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  1. Anything that would automatically load pages for you is not allowed. I'm not sure why you didn't create a topic for this or ask us directly. A blog entry isn't exactly the best place to ask this sort of question.
  2. Was expecting this. I'm disappointed.
  3. Thanks very much for fixing my name :)

  4. Dis be mah fav mod! =D

  5. thank you soooooooooooooooooo much!!!

  6. I have to echo ZZZ except you visited my blog which is more scary.

  7. :hug: for fixing my troubles before I almost realised it

  8. Good sir, you deserve a medal for that sweet avatar.

  9. Same here zoom. I didnt do anything wrong, did I?

  10. Vivi

    Staff Awards

  11. Should I be scared that you visited my profile?? ;)

  12. Thanks, your Avatar's pretty great too ;-). Thrawn for the win!

  13. Awesome avatar.

  14. They will be selectable in a drop-down box from your profile. I need one government member from each sanctioned alliance to PM me with the image that their alliance wants to use. These images may be a maximum size of 150x48. Any new Sanctioned Alliance must wait 10 days to get their image added here (the same amount of time required to get your flag added in-game). Whenever an alliance replaces another as sanctioned, the old alliance's image will be removed when the new one's is added. Edit: Don't forget that the background here isn't white, so it would be a good idea to make sure that any images submitted have transparent backgrounds.
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