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  1. R&R has replaced The Legion.
  2. There's not set limit for those at the current time. If you're wanting to know about something specific, send me a PM.
  3. [quote name='D34th' timestamp='1300863449' post='2673677'] We are deciding what image we'll use this time, and about that I have one question: What's the maximum size/length of a gif to be accepted? [/quote] I figured you were still deciding on what to use. I was mainly making a note of it since it's probably assumed a new one goes up when one is removed. MK was already a few days past the 10 day grace period so I didn't want to wait to remove it. [quote name='Vivi' timestamp='1228594780' post='1087893'] I need one government member from each sanctioned alliance to PM me with the image that their alliance wants to use. These images may be a maximum size of 150x48.[/quote]
  4. Mushroom Kingdom has been removed. I am still waiting on a message from Polar's government about their image.
  5. The text is fine. The image is not. Images of dead animals aren't allowed.
  6. I'm seeing a lot of off topic posts and arguments that are getting way to heated. Make sure to check the content of your posts before you make them if you wish for this topic to remain open.
  7. There will not be a separate forum for TE. It would be an administrative nightmare.
  8. [quote name='potato' timestamp='1299885050' post='2660515'] Surprised to see it accepted as we were told animated pips weren't allowed. [/quote] They were not at the time. Depending on what you want one may be allowed. I think RIA's is probably about as close to not being allowed as possible due to the speed. Send me a PM if you want to know about any specific one, though it may not matter in a few days.
  9. [quote name='De Caelo Missus' timestamp='1299876039' post='2660261'] All I've got out of this thread is that numerous PC gov have been deleted and that RoK seemingly have something to do with it, but nobody is willing to talk about it... a rogue CN mod in RoK perhaps? [/quote] This is not the place for discussing moderator issues. This is the only warning that will be given in this thread.
  10. [quote name='mikk206' timestamp='1299843787' post='2659845'] Why has RIA's pip replaced Polar's? Polar is sanctioned and MK is not :-/ [/quote] Mushroom Kingdom fell below 200 members on the 7th. The ten day requirement is still there, so if MK has not recovered their member count by the 17th, Polar will be able to resubmit their image.
  11. RIA's image has replaced Polar's.
  12. Try again with a different AA.
  13. [quote name='Mongol Federation' timestamp='1295937157' post='2599210'] I'm not allowed to look at profiles, my own included. [/quote] We had to disable some features temporarily around update due to the large influx of activity.
  14. [url=http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=97237&pid=2579144]New thread[/url].
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