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  1. If you read the original DoW thread on NG posted by LoD (56 pages long before modlock). some of the argument there was that apparently NG weren't puppets enough. Some others didn't want to touch that thread with a 10 foot pole either (rather than just gag orders), which is respectable. Yes, touche. I'd say that 'familiar' feeling is well improved for us though, in the following way: By fighting RFI AND Oculus... AT THE SAME TIME!
  2. All you mean is more obfuscation of facts. Plain and simple, they were IP banned for purely IC action. Are you too condoning the IP banning of anyone who decides to participate in "roguery"? I guess that would sure tow the party line if you do at this point.
  3. If IP banning was done for purely IC stuff (and after said banning had happened after said members had already left said private alliance) then that's still "giving enough of a !@#&#036 about this world," don't you think? Then that's just banning after the fact, not expulsion from an alliance, maybe just expelling from an alliance's forums only. Even if it's just the forums, why's that even necessary for purely IC stuff? I'd say that's also a lot of "!@#&#036 about this world" to be given.
  4. It's not like anything The Day Today seems to be printing is untrue though. Then... THEN it would be fake news. Is this more sarcasm from the wolf mutant? Do you disagree that the situation is actually hypothetical? Of course I know what a gag-order is, but any instance of IP banning happening these days is far beyond that (especially if it involves simple dissent and leaving). Except that you can't exactly expel members that have already left.
  5. I mean, at the onset of this one of your "allies" in another alliance literally just IP banned some players who were members of same said alliance right after said members left said alliance. Seems far beyond a gag order :V Are you calling The Day Today fake news? Maybe a wolfpack that has taken over a freehold. It was a really a hypothetical situation, because clearly there would be other things out to bar access to The Day Today. In those wolf ashes I guess you'd also find trace amounts of iron.
  6. That's quite the throwback. It's an honor (and big pleasure) to be part of the consensus here, Emperor Stewie. The credit's hardly mine alone. When something like, say, a pack of feral wolves attempts to obstruct our viewership of (and access to) a reputable news source such as The Day Today or any of its broadcasting grounds, well, then we'll help all that wolf ash finish creating itself. Those like you could sure use a throwback, but thanks for admitting originality is out the window for FTW.
  7. Sure... was there anything really stopping you then? You wanna tell us all why you went back on your own word, or is that too personal? Now now, I'm sure they have their reasons.
  8. I wasn't referring to a person there, unless you mean egos are people too. And it was already settled as just "Deadpool" (not including "Captain"). Captain of the gravy train maybe.
  9. I guess we can always shove some micros around with a Deadpool ego and plagiarize other alliances' flags.
  10. No disrespect for Polar, but with this and other recent events it seems I chose wisely when skipping the past war for the honor of Terminator's supposed real life companion in other realms. Rolling JunkaZigurTywin might have already been a been there done that. It would seem trying to throw away a Crinkled Straw and abandoning both The Bakery and Doughnut Shop and didn't stop the flood of Kiwi strawberry and Cactuar cooler drinks. Aren't they great drinks to go along with baked goods and doughnuts? That sure seems like plenty of sugar, gluten, and fat to go around.
  11. Objection, dragons be lying, or can't really remember stuff. You went to peace mode sometime during the Doom House days and when you got called out on that here you said it was for the sake of obeying orders you were given. Given to you in particular or just that tech farms even exist within NPO? Either way, irrelevant to what I've said.
  12. Some high and mighty dragon wants to call others out on "war mongering," now how about that? Don't you think if you were more of a non-peace mode creature like you say you are then you wouldn't be saying such things? I mean, the recent actions of your side of the roost can certainly also be classified as such (if just "betrayal" is too harsh). War mongering or not, one slightly different action and my nation could have been "protected" like yours (thus preserving my pixels) and we wouldn't even be having this conservation right now. In that instance this year, the 'war' did sort of come to me too first (thanks to certain players who couldn't stop having it out for me). I probably should have expected my nation to get "that" big considering how the planet around us seems to continue shrinking, but for the life of me I really didn't. Oh I forgot to mention the peak pixels on this nation came with hardly (if any) free tech shipments from fellow alliance members either (besides all the free land given to you by fellow Pacificans). Carnivore can attest to that too!
  13. Since we're talking bragging pixels here, I started this nation here in late 2011. Before I got involved in any conflict this year, at the time, I already had a little over 50% more casualties than you currently do and peak NS rank about 245. Part of that peak NS rank of mine also involved me having 22k "purchased" land (not donated) that I didn't farm from any fellow alliance members of mine I rest on your face.
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