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  1. Here we are closing round 56 with 14 Alliances,,,86 Nations I hope round 57 will have 125+ nations You all have fun This Grumpy Old Fart will see you all in round 58 I hope all the new nations will hang around for round 58
  2. "{ we are open to an MAoDP " MAoDP Mic Key Mouse Grumpy Old Farts United ... eat you for lunch ... Darn where are my dentures Here at the old folks home We will get our guns ready
  3. Men of Nylons The war is due to end on 3/18/2012 if you want to end early let me know I will wait for your answer
  4. RoadRash: Wile do you think you will make it to 100 ?? Wile : I do every day RoadRash : What???!! Wile : You mean trips to the bathroom ,, Right?
  5. To: Wile E Coyote From: President Horton Date: 3/12/2021 9:10:50 PM Subject: DOW Message: I don't go on the forum anymore. My login doesn't work for regular CN, but I was able to see your clever declaration. If I could post I would put a picture of an anvil covering Wile E. Coyote. Grumpy is the anvil and NLON is the one getting squished.
  6. Men in Nylons We declare 0n Nylons What you said Nlon same thing GOFU vs NLON Stats strength 153,534...12 nations NLON 132,659 ,, 6 nations GOFU
  7. This evening Look out we are coming After earlier bird specials at the cafeteria We will light the fuse of our Cruise Missiles pist... pisst ..... RoadRash who did you say again ? I will write it down this time
  8. What was I doing ???? Can't remember So I went over to RoadRash's house see if he knows who I was declaring on Will let you know what he said as soon as I can ... Why did he call me Pinky?
  9. The war ends tonight ... what the heck was the reason... RoadRash what did you say the reason was... O yea he found his dentures ,,, Good night
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