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  1. You may receive a brief survey on your experience today.
  2. Whoops, this was started before NG was sanctioned so I just hadn't added that in yet. Updated, sorry VE 💚
  3. Today I'm excited to announce an up-to-date AND interactive treaty web, https://treatyweb.claws.rocks/! It's still a work in progress (have fun mobile users) but it's at a point where I think most people will find it helpful. Levon of GATO has even gone through the effort to manually untangle the web: I'll add a legend to the site soon, but for now: Solid lines -> M-level defense Dotted Lines -> O-level defense Colored Line -> Blocs Arrow Lines -> Protectorates If you notice issues with the data or the site itself, please let me know!
  4. Introduction In the future, there is only war... Peace CLAWS and Ordo Cyberneticus previously considered each other heretical. We no longer believe that and agree not to fight each other. Optional Defence If a heretic attacks one of us, the other may come to the defence of the one attacked and vice versa. This is not required. It’s a dark world - Master of Planet Bob, grant us strength. Optional Aid In case of attack upon one of us, the other may choose to send aid to the one attacked and vice versa. This is not required. Senate Coordination We agree to coordinate our senate votes for black team senators chosen by CLAWS, and the leader of Ordo Cyberneticus will be invited to black team senate discussions. Cancellation If either of us finds the other corrupted by Chaos, our agreement may be ended after having given 48 hours notice, or as otherwise agreed. Signed for CLAWS, Co-Leaders: Jazzy95, Supreme Sultan of Scratchposts White Chocolate, GATO Dictator Elect Grand Inquisitor: Randalla Minister of Internal Affairs: Tehol Minister of Foreign Affairs: Magical Muslim Signed for Ordo Cyberneticus, Martialis - Lord High Admiral Caesar III - High Cybernetic Consilium
  5. Iirc "peak traffic" also refers to all of automatic processes the game servers run at update (handling expiring wars/aid, inactive nations, etc).
  6. This is so low effort it’s impossible not to love 💕
  7. I have to agree with Jerdge's comment from another post, the new aggressive approach you're taking isn't working. You used OOC information in an IC forum. You could have easily made the meme using "LH" instead of [OOC name] but you purposefully wanted to make it more personal. As far as Luc, CLAWS punished the leader of an alliance after they participated in attempting to set up a spy ring. On the other hand, three members of NG leadership are lining their own pockets by saving about $90,000,000 on tech EACH.
  8. So just to quickly recap: NG supports bringing back more substantial, punitive war reps NG considered forced disbandment NG gov supports using OOC info in IC attacks
  9. Boog's implosion means the web is still ending this week cleaner than it started... for the first time in years 😃 Congrats on the signing, this felt overdue
  10. It's good to know that when members of CLAWS travel, they'll always have a second home in your head. Never change 🥰 As for OC, pray that you can keep up with Lyanna's tech program, they really seem to have mastered a system over in NG.
  11. Great people, great treaty, what's not to like?
  12. Since the early days of CLAWS, we've relied on our bot, Lord Hershey, to provide us with help and guidance. With its namesake returning to CN, it was inevitable that we would ask... First, have a section where the alliances involved make it clear that they are two alliances. Also state that the two alliances will not fight each other. You can call it Article One and/or Peace and Sovereignty For instance, Second, figure out what type of defense treaty you want and then make that Article Two and/or Defense. For instance, if you decide to have an Optional Defense Treaty (ODP) write it something like this: The 'may' in the above line means that the parties can choose to defend each other, but are not required to do so by the treaty. Third, figure out if you want to also add an Article regarding Aggression - which means that the leadership of the two alliances agree to attack another alliance together. This is usually 'optional' and so for this example, it will also be optional. This will be Article Three. Finally, end the treaty with a cancellation clause. These clauses are usually listed between 24 to 72 hours warning. For example, At the end of the treaty, the government officials of each alliance add their signatures. This is not required, however it is common at this point to do a "too long, didn't read" note at the end. In the above example it would be as follows:
  13. I believe this is where my puppet masters would say "More blood for the Blood God!" So that.
  14. Congrats to great allies! But I still doubt this whole “democracy” thing.
  15. Thanks for this, CLAWS is submitting the following:
  16. On the All Nations Within My Strength Range page, it says the results are "Based on 75% - 133% Strength Formula," so with my nation strength of 174,800.937 it should start displaying results in descending order from 232,485.246 (NS*133%). Instead, I'm seeing nations up to 275,120.879, and since that nation and I are 250 rankings apart, I assume that's why I see them. I don't think it's a bug since the +/-250 is intentional, but maybe the "Based on" part just needs clarification?
  17. I don't usually get involved on the fifth page of an OWF car crash, but, boy howdy, did you twist what Claude was saying. For those complaining about the terms Lucius accepted, I fail to see why. He made the terms acceptable when he... accepted the terms. If other alliance leaders find those terms unacceptable when presented with them, they'll be free to negotiate or continue fighting in hopes of a different offer. Lucius did neither because, and this is the important part, he found them acceptable.
  18. I want to congratulate Lucius on a war both well fought and well handled. Many people have made mistakes, very few are willing to own up to them, handle them with dignity, and/or apologize. And a big thanks to our members for dishing out some… Claw & Order 😎 ✌️
  19. I received evidence a week ago, September 19. As my log to you suggests, we started planning shortly thereafter. We came forward publicly when we felt our own alliance was ready. Just because we disapprove of an action doesn't mean we need to respond at that moment. We even changed the time of day because a one of our guys wanted to go to his daughter's basketball game. 😁 As stated by Tevron, Lucius made a decision as alliance leader. When a member of an alliance goes rogue, the next step an offended alliance should take is contacting that nation's alliance to see if it was a unintentional. When the leader of the alliance does it, that step is unnecessary. The Entente bears the consequences of their own leader's actions. Based on the logs I can see, Lucius was the one that wanted to "Rebuild an intel network" because, as he said twice, he "need[s] intel." Even if I assume there are earlier logs where TDE approached Lucius, he had the ability, as you did, to politely decline. Please spare me. I'm happy to continuously see the better in y'all when mistakes happen, but don't try to flip this into a protection defense. I can't think of an alliance I care less about than TIE, maybe Argent (Are those guys even relevant?). If Lucius felt he needed to do something to CLAWS to protect his alliance, he should've attempted diplomacy and not espionage. Regarding your other allegations against TDE and the rest of the "cabal of people looking to undermine us," I look forward to reading about it in the next installment of The Day Today. Until then, we'll continue shredding all outdated formal clothing attire.
  20. CLAWS Issues "War From Home" Order (September, 25 2020) – CLAWS has been notified of an espionage attempt made by Lucius Optimus, Emperor of The Imperial Entente (TIE). Effective immediately, CLAWS announces a new "War From Home" policy in recognition of said event. To commemorate the occasion, CLAWS will giving away free nuclear detonations to all nations under the TIE alliance affiliation (AA). Additionally, CLAWS is providing ALL NATIONS, regardless of AA, a free tie to remember this day. For Questions, Please Contact: Claude, Head of Complaints http://claws.rocks
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