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  1. Flag is gorgeous 💗. But could have a little more of Madeira and Cats. xD
  2. Last year I was supposed to visit my aunts in Florence.. Close enough to Sicily xD
  3. Lads and lasses.. I will say this because I think it needs to be said. I understand Korlath's decision and why this is being done, but it does not mean I or the membership of UFP sympathise with it. I speak for myself and most of our membership when I say Kap is indeed misunderstood. There are lots of opinions out here, and all of those opinions are formed by what you hear and what you see and what you see is just the tip of the iceberg. Kapleo is loved by the people that surrounded him at home, by those that talked with him on a daily basis, those who got to know him by who he truly is. He has many flaws, I cannot cover the sun with a finger. His judgement is not the best, he's impulsive and dealing with him sometimes is not easy to do. Everyone that knows him a bit knows he's a bit troubled, that is not a secret. That said, I also know how loyal that man is, how inconditional, available, loving and defensive he can be with his people. I know he screws up often but I also know he is always humble to come forward and fix things up. He brought us together, he kept us together for a long time and as much as I would have wanted him to stay, I know it is not good for his wellbeing. I could go on about his qualities, but I think every one here gets the message by now. I understand some people feel upset about his actions, but I would be careful about thinking you can befriend me personally, or potentially us as a whole if hating Kap or any of us is a prerequisite for that. You may need to look elsewhere. Last but not least... Kap, if you are reading this... go in peace my friend. Don't listen to what people say, they don't know you like we do and we will remember you by the great friend you always were and the great leader that we kind of forced you to be (my revenge from when you made me Overlord without my consent xD). Only we were there, only we know and how we feel is all that should matter to you. We get it. All of it. The rest of you? I'm sorry if I made grammar mistakes, I put extra effort in this one. Please remember I'm Portuguese, so... Come to Madeira! Have a nice day lads. Meow
  4. Johnny, you are one of the best friends I made in CN. I wish you the best. Waaay better than Kap.
  5. Purrfect. May we achieve great success, mother. 😻
  6. Great work of fiction you got there! You should write a book!! Playing with food rn
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