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  1. Hah, I thought that was only about half true considering some other former D1 players. I recall them fighting each other with dirty ops last round, though not by a lot. However, it's HiredGun after all, who says one thing and then does another. Especially when it comes to abetting bovidae abominations like Sot. Also make no mistake: The dirtiest animal of all is the Sheep of Taeper with its past sheep clone army. Still it invites shearers (like myself) to come for its wool, with the sheep seemingly still having no sense of right or wrong for illegal cloning operati
  2. Enlightening the enemy with high explosives is always the bigger priority. Okay I'll bite: Where is your evidence of Kirkenes doing the will of wolves and not the will of Boognish? Was the Stallion being the first to hit STRose this round also willed by AW? I merged my own Scourge of Taeper into the Cult as well (no additional DoE / DoW necessary).
  3. At the request of his partners in wool? Edit for Round 55: Very likely that I do not win MDW again this round. Chameleon has again come as ruler of the Nation of Alterac to again harvest the Wool of Taeper and its clones. Sot had invited Chameleon to play again this round and yet has destroyed and blocked all channel and method of communication to Chameleon. Blocked by Sot for doing at *least* exactly what Sot wanted. Odd sheep, that one! Also let it again be known and made clear that while Chameleon's current nation is based on the treacherous, cow
  4. The sheep had a chance to change its ways and did not. You prefer this sheep to yours truly. Reaping of wool and mutton which was sown was required! I haven't been on this realm for nearly that long, so I can't know everything. You yourself were victimized as well by this sheep (in an earlier round with yours truly) but it seems rather easy for you to take him back now for some odd reason, despite its wayward sheepish ways. I can't recall any others in D1 who were nipped by Sot's dirty sheep teeth during the round of Peaceful Saphiophobes; that was when it left a stain on my
  5. In other words, the sheep cloning lab was abandoned by the time it was found. The sheep of taeper's wool and mutton naturally accumulate (even at the point of its pixelated demise) from whatever its biological functions, yet the sheep of taeper gets its legend (or infamy) seemingly out of thin air maybe all from its governmental past.
  6. IIRC NLoN gave DefSot 1 more time out of war to prepare than that given them by DefSot 1. Three days, wasn't it? But that just isn't like you (apart from your pet sheep that is). Come back when permanent 3 BR TCs start being used! I appreciate that but the real grub you describe has wool for body hair, hooves for hands and feet, and is the ingame owner of DefSot 1 right now.
  7. Deflecting posts while outing other inhabitants of Steve for doing the same? *Checkmark +1* Is that including hitting NLoN earlier on in the round when they were fresh out of war vs STRose? *Adds another checkmark* Seems we're projecting now! Not sure if that's another checkmark. Have you outed projectors too? 'Bewildered' is probably better word to describe me thinking about the fact that a re-rolled AND unaligned nation won MDW (ie, yours truly). Even if that were true, I wouldn't be the only one for getting mad about 'winning' ar
  8. That glass house of yours must be really nice. In any case, if that special emoji is supposed to be me:
  9. A third party already may have done that for us. It's okay, I / SAR TELA YISRAEL counted on trying to be made out as a fink; I also find some people ought to look in a mirror. All that's left to do is this: Except Sot and his clones couldn't run away forever! Also has a nation that is both rerolled and unaligned ever gotten MDW before? Not that I know for sure yet, getting distracted by sheep that seem to replicate along with their mercenary handlers. Seemed before that it was going to be a different person / nation ruler going po
  10. I'm not a mod either. It's axiomatic considering the most recent of some sinister sheep's past lives and what seems a peculiar coincidence. Admin may have mercy on the sheep for its past clones but those of us who wish to claim the wool of the wicked sheep and its clones need not show mercy.
  11. It's already axiomatic and well-established.
  12. Yeah, except when it's your own pet sheep This may be the wrong realm for that so, those who wish to shear sheep and acquire wool simply do the next best thing. Sot seems to enjoy his wool being taken too.
  13. I was mostly* addressing just you in particular (singular not plural). You don't have to answer anything, you already fell through your glass floor (not necessarily pixel-wise). But alright, seems though you'd never answer any such legitimate question of mine above, even if the worst tumultuous time ever was experienced by DefSot 1. Plural, it seems you are your own biggest threat, especially with illegitimate cloning going on.
  14. Nobody over there caught my bad econ spy ops done vs. the same aforementioned AW shoe salesman above who was trying to raid me as well this round? For shame. Why would David Crockett and his nation of "Fur Hunters United" tolerate wolf attacks?? Also hello again. I noticed you never asked me yet if I was on Planet Steve again for the round. Last time you did that, soon afterwards this happened in the same round: And I don't think it's any coincidence! My eyes are already bad enough without Sheep of Taeper's wool over them! Or maybe some others
  15. Huh, probably only one other time I remember that question may have come up, but many have been around much longer than me. Thank you for this, bronyhero. Congratulations on the extra casualties and peace Lucius and TIE o/
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