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  1. it's actually not better than nothing, which is interesting!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. TL;DR furry changed its flag after gettin rekt by ng
  3. They disbanded about 4 years back but GGA reformed and is currently sitting on top...
  4. I WONDER what's going TO HAPPEN NEXT! im freakin out man
  5. The fella who says this also says quote you have your head in the clouds unquote
  6. not so fast buddy, for sure they decided to join a tighting war
  7. Al Bumby is the kewlest guy in cyber nation and it’s not even close. Serious “cool guy” vibes whenever he talk. Really neat person!
  8. Why do SO MANY people in CN say "bandwaggon?" THERE IS ONLY ONE G
  9. There's nothing to fix. The majority of alliances got tired of losing infra and all at in wars so they signed oculus and now it never has to happen again. BOOM PROBLEM SOLVED! There's always other games if you like challenges n activity n stuff but it won't never be in this game ever. But jedge you seem like a cool dewd if im bein honest and i think it's neat that u tryin.
  10. Hello Lorp Dracolam! Kashmir And Cobra Were Already Irrelevant! Your Irrelevant Appliance Had Nothing To Do With That! When Was The Last Time Someone Here Was "Relevant!" Thirteen Years Ago Right! Been A Whole Lot Of irrelevant Ever Since! Thank You For Your Input! God Bless!
  11. I appreciate the Generosity medal! I realize I am very liberal with the fake e-dollars on my “nation” and am glad to be recognized for it.
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