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  1. The Villages ??? Yes I'm in The Villages, Florida .. The home of the newly weds and nearly dead's I am carrying a big stick but have not got it up for years..... What were we talking about
  2. let me put my teeth in before I say this Grumpy Old Farts United declare war on OP (Oh that reminds me got to go pee Be right back ) / . . . OK I'm back what was I doing (Oh that reminds me got to go take a dump Be right back ) .. . . . Grumpy Old Farts United declare war on Ordo Paradoxia As for a blitz at reset ... Do you know what time that is... screw that !!!!... Blitz at 4 pm .... Hell no that's early bird special time at Piccadilly's Cafeteria what else was I su
  3. πŸ¦†or just give me the bird ... you know which one I want ,,, BarB-Q or oven baked will be fine
  4. Coyote with Coronavirus looking for Fox with lime disease
  5. As we are nearing the end of this war I would like to salute Nation Name Miner Ruler Name Junruler He attacked some of our largest nations ... Has 6 wars going and has fought hard in each It has been Honor to fight with you Wile
  6. I really should stay out of this but The rogue that hit HG was Defcon Ranger His trade circle is as follows defcom lumber marble mary lou gold coal rod carew lead oil bey blade iron alum alpha kenny cattle lumber all blade pig uran 5 of them are in Peaceful Sapiophobics Their member Demiror attacked HG and chameleon They are all working together or they are all the same person As for all the other hard feeling ... I step away from the mic
  7. WE need more insults You are either a natural-born idiot or a fast learner... keep rolling your eyes, maybe you'll find your brain back there if I have to commit suicide, I will climb up your ego and jump to your IQ I apologize if I gave you the impression that your opinion matters to me. You are speaking grade A bovine excrement! Your brain is like a knat, whenever knowledge touches it, it flies away
  8. Digital Combat Soldiers will be back for round 51 We max out with 6 nations .. only want people I know Wile E Coyote 1. Do not feed coyotes 2. Do not let pets run loose 3. Do not run from a coyote 4. Repellents or fencing may help 5. Do not create conflict where it does not exist 6. Report aggressive, fearless coyotes immediately It is important to stress that our relationship with coyotes is directly affected by our behavior β€” coyotes react to us, and we can foster mutual respect
  9. Sunday last day of attacks Salute to Cowboy ... we showed them how to fight our geriatric medicine worked This war is more destructive than 255 of 255 existing wars.
  10. I would whip you.... beat you..... tie you up ... but those are all things you enjoy
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