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  1. Thanks for all the time you have dedicated to us. This is the time you say how little you care about us and take your coward ass somewhere else until our next post.
  2. Yeah, that's what my allies said and I didn't believe them (until now lol) oh buddy, I'm pretty sure you know damn well that Lucius was very adamant about us staying out. We were merely waiting for him to change his mind. Our nations were not maxed out for nothing. 😎 Idk man, "we could've asked for more" sounds like flexing to me lol. Why do you seem so salty, dude? You just won a war, stop botching and enjoy your victory. We are supposed to be the salty ones and we are celebrating on our end as well HAHA! CONGRATULATIONS TIE and CLAWS, this was AWESO
  3. Read my previous statement, good sir, I'm not repeating myself to you. And you never know, man, a couple of weeks ago I was thinking Claws would be a potential ally. Now I'm thinking treaty with Polaris and other factions not so friendly with Claws would be nice after all. Simple acts make you change your mind. 🤷‍♂️
  4. Sure, scared, like we haven't invaded you all before. Whatever floats your boat mate
  5. I not only implied it, I told them privately I would go for them if our ally requested so and same goes to anyone that threatens the well-being of any of my allies. It's called loyalty, something NPO has not learned yet and never will for the looks of it, you all are only loyal to yourself, everything else is just convenience. I have no intention of acting upon old grudges either, but don't come to me with that crap and expect not to get crap back at you. By now you should know we are not afraid of you, so how about you stay out of our way and we'll stay out of yours. Again, you we
  6. Yeah, memory problems come with age. Happens to me too sometimes, or maybe this is just Dodging 101. You probably won't see anyone burning anymore anyway, you have a treaty with everyone that may pose a threat to you. So brave. I'm not trying anything though, you implied wanting us to attack Claws so you could have a dance with us again, then I offer you a friendly dance and you chicken out. Come on DA, you can do better than this. You have more tech than I do, my infra levels are more expensive than yours so I stand to lose more than you would. It's a win-win thing, just like a true NPO would
  7. Ahhhhh, yeah, classic NPO. Only engage in wars you can win. If you can't, go peacemode while your allies burn and call it a strategy. Come DA, it's just a duel, don't be so boring.
  8. I would love a duel with you :] what do you say, DA? just a friendly dance for old times sake
  9. You could have demanded worse, then we could have declared on you. Everyone could do many things. "Could" is an ambiguous word with infinite posibilities.
  10. Couldn't believe my eyes when I read that crap. But well, it only speaks wonders about Lucius. He's putting his alliance before himself. Maybe the Overlord we need when I'm gone.
  11. Hmmm... buying infra to get it destroyed and wonder destruction are acceptable terms nowadays. I'll keep that in mind.
  12. Thing is that Morphine was not "raiding", he was acting on your orders. If I remember correctly, your words were "we should attack their weakest members, like OC" or something along those lines. We could have bought the raiding story if you didn't plan the whole thing in front of Johnny. Kinda dumb if you ask me. And well, when things can't be solved, that's what there's war for. I'll give you that.
  13. The problem is, LH, that when you decide to go different ways from people who once were friends of you, the "gentleman's" thing to do is to leave it there and both peoples just go about their way. You did the opposite of that. Disclosing things that were discussed during friendship makes you look bad, and it speaks poorly about the quality of your friendship and trustworthiness, cause now you're my friend but tomorrow you may end up being my enemies' friend and everything we talked about in friendship is now being used against your former friends. If you really wanted
  14. Why does Tevron get all the credit?? Now I hate Tevron.
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