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  1. Kapleo

    WORLD WAR!!! D:

    Nah, not really. I just need a trade circle. Nation: 527094 Thanks, and my appologies for the clickbait, I'm that desperate for a trade circle.
  2. Oh.. but something will change... this relative peace planet BOB lives right now, is the falsest of all. Treaties, agreements, non-aggression pacts, you name it. Those that are naive enough to rely on that status quo will be the ones to fall with it. Cause guess what?... there's a lot of people out there silently sharpening their knifes, hoping for a little spark that triggers a big ass war that changes how the game is being played. This "status quo" won't last forever. All it takes is boredom and a !@#$load of money.
  3. Kapleo

    A Valentine from TPF

    What a lot whining, grow a pair already for f***s sake...