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  1. Duke Nukem bringing forth CCC and NG as Bill and Ted's Unwelcome Crusade. Seems rather unorthodox but Deus Vult indeed! For the Horde!
  2. Here I was pessimistic about forum spam. Guess it isn't as dead dead around here as some other players say. Part of the ship, part of the crew, and happy to have been part of it, especially these past two years! If you've never sailed around here, you've probably missed out! Mad props to Caustic getting the crew together and others (Lyanna) for maintaining and further growing* our merry band of misfits! Also thanks to our fearless former Leader Stewie, who over celebrated Peanut Butter Jelly Time!:
  3. You wanted us, here we are ! And this is only just the beginning!
  4. Gotta invest in em to use em first Tiki !
  5. Sad to see this happen;. Thank you for your service Johnny; from revolutionary news in these dullard times to the other work you've done on all battlefields we've bled on together for Boognish. This is truly a regrettable loss for us all.
  6. Hey Chuck-E, so were you just planning on selling CLAWS your pizza and logs (maybe because of actions on other realms like Steve or something) or was it just a spur of the moment thing? CLAWS seems to be getting fat off all the pizza from your establishment while NG goes hungry. Didn't you promise NG pizza?
  7. Well obviously it warranted a DoW from you guys. Gotta make due without our manga and glitching somehow, right Eric?
  8. +1 for dejavu. Can attest @Son of Taeper mentioned something similar for me as well (about 5 rounds ago) and that was when it soon took off from D1 to experiment and test with nurturing illicit sheep armies against its enemies (whom by the next round also included me and then also HG to some extent). Didn't think this was worth mentioning in my own DoW. Sort of begs the question if this is the norm for recruits there (Sot or not).
  9. Hah, I thought that was only about half true considering some other former D1 players. I recall them fighting each other with dirty ops last round, though not by a lot. However, it's HiredGun after all, who says one thing and then does another. Especially when it comes to abetting bovidae abominations like Sot. Also make no mistake: The dirtiest animal of all is the Sheep of Taeper with its past sheep clone army. Still it invites shearers (like myself) to come for its wool, with the sheep seemingly still having no sense of right or wrong for illegal cloning operations. Still now inviting me again to come for its wool this round and yet block all communication with me when doing what it actually wanted. Still bleating sheep gibberish at its shearers and enemies whilst keeping the same communication channels blocked. Odd sheep, that one!
  10. Enlightening the enemy with high explosives is always the bigger priority. Okay I'll bite: Where is your evidence of Kirkenes doing the will of wolves and not the will of Boognish? Was the Stallion being the first to hit STRose this round also willed by AW? I merged my own Scourge of Taeper into the Cult as well (no additional DoE / DoW necessary).
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