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  1. Preach, brother. Anyways, congratulations for the treaty! Best wishes from the very bottom of my heart.
  2. Lol, well this is interesting @Jason8 @mochi Your words only speak of how deeply poisoned your mind is right now. I have no words for you, others have clearly given you enough of those. Interpret my silence and let your mind be the judge of what it means.
  3. Keep telling yourself that. You allowed your minds be poisoned against your very allies and started working for the very people who poisoned your minds. Same as they have been poisoning the minds of everyone close to us even trying to make us turn against each other. Choice was yours all along, you didn't need our permission to decide. I can do this all day, Lucius. We should just go back to the cheers and congratulations and keep it there.
  4. Well maybe learn from Hitchcock's mistakes or you'll end up needing this treaty sooner than later.
  5. If you feel like entertaining the peanut gallery and making TIE a Hitchcock out of themselves, knock yourself out. I'd advise against it though. It's your call in the end. I've been wrong before. Maybe you're right, maybe not. So yeah, it's on me for now. You've made your choice. Good luck, Lucius. @Tevron, feel free to come fact check whatever you're told. We'll gladly admit whatever is true and call out whatever bs you're fed, if any. We got screens and sh*t.
  6. For the sake of TIE going their way quiet and happy, I'd like to toast for TIE and their 'newfound' allies. Leave the peanut gallery wondering what the hell happened. There's no need to rain on TIE's parade. What's a TIE afterall? Here’s to those we’ve drunk with, but never can again! 🍻
  7. May MI6 The First Order live forever! You guys are amazing. Congrats @MASTABADEY, you're one of the most solid guys I've encountered in CN and I'm happy to call you not only a friend but now also an ally. o/ TFO
  8. @admin, player @tikibird (nation name Regression) lost all nukes overnight (from 25 to 0) and is also currently unable to log in here (forum).
  9. Waking up to this was amazing. Didn't think I'd be reading TDT stuff anytime soon. Go rock that bihh, fellas! YEEEEEEHAAAAAAW!!! Also, never delete that ^ Discord legendary invite link.
  10. This is beautiful. I'm starting to get jelly. Congrats!
  11. Planet Bob is going batsh*t. Best of luck to CCC and KoRT!
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