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  1. Exactly, we declared war so very certain of our victory. We outnumbered you like 7 to 1 ratio or something. I still can't believe we lost man... smh
  2. Congratulations to all my Cobralition comrades; this war truly strengthened our bond. Special thanks to Non-Grata. You will always find a friend in Sellswords. May your SDI's and nukes serve you well. There's some fine people in RFI too and some very decent fighters that earned my respect during this war. I salute you all. Now time to rebuild. Good job everyone.
  3. Maybe you were too rough on them, brother. You're supposed to train them to obey, not to freaking skin them and eat their limbs. 😎
  4. Breaking news for you: you can't war for shiiet. You NEED your allies more than they need you.
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