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  1. But not grown up enough for spirits. Let the good times roll. Congrats to you both o/
  2. Careful that it isn't hoolimen o/ Boognish o/ Stewie
  3. 'Grats and more casualties to all involved
  4. What if I were to interfere in this war? The clock is ticking!
  5. I'd like to think this is how Jiros, Scotsquad, and Co. do things: Discuss please. Also insert Cellfdestruct.gif Edit: @HiredGun It seems the past two wars the Cult has been at war with D1 it is only me being countered by D1. I am strangely honored!
  6. @Terminator knew, he just wouldn't really tell anyone. The Bakery was his own business! He wouldn't even thank you for the free advertising. The nerve!
  7. To think I might have won those stats going in from last March April 2019 before our mutual comrades joined in on the hunt! Big shout out to those who joined us, you know who you are (and back to you GK)! Oh well, nothing like perma-anarchy to mess up those stats and ruin the fun. Besides everything else, thank you Oc and RFI for the +9 million dead dudes more than doubling my casualty count. Gonna make it just a little more worth it finally getting that National Cemetery.
  8. Hey now, you were offered a seat at the campfire too! Maybe even more than once! Everyone at the campfire got marshmellows! What more could ya want? Edit: On a side note, all campsites are probably now under quarantine and lockdown anyway. Also harder to think stuff isn't rigged when losing 2 ground attacks with 83% and 84% odds vs LoD.
  9. @ericsw was just doing you a free service! You should be thanking him! Edit: Enjoy your war Polaris. Find the treasure and defeat boredom!
  10. Possible epilepsy warning and thanks to Johnny Pandy for the news: NO, this cannot be! There is only ONE solution to this!: o7
  11. Dead with Non Grata and COBRA and Co being the least dead these days. Come join Non Grata to say hi to NPO and furries.
  12. Why not both? Not like you've been antagonizing us this whole time either, right? I'm getting the vibe that it seems to be only okay when you do it. Also by all means go ahead and defend anything NPO does. FTW needs all the help it can get!
  13. What was that about your little friend Kaznawim getting involved with this too? Oh no, how dare we seek facts! Truly revolting of us.
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