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  1. joseph a banks is by far the weirdest person here now that THIME HEMIS isn't around
  2. joseph blink: "it's afflicting ur sanity and i am deeply concern." also joseph banks: *takes cn srs*
  3. oh cool! so we can just make up stories and pretend it's real? let me try hang on. Last week, Kashmir and LUEnited nations teamed up with el bruc, leader of Poison Clan, and attacked FTW (which stands for frigy trikka wikka). We outdamaged them sebenteen billion to 5 and brought them to negative 323 NS within 3 days! They were forced to disband, many members ended up deleting their nations, some electing to have their computers incinerated and blocking all memories of cybernations permanently. Their leader tanit cried for weeks in-game as well as IRL and attempted to file multiple lawsuits against the coalition for psychological damage. All cases were dismissed from the Supreme Basketball Court although Tom Brady of the South Carolina Angels did donate through his private charity, the "Roberto Clemente Foundation." Future President Dan Quail declined to comment. pretty crazy right? really unpredictable world we're livin in
  4. i was already bored 5 minutes before this was posted
  5. They are what now? shotty adjective shot·ty | \ ˈshätē\ -er/-est Definition of shotty : hard and round like a pellet of shot Results for shotty: SLANG ridin’ shotty The expression riding shotty is another way of saying riding shotgun, or sitting in the passenger seat in a car up front next to the driver.
  6. so did you join yet or you waiting til later when you're more "in the mood"
  7. i herd the tuff gui coalition was at it again. look @ that! i recommend call in mor allie this time becuse CORBA is like 12 nations now
  8. THE ROCK needs to up his grammar game yo
  9. I seriously doubt Kevin Durant will join the Warriors
  10. I think you have your historiagrophites mixed up
  11. Why do you guys waste so many words saying "we're dumb as bricks?" It's an easy sentence to type
  12. LOL! "no worries punk." as if we give a rat's ass how badly you want to $%&@ over your own allies before you finally give up. We don't! If anything, the free XP you're giving our smaller nations is invaluable.. makes us an even more dangerous military alliance than we already were. But holy !@#$, Margrave, he sure told you! #punk #hellwillfreezeover #LHisgettingwhoopedbyfruitninja #lol #umad #198ns #ded
  13. Both sides are winning 100% , because: A win for Kash side is destroying their nations, and they have been one big crater since 7 days after we declared. A win for meth's group is getting talked to in OWF, and that's been happening a LOT during this war. We're both winning, because of definitions.
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