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  1. Some people know, some others don't. Meaning some see this for what it is (thank you) and others see it as IC cowardice or a plan that backfired (you're a real clueless dumb*ss). There were things happening in the background I was not aware of and those who tried to warn me, I didn't believe. But anyway, for those legit curious of what fighting us would have been like, just check our war history, damage rate, war lengths etc. It was gonna be a fun, long war. Bottomline, thanks to all of you who were nice about this regardless of being aware or not of what was going on. You're the real MVP. I wish everyone happiness and peaceful real lives.
  2. I'm headed out. Not expecting anything at all, but a life away from cybernations. Winners/losers. Everyone's time here is numbered. That includes Non Grata's.
  3. I've been standing over this blanc announcement trying to find the right words to express what I am feeling right now. Regret, confusion, shame... I intended to do this after this war was over and never thought it would end this way or learn about the things I learned. From the bottom of my heart, I am sorry, Non Grata, and especially, I am sorry, Lyanna. I hereby announce the disbanding of The Phoenix Federation and leave the fate of their members and the peace negotiations in the capable hands of our FTW allies weather it is for transition of power or a merger. I am sending a copy of this statement to all members encouraging them to merge with The Freehold of the Wolves, our white team allies, or someone rising up to take the reigns of the alliance. After everything that went down, last thing I'll order to The Phoenix Federation is to stand down. This war should've never happened and as long as Non Grata allows it, do not fight it. Thank you TPF/Sellswords, for your loyalty and friendship. Same to our good allies and friends. You made this game enjoyable for a long time for me. Now I no longer feel I have somewhere to go in this game or something else to do. My spirit is shattered now and can only hope that those who I aggrieved will find it in their hearts to forgive me one day. Wholeheartedly, Kapleo
  4. Cool, but they are not, Jerdge. By the rules, some people should've been banned a long time ago. I'll take an absurd consequence over no consequence any given Sunday.
  5. In a nutshell, this. Something the game itself has rules of instaban punishment for violations of the sorts afaik. Yet for some reason some people within the community don't think OOC attacks should have big consequences/reactions. In the end, Stewie can apologize and all, but the apologies become meaningless when you see one of the authors of the OOC attacks flat telling Mochi to go suck a d*ck when Mochi went there to talk about how he felt. Thank you very much. Some of you will clearly continue to defend some of these folks regardless of what they do and regardless of how often they do it, cause y'all know very, very well this is not the first time they do it. Only this time it was there for everyone to see and it caused us a huge loss.
  6. Tanko... I really did not intended to speak about you directly. Again, I meant to speak about the action, not the means. My apologies.
  7. Sit down boy, I'm not the one with the reputation of wanting to spy on everyone.
  8. You aren't clever enough to know we created a back channel in which you were not present. You are a terrible spy, Tanko. Sorry, we knew for some time. Go spy on your new allies or something.
  9. Also reminder of CCC also having ties with TPF and back then trying to prevent a conflict or harm CCC directly in case things went south? Your name was not mentioned for a reason, I'm talking about the action, not the means used to perform it.
  10. You mean the screens Boog knew I was sharing? Oh, yeah, the screens in the convo I tell CCC there's nothing to worry about? that it was a false alarm and I was advocating for peace but somewhere along the heresay got twisted to me trying to start a war when it was the total opposite? Ahhh, yeah those screens. The ones that NG was using to try to turn Boog against TPF and stuff? Yeah, I remember. See, some people are honest with their allies, but hey, if the boot fits you. No one called your name.
  11. Hakai, this is gonna sting a bit 😂
  12. @Buuyo, bon appetite, you were spoon-fed biased mashed potatoes. But don't worry, you were only one of the many that NG tried (and in some cases succeeded) to turn against Boognish. Lucky for us, this thread shows that most people can see through that mashed potatoes and gravy. NG has been portraying us like the antagonizers and the bad guys and trying to isolate us as much as they could for a while. They would've probably gotten away with it unnoticed, had some of those friends not come to us and tell us "hey, NG is doing this and that". Again, doing damage without firing a shot. When I asked NG why were they slandering us and undermining our relationships with our friends and allies, they told me "don't give us reasons to play politics". When I asked, what reason did we give them to deserve being undermined, we never received an answer. NG never had a reason. We never did anything bad to NG in recent history. If anything, we helped you. Had you gone your way and leave us alone, Boog would probably be fighting Claws right now or something, you know, the usual, but no. Let's make their friends our friends and tell them how awful they are. Let's get one of them to leak intel to us, let's mock them, slander them, harass them and do an OOC attack here and there and then play nice when they get upset about it so they look like the bad guys. You are the authors of this sh*tshow.
  13. Either way, thanks for the statement. We appreciate it. I does count for something.
  14. You have never been the problem, Stewie and to be absolutely fair, neither has been 95%+ of Non Grata. It's that remaining percentage ruining everything for everyone. Johnny's gone now. Unless he comes back, the damage is done. Big damage. Piggyback on what SW said. Get it together. You guys keep doing damage without firing a single shot, then play it nice and we end up looking like the bad guys for wanting to slap back IC. It's getting old.
  15. Weirdos lol o/ cat o/ cat mom Lol
  16. Deleted his nation and discord. He's with GK now.
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