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  1. Jazzy95

    Natural 20

    o/ RFI Great to finally see this in writing, cementing relationships with great allies!
  2. Jazzy95


    You're talking to @CrinkledStraw, you're already too late ❤️CS 3,213 (I wonder why we're stuck around here)
  3. Jazzy95

    Joint Declaration FTW

    I can't really think of many alliances in recent times that called in their allies while facing those odds. Seems to be a new trend tbh
  4. Jazzy95


    10 years later, I finally have a good way to explain alliances, nations, treaties. 3,402 Has anyone charted this to see the drop rate lately?
  5. Jazzy95

    Santa CLAWS is Coming to Town

    "Ho, ho, ho! It's time to get jolly on your naughty asses!" ⭐🐾
  6. Jazzy95

    This Cat has CLAWS

    Idk about this, there's only room for one WAE. That being said, and until we figure out which one it is, I'm happy to see this! 😁
  7. Jazzy95

    Happy Friday the 13th

    I'm so glad this all worked out! I look forward to working with friends both new and old... and maybe having some fun for once o/ CLAWS o7 Children of the Morrighan o7 Last Call o7 Apocolypse Meow o7 Alpha Wolves o7 Sovereign Leauge of Armed Powers
  8. Jazzy95

    Good Enough.

    Congrats on winning a war of literally no words I know you know that's not true, come on 😂
  9. Jazzy95

    An Unofficial Announcement!

    That's hysterical.
  10. Jazzy95

    Declaration of War

    This looks fun! Hope you're having fun!
  11. Jazzy95

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    Can you give me a list of Term-approved comebacks? "I thought we were on good Terms" got me kicked from their server.
  12. Jazzy95

    TE- Round 46

    Could be a last-ditch update to try and salvage the game. Who knows at this point.
  13. Jazzy95

    To TIE and Monsters INC.

    Maine certainly swept me off my feet when we met, he bought roses and a reservation for two at a really fancy restaurant. But like Blackatron before him, he's just another former TTK member that broke my heart. Anyways, nice to see CRAP wake up to respond to some of this.
  14. Yay for allies and friends!