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  1. Okay well I guess you won't mind if we move his nation strength closer to yours then! You can be closer to him there! Spoiler: Also forgot to look over his posts a bit here... You seem to be implying that the Non Grata flag is now yours and that a flag of NG never existed in the first place. Can't quite put my finger on it though. Could you also be trying to... ABSORB them? Well my mutant friend, you can try, if you feel you're not powerful enough. This alliance is used to clashing heads around here though. Don't freely sentient alliances also have a right to say "no," no matter how "dead" they are or could be (although in the past, lack of consent regarding **other things** was only bounded to within the confines of Non Grata, and consenting friends and allies of Non Grata)? Sadly in all worlds, it seems the burden falls on those still "alive" to respect the wishes of the dead. Even though it's better to think about the present and the future, we could also speculate just how and why it's come to this... Only you know the full answers to these sorts of questions. If you don't give the answers though (especially to fair and neutral inquiring minds who want to know), then you're not going to be the one looking so smart. It'll actually have the opposite effect. Seems Lord Hitchcock has only rejoined the game recently and has only been on the "Non Grata" alliance affiliation for three days, so maybe he hasn't noticed the "About Non Grata" ingame alliance information yet
  2. Let's brighten up your day again with nuclear fire, shall we? Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought you were the type that doesn't believe in private property anyway.
  3. Johnny of Anubia may and will also accept sponsorship of his nation's press in the form of 6 million donger ingame shipments. It's another way to be part of the revolution! Not saying it has to be from you, no, but as I understand it wouldn't be the first time he's had such an odd yet beneficial aid package like that come his way anyways.
  4. I am also 100% eyewitness to this exact same problem right now. I'm not sure if this has happened around here before but the problem seems it's also beyond nukes, i.e.: Ingame it says 8/8 navy purchased by me today when in fact I had only maxed naval purchases the previous day. I also can not run spy ops on my current opponent, ingame saying that my opponent nation has already had their limit of spy operations but seeing as we each only have an active war with only one another (1v1 for us both), I highly doubt anyone else would have spied my opponent first and 3 minutes after update. Every other attack I have tried (except for navy) against my opponent works.
  5. The only thing happening is this, THE ZERG ARE GOING TO BE DESTROYED!!!
  6. Still here, although Valhalla destroyed some of my morality.
  7. HAIL THE LEAGUE OF ANTI-JUDAI- I MEAN hail Xenios and the League of Inner Peace and Salvation! o/
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