbered at least 50:1 then for sure claws and iron will show up to PAR-TAY
  2. a·maz·ing /əˈmāziNG/ adjective causing great surprise or wonder; astonishing.
  3. I assume the "FREE" alliances have microtransactions
  4. welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! few years ago the whole game treatied itself and that was all she wrote.
  5. what are the goals / asspirations of ft w and succubus? what would your squad like to see accomplished in cyber nation?
  6. Kangaroo Jack out here just leveling the competition with one-liners that don't mean anything
  7. that would suck having to try to defend furry and their homies, yikes. i feel for anyone in that situation because that would absolutely be THE PITS
  8. it's actually not better than nothing, which is interesting!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. TL;DR furry changed its flag after gettin rekt by ng
  10. They disbanded about 4 years back but GGA reformed and is currently sitting on top...
  11. I WONDER what's going TO HAPPEN NEXT! im freakin out man
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