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  1. Hey clod; you know CROBA doesn't have nations in deebeedeesee range rite?
  2. Conspiracy: mi6 members were saying "teapot" a lot around that time
  3. well let's be real, fwt needs all the help they can get. they are terrible
  4. Gentlemen, I fear I've gotten to the age where clicking "Cruise Missile" or "Aggressive Attack" on the drop down menu doesn't feel like anything anymore. What should I do? Sinceriously, Joseph A Bank
  5. I think he may have used "MAGIC" if you will
  6. the game is dead minus cobra wars and tevron critiquing cobra wars
  7. just in time with the WHITE POWDER, thank . !!
  8. joseph a banks is by far the weirdest person here now that THIME HEMIS isn't around
  9. joseph blink: "it's afflicting ur sanity and i am deeply concern." also joseph banks: *takes cn srs*
  10. oh cool! so we can just make up stories and pretend it's real? let me try hang on. Last week, Kashmir and LUEnited nations teamed up with el bruc, leader of Poison Clan, and attacked FTW (which stands for frigy trikka wikka). We outdamaged them sebenteen billion to 5 and brought them to negative 323 NS within 3 days! They were forced to disband, many members ended up deleting their nations, some electing to have their computers incinerated and blocking all memories of cybernations permanently. Their leader tanit cried for weeks in-game as well as IRL and attempted to file multiple lawsuits against the coalition for psychological damage. All cases were dismissed from the Supreme Basketball Court although Tom Brady of the South Carolina Angels did donate through his private charity, the "Roberto Clemente Foundation." Future President Dan Quail declined to comment. pretty crazy right? really unpredictable world we're livin in
  11. i was already bored 5 minutes before this was posted
  12. They are what now? shotty adjective shot·ty | \ ˈshätē\ -er/-est Definition of shotty : hard and round like a pellet of shot Results for shotty: SLANG ridin’ shotty The expression riding shotty is another way of saying riding shotgun, or sitting in the passenger seat in a car up front next to the driver.
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