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  1. Even with these blasphemous comments I still can’t help but feel obligated to roll only GATO. Also always great to see bonds like these getting sharper. Does that make sense?
  2. This is like three CBs in one. NADC was always a respectable alliance, as is TTK. As long as y'all don't cancel each other out good things should come from this. Congrats on the merger!
  3. CLAWS not winning Miss Congeniality is almost a CB.
  4. Who? A shoutout to our CLAWS queens makes this a high-quality DoW.
  5. So since SirWilliam isn't posting this, are you guys gonna pull a TIE and later say this wasn't real or what?
  6. Make up your mind, are you gov or nah?
  7. This is BEYOND embarrassing. I would suggest your allies look elsewhere, but you burned your only relevant treaty.
  8. Amateur hour has better material than this.
  9. I'll add this for context as well.
  10. Happy very late birthday

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