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  1. Hi Xavi. Roadrash, I am neutral because I don’t care. I don’t really care about any romans, unless they look very attractive. Roadrash, here’s the name mention : @RoadRash Now good.
  2. Shut up Blamage I’am not Xavi I’m not even in school maybe I should block some people.
  3. The point is Blamange is an unattractive person that flames others. Discuss.
  4. In the previous thread, me and the judges have decided to vote in if Roman Empire and all it’s members are guilty of crimes and sentenced to very serious punishments such as capital punishment, torture, labor camp, and hostile relations with rest of Cybernations: Tournament Edition with the possibility of indefinite war declared by any party. There is no limit to the punishment Roman Empire can receive, it is the matter of if they are administered quickly and efficiently. The judges votes are in! Results here. Roman Empire is not guilty - 0 ~ Inactive and did not vote - many, did not count ~ Roman Empire is guilty - more then 1 because the statement of Roman Empire is guilty is more popular, Roman Empire is herby convicted of crimes such as war crimes, hate crimes, crimes of harassment and illegal abuse of power….. There is so much crimes Roman Empire committed I cannot even write them all. That would last 100 pages at least. Let’s Invite everyone here for the news party: @Overload Wes, @Xavi Guarneros, @AL Bundy, @Wayne World (I found out you were the one that attacked me last round, just admit), @thebird, and finally @Jason8 from NLON. Looks like Jason8 switched sides. Yay, Romans shall be cursed forever. They are bad for themselves and for the world. Delete your dumb alliance.
  5. Yeah, I’am not coming back because of the high risk someone is going to attack me. Time for new thread
  6. So your now baiting me so all of you Roman Empire members can ZI me again.
  7. You wondered? How do romans get ahead of life? How do they win? How do they draw honest people into their ideology? How does it recruit people to do it’s dirty work? Your Not Alone. Your about to find out: The Dirty Secrets And Truth of Roman Empire. Again made by me, an Anti-Romanist that is determined. So you better read this. Roman Empire has one sole way of getting ahead: Fear. They make their empire strong and look invincible and forces innocent regions to be harmed. Look at poor TT and OP and many others that got attacked for NO REASON. It’s an dirty world out there, with romans smoking. So basically, Roman Empire eliminated the competition. No one attacks or makes fun of them anymore. If they ask for something, then they would just give it to them because of fear of war and destruction. No one is brave enough to counter them. There empire is unstoppable and hard to break apart. The Fall of Roman Empire will not happen now. How do they recruit people? They make this idea of fear look cool. They go one discord and ask “Hey, want to join this cool alliance that always win?” It’s cheating people. They promise them riches, protection, an great experience and most of all the feeling of victory while the unsuspecting humans do their dirty work. For example, if romans wanted a member to declare on someone, they use this an excuse. They make it like declaring reckless wars is for your own good. Yeah It’s not. Think Again. Slowly, they engage the members with their own ideologies, trying to ban other ideas such as the share of power, democracy for example. Due to the lack of other ideas, the members develop their minds on the dumb Roman destiny idea. They became big stalking monsters that threaten the security and peace of other alliances, in the process recruiting new members with the same process. Uncool and gross. You see it now. So we have to stop it? We need Roman Empire to fall and all the members that already became monsters revert. All other members that are in the process be freed and exposed to the good stuff immediately. But that’s tons of work. I cannot do it by myself. I need Roman Empire members to quit their memberships, join my cause for saving humans from being monsters. Thanks - King Wolf
  8. Shut your mouth up, I did not make multiple nations.
  9. Actually, post your judgments and why on this blog: thanks.
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