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  1. + The Rules of Acquisition Accords Preamble: A new sharp order begins.... Article I, Rule 17: A Contract is a Contract is a Contract...but only between Ferengi Both parties hereby agree to maintain harmonious relations; to cooperate on any and all business matters, and disputes in the pursuit of profit Article II, Rule 35: Peace is Good for Business Both parties hereby agree to not interfere on one another’s profit margins. Neither shall either party commit acts of military aggression, nor acts of industrial sabotage nor copyright infringement, nor embezzlement. Pre-established and regular commerce may continue with a competing third-party but the other party is encouraged to consider other revenue streams. Article III, Rule 74: Knowledge equals Profit Both parties hereby agree that any intelligence or otherwise sensitive information shared between the two will not be passed on to any third party without permission. Both parties are encouraged, but not obligated, to share information with the other party relevant to their profit. Article IV, Rule 34: War is Good for Business If one party finds itself being worked out of the market by another enterprise, the other party may consider using the opportunity to extract a profit from the mutual rival. Article V, Rule 57: Good customers are almost as rare as Latinum - treasure them. Both parties agree to open their markets up to one another, free of tariff or tax, so that they may both benefit from a substantial profit. Article VI, Rule 6: Never allow family to stand in the way of Opportunity Should either party wish to pursue more profitable ventures, they are required to notify the respective parties within 72 hours of nullification. Signed for CLAWS, Co-Leaders: Jazzy95, Supreme Sultan of Scratchposts Al Bundy, Football Legend Grand Inquisitor: Randalla Minister of Internal Affairs: Tehol Minister of Foreign Affairs: Magical Muslim Minister At-Large: White Chocolate Advisory Council Advisor of Defense: Admiral Alexander & Clash Advisor of Economics: RS1787 Signed for The First Order, mastabadey, Supreme Leader BringMeTheHorizon, Grand Admiral Feetler, General Staff James Maximus, General Staff TL;DR ODP between Claws and The First Order
  2. Oh you mean when we were checking into her being a spy? "Before I was actually even doing anything"
  3. Well you know we have had problems in the past, like you for example. You know when you were on our AA for how long as a Cobra/NG planted spy?
  4. Yay burning pixels /o to all
  5. o/ all Guess Ill finally have to change my sig..
  6. Buffy disappeared a while ago actually. "sniffles" first nuke is for him.
  7. In Light of recent events, Anarchy Inc. awakens from its slumber to the lovely smell of of Napalm and Nukes. We hereby declare war on North Atlantic Defense Coalition in defense of the New Pacific Order. Board of Directors: Gambona Saphyre Magical Muslim Stetson76
  8. Twas a fun fight. o/ to all our allies and the Legionaires that fought back.
  9. May peace be with your loved ones, Sad stuff indeed. RIP
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