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  1. Ah, shut up bruh. Imma make a Boognish 2.0 just to bully you again.
  2. I didn't see this, I love it 😂 I like you, you masochist f*ck 😂
  3. This is a lie. When they recruited me they just told me I'd be able to blow sh*t up.
  4. Ah... the good ole treaty web. As disgusting as always. Good stuff, @Jazzy95. I have used those Claws' web things more times than I'm willing to publicly admit. This is a public service.
  5. Do it. Get your f*cking backbone where it used to be. I know you have it in you. So greedy I offered you to lead my people. Shortsighted? true. Thin skinned? True. Weak? How dare you? I'm strong af. Anyway, you keep telling that to yourself. Dig deeper. Go when you stopped treating me like a brother and the reason you did. You will know where the answer is. I'm not gonna go on you as I do with others around here. Even if we are no longer friends, I hold dear the memory of what things were before with you and with those that were once close to me. I ultimately refuse to further engage with you, @Lucius Optimus. Even if I deeply disagree with your statements. Each and everyone of us is the villain in someone else's story. That's not about to change. You should post them and prove me right. Gn gents.
  6. I'm sure you do, it's what you all do best. Talk sh*t on people's backs. Turn friends against each other. I like to think I know GK enough to be sure he sees through your bs too, but also knowing how effective you and your people are at poisoning everyone's minds, I could be wrong. Not like NG isn't known for twisting things to fit their always righteous narrative.
  7. People flaunting GK's name as if he'd be so proud of the outcome of anything that happened at all. Cobra dead, his friends scattered all over, assimilated or just plain gone. Shut the f*ck up, honestly. If GK has any questions all he needs to do is see the paths his former allies and friends took. But let me save him the trouble in case he comes around: they went as far from NG as they could with the exception of TIE. Oh, nevermind. They swallowed TIE like a C-shot. The fact that former Boogs got close to Claws (their former worst enemy) will tell him everything he needs to know. Don't smile too much, Claws. You still suck. Just not as much as before.
  8. Nah bruh, I get it but your math only works with a full nuclear arsenal. Depleted you could spend days without landing a nuke, which is my point cause you can only buy one per day or 2 with wonder. Give em back, jerk! I would also like an apology and reparations please.
  9. Embrace it. I'm a "rogue senator" even though I haven't been senator for a while and I'm not even on that team anymore. Just keep dropping those bombs like the "rogue" you are. Lol.
  10. Ngl, seeing you getting your butts handed to you by somone other than me is pretty cool lol. We rogues be buying 6 nukes per day. OP boi!
  11. Yeah, all of that for absolutely no reason, right? Kerschbs... I learned the hard way that when dealing with your side, no matter if I'm telling the truth, what your side says is what prevails. I could post the pyramid of evidence I have of all the wrongdoing here and your side will always find a way to twist it on their favor, never admitting anything, even worse, getting rewarded for it cause NG never did anything wrong. I can't be bothered about it anymore. I'm not even sure why we still talking about this. You guys are enjoying the fight, I am too. So let's just stfu and get back to fight
  12. Sorry mate, nuke priority goes NG first and NATO last. I checked if I could jump but we are too far apart now.
  13. Oh sweet summer child. At this point I'm not sure if I should be amazed by how good/manipulative the NG propaganda machine is or if I should feel sorry about how naive people like you are. If that sounds "deeply personal" to you, then yeah. It was totally all about "discord mean words". Believe what you want. I stopped caring about what people think or believe a while ago, if that ain't obvious by now. Yeah well I'm sorry I didn't make your wishes come true. I wish I had left too back then, but it's quite impossible to delete your nation while you are under attack. And no, I wasn't gonna let it go inactive while being hit. That sounds like "y r u fiting bacc!??" Lol. Shows how little you know me. Throw a punch at me and I can guarantee you, you will get punched back until you stop. I'm always mad. Rp stuff. I think. It ain't a bluff if you did what you said you would do. I remember being done with the game. I remember surrendering and giving up on everything, even disbanding TPF. I remember trying to make amends publicly and privately after figuring out what was going on in the background. I remember wanting to leave the game for good. I remember NG refusing to give me peace when I asked, when Korlath asked and even when Devo asked. Understanding I was done for good back then was the reasonable thing to do. Instead, you wanted to beat on a corpse, to drag it down and fight, so I gave you a fight. That I fought in a way your side didn't like sounds like a "you" problem. You had the chance to let me go. In fact, you had several. Now you're stuck with me until God knows when cause I promise you I won't approach for peace ever again. I've done enough of that already. Your turn, buddy. I'm out now. Good luck with the Bundy thing. Good luck to Bundy as well. Cheers 🍻
  14. It was very easy for you to just believe everything that was said without even stopping by and ask or at least talk about it. It's what friends are supposed to do, right? Did you even cared about the "deeply personal sh*t" that was done to me? Oh right. You didn't even asked about that. Your words mean nothing to me anymore. The disappointment is very mutual. And I'm not digging bedrock. I'm reacting to your side. Go away and you won't hear from me, keep coming and I'll keep swinging. It doesn't get more complicated than that.. If I really wanted to "dig bedrock" and mess with your side, I could actually pull a Hitchcock and start spilling the beans about everything I know. Our sides were pretty tight for quite a while after all and I had access to all that information. But hey, in my definition of friendship, what's said and done in friendship is never meant to be shared in enmity. Your side gets that last glimpse of my loyalty. A courtesy I wasn't given. And for the record, I meant the things I said, but expecting me to dwell on it forever is a loser's game. That's past. I'm not headed that way. Don't care. Besides, you're the one bringing that up. I've been replying, talking about war, pixels and no more. If you wanna make it ooc, that's another story. Anyway, I find ironic you talking about moving on yet it's your side that looks like they can't have enough of me. Let that sink in. I'll believe yours moved on when I see it. In the meantime, feel free to keep coming at me. I'm not going anywhere. Best regards.
  15. I'll ask the admin to allow me to launch an extra cruise missile. You won't know what hit you.
  16. Yes ma'am you did. My best regards to you.
  17. I lost nothing, I gave up on everything. There's a difference. Interesting, I wonder who fed you that. TPF was going to declare full scale war on NG ALONE with our own set of CBs which were spying, undermining relations with allies and general interalliance grievances. The date was set for June 30, it was Boognish that wanted on board and ended up changing the narrative of why the war was happening and it was Cobra that wrote the cb/dow with whatever "false pretenses" you are talking about. I dare any former Boog reading to call me out if I'm lying. Even the date was changed last minute. Had it been my way, it would have been an all out war, not that flimsy sh*t that collapsed like a house of cards. I didn't "throw the war" but I do wish I had. Just the way I planned it, instead of Boog's way. About the other things you mentioned, just have a look at the results and you will understand why it was done. My people got out pretty much unscathed. Negotiating peace with me would see NG treat my people as if they were all me, but by detaching myself from them and handing the negotiations to Korlath and FTW, my folks got out barely touched. It was a good move. Ummm well, I was left to fend for myself. Korlath tried to broker a peace for me. It was denied. Devo tried too, it was denied. I tried to offer peace myself cause I wanted to delete my nation and piss off. What happened? Yup, you guessed it. We are still here. Appreciate the compliment. Thank you, but I don't need further redemption. I did what I did, said what I said, had fun while I was at it and learned from it. Lol what you want from me dude? You want me to beg or something? Gtfoh. Peace was tried several times from my end. If they want peace, now it's their turn to ask for it. I have already made this war part of my daily habits. If you are expecting me to surrender again, then keep waiting. I surrendered before to save my people and that burden is no longer mine. I have no reason to surrender. War can end, but it won't be with my surrender, that ship has sailed. Not the case, but if it was, you can't expect your enemy to do what you would like them to do. I'm still a cornered dog, so you do well in assuming I'll continue biting and scratching with anything I find for as long as we are at war. Oh I can be wrong. I've fallen on my own sword several times. Publicly and privately. I'm yet to see you and some of the people that wronged me ever admit anything (Caustic excluded), but don't sweat it, at this point I expect nothing from no one. I've made my peace with everything that happened. Now I'm just doing what I do best. About me being the center of attention, well. Don't make me the center of attention, I'm honestly not interested. I've been minding my business for a while now; just having fun ingame. But, if I'm tagged/referenced/talked to or about, I have every right to slide in. It's fair game, buddy.
  18. Well, I never said I hated you either. ❤
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