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  1. this is a personal beef between me and them i know they sit in D1 and i know they have protectorates this is by no means an insult or slap in the face to either ….. my reasons for me to leave my home and seek my pound of flesh is due to having my trades canceled without warning while in a 14 day back collect it was done out of malice and I’m sure the story will be played out to favor the side telling it ….. we will see where this road leads me but this is one i must travel … i will see you soon HG RoadRash
  2. the forums are down and it brought me to this BLOG …. bilrow you have always been a memorable player i hope your starting trouble and making friends in your next journey….. RIP and thank you for your time on planet BOB
  3. RoadRash

    The dragon is dead!

    this is the best news you have ever put on the big boards o/ brother
  4. RoadRash

    The 'C' word

    my thoughts are with you everyday my friend o/
  5. Now Im in your profile


  6. Happy belated birthday old man

  7. I got your back bud :)

  8. im pretty good no real complaints finally get out of this chitty NYC weather suns out and gonna enjoy the day :)

    hope you feel better ttyl

  9. hay coldie how are you my dear

  10. happy new year my dear

    hope all is well in your neck of the woods

  11. hay u guys still around

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