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  1. AgentMK

    Thirteen Years of Order

    Hail the Order. Can somebody get all the Orders on one AA?😉
  2. AgentMK

    Capping alliances at 12 members

    Agreed. A cap will just keep things even more unbalanced Imagine a AA with the best players of SG, or D1 or any of the big AAs left. That alliance would win all awards. Even more so, as they don't have to deal with inactivity. It's better to stick with the current system. The smaller AAs should instead look to merging into one big alliance. Alliance based games are about adaptation.
  3. AgentMK

    A Farewell to Arms

    You are going home.
  4. AgentMK

    NADC-Oculus peace

    Peace. Great war.
  5. AgentMK

    TTK's second peace of 2017

    I would surely love to see someone who have it in them to use it on Oculus . xD.