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  1. Btw, you have been around long enough to know better. Check your facts. History will prove you wrong many, many times and before you b*tch about TIE, you can thank Lucius for slapping you with that; not getting the results you wanted... I know it bothered you, destroying your very reputation in vain heh. Must be damn painful. Look at you all now. Couldn't get a reason good enough and your obsession/desperation led you declare the most shameful and coward war the world have seen in a while. Cobra's cb may have been weak, but the war was brave. This? This has no cb at all and it was coward and w
  2. Bold words for a dead man walking, perhaps you should dm me, I'll gladly disclose how we are handling the situation, I'm sure you'll keep it to yourself. Not. You are by far the most despicable character in planet Bob I've dealt with, coming around so nice and likeable pretending to seek friendship only to stab people in the back when they open up to you. Don't lecture me on cowardice, you and your bunch just displayed a huge amount of it already. You have no honor or moral ground to even speak out loud. Start over, get a new name or something. Yours is stained forever.
  3. How can you compare this? You brought that on yourself, LH. Not long before the war I told you none of us wanted a war with KNB and that some people on our end still considered you a friend. I told you to drop it with the antagonizing or you would end up giving Cobra a cb. You did exactly the opposite and ordered an attack on Ordo and well, Ordo called in their allies. You f*cked up, end of the story, so don't compare it. Everyone here is trying to figure out the reason of this war other than the most cowardly move seen in a long time, like, really? Cobra was at war al
  4. Stick to your battlefield, pawn. A cada pavo le llega su acción de gracias.
  5. So pathetic you needed to gather the two largest blocs to take on them while half of them were in anarchy. 700 nations, SEVEN MOFOKN HUNDRED NATIONS. Give me a break XD YOU are pathetic.
  6. ^^^ almost immediately, but hey. Y'all some plotters.
  7. Call it for what it is: a war of aggression. A very cowardly one. For real? 700 nations vs 60 something and half of those were in anarchy cause they were already at war with someone else. I hope the members of those alliances realize the level of cowardice displayed by their leaders. You are all an embarrassment.
  8. @MASTABADEY, leave the whole world blind.
  9. More like *won't*. It's more about the effort involved.
  10. Ikr, smh... That explains the shortage. I thought it was me buying all of it. This is outrageous and a cb. You're brainwashed bruv Best fix is joining us and declare some random wars so you get rolled and be in the modern playable range :V. Getting too big makes you wonder if you wanna burn down all that hard work, so you end up hoarding. It took me a bit to decide to get rid of my extra pixels. At your size I think it would be better to give you tech! Regarding our nation's range, well, we like it down here. I went b
  11. Greetings Bob citizens: The activity bonus promises a golden age for the casualty god and TPF is getting ready for it. Taking advantage of our already active member base, we will have no need for immense warchests as our activity will be fueling our war machine when our nations hit rock bottom. That said, if you are a war oriented player and don't have an alliance [or yours is boring], this is an open invitation to you and all the nations from all around the world to be part of our feisty future. Open enrollment until March 2021, afterwards, recruitment wil
  12. I've been thinking about it after some Nor guys disclosed some Poorbird Poorcave warchest. I have a TPF member with 5 times his warchest, and our guy NS is like 30k. How are you all so broke if you don't even do real wars anymore? So confusing.
  13. Depends what side you're on or the purpose of your raid. I never thought I'd give Nordreich props, but they're standing up to them Doombirds and they're looking good. All about perspective. Also, everyone should take screenshots of Banned in anarchy. You don't see that often. It would be a pity if someone were to spy his tax collection.
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