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  1. Digital Combat Soldiers will be back for round 51 We max out with 6 nations .. only want people I know Wile E Coyote 1. Do not feed coyotes 2. Do not let pets run loose 3. Do not run from a coyote 4. Repellents or fencing may help 5. Do not create conflict where it does not exist 6. Report aggressive, fearless coyotes immediately It is important to stress that our relationship with coyotes is directly affected by our behavior — coyotes react to us, and we can foster mutual respect
  2. Sunday last day of attacks Salute to Cowboy ... we showed them how to fight our geriatric medicine worked This war is more destructive than 255 of 255 existing wars.
  3. I would whip you.... beat you..... tie you up ... but those are all things you enjoy
  4. Are we ending when the first wars started? If so today will be last day could have done without Naval Blockade but we returned the favor to that nation
  5. Digital Combat Soldiers is back for another round we took last round off to recharge battery in my pacemaker after the accident with the Anvil If there are 3 other nations looking to be lead by a cartoon character that gets his butt kicked by a 8 oz bird This is the place for you We max out with 6 nations Wile E Coyote ..
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