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  1. i'd be surprised if anyone minds u attacking KNOB
  2. Try to diagram that sentence. Can't be done!
  3. i guess cool just means whatever we want it to now
  4. when will BIG SLIME n BIG SLIMES stop fallin tru da flo?
  5. I'll nvr4get the time LH was making up a story about how cobra is kashmir slaves and specifically, when he said kash "kicked us to the curve" and now cobra has to "flip the bill"
  6. watching death bladder urinate all over this thread like
  7. In which Death Bladder, contender for blandest OWF personality, rages over CN players actually using the forum; and clarifies his preference that nothing, under any circumstances, happen in cyber nations. thank you for your input, buddy! this thread went from 0 to 60 when you showed up and launched cn into mainstream relevance.
  8. veracity just had to not have such a sloppy mud pie, that's all he had to do just that one thing.
  9. I didn't realize white choc and someone else were sending the dude war aid to help in the fight against lex quintus, lol. YIKES! Hate to see it
  10. Someone attacked a Kashmir nation, so uh. what are we arguing about? I'd say just work out how many rounds the claws guy stays at war with Cobra, TIE, SS, OC, SRA, and move on
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