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  1. no sir you cannot leave this world .. you better stay here with me till the lights go out and then we will find some candles …… burn it all down
  2. yeah you should hit 4 mill … think he meant your a real long way from top 12%
  3. i will definitly help with that …. I’m looking for 40 mill casualties
  4. agree its nice to come here and see some activity
  5. LMAO yeah i do strongly agree all travel should be for emergency situation only
  6. DWG bridge ????? the rest of the country sees NY and NYers see the bronx ….. hahahahahahah Q
  7. one more thing make no mistake the beaten i took on the field from cowboy was my plan on taking him out ….. i beat the WRC in that war i lost the battle but i sure AF won that war ….. and it was even better besting a friend … something you will never know … you know why ….. BECAUSE NO ONE LIKES HIREDGUN …… no one so hurry and eat that snickers bar
  8. so let me guess it wasn’t D1 who happened to incite right because they weren’t caught …….. hahhahahhahahahahahahhaha only a matter of time my friend you will see something soon xoxoxo
  9. my god HG you really are a very delusional person i have a lot of choice words but you like to run and tell make believe story so ill just put this here …… i would say it was you that started it but like your nation you are a very puny boba feet Received Messages Sent Messages :. Received Message To: RoadRash From: Unknown Sender Date: 2/15/2020 1:26:35 AM Subject: Spy Operation Attack Message: A spy operation has been launched against your nation. In the attack the enemy spies targeted your population and managed to incite new government propaganda. Your attacker was able to return home unharmed and unidentified. Report Block Reply Forward Delete Save Search Everything Nation Name Nation Ruler Nation Team Alliance Alliance + Team Alliance + Resources Alliance + Gov Government Type Resources Team + Resources For: All words Any words Exact phrase Nation Strength Range: (optional) (low) (high) Advanced Search
  10. hey HG do you just get these illusions from your head ???? and trust me if it was up to me i would hit you constantly for max damage always every chance i get … i truly love you so very much i really wish you would get a bag of chips really would …. as for cowboy yes you are right i have never spoke to him and i don’t think he is my friend ….i just want to pretend … you know like how you pretend your a ???? PAT ??? ok boba feet ttys i love you xoxo
  11. one more thing … how would i think I’m getting into a war I’m going to win by hitting cowboy he had a wrc and 1100 tech …. hahahaha even look in my declaration …. dude you really really are no good ….. your just a bad seed
  12. I’m having a great time …. talking to cowboy almost everyday … hg you don’t understand i guess its your superior complex that you think by me telling you what type of bobafeet you are that I’m made …. dude its really you your just no good …. even book who loves everyone cant stand you ……. you really should go eat some raviolis ….
  13. i didn’t even read your nonsense as you don’t comprehend poppy …. no one said I’m mad and whats this we …… its you not we or them just you ….. and to tell you the truth i really doubt most of D1 want to be the dirty little rats like yourself I’m sure non want to do blockades or dirty spy or even bully as you do …. i think most want to have fun and D1 in whole is great its just really you who is the POS boba feet ….. if I’m wrong please any D1 member PM me I’m sure we can discuss with cowboy how to get rid of this doodle
  14. its just you HG …. no one likes you … i see D1 members interacting in boots chat room and they all seem pretty cool …. it really is just you …. you are the dirty rat bobafeet you hit with dirty spy blockade everyone in the beginning stages build nukes right away to set AW back …. your a dirty little martha and you deserve to trollop threw a strawberry patch being hit with candy cans and jump roping ……. i know you don’t understand why I’m saying these asinine things its because your a tattletale and will run to mommy and use my words against me …. but you know me well enough to know what i mean xoxo ……
  15. lmfao are you actually showing times when i was away from my nation ….. dude you really are a delusional person omg i almost feel sorry for you …… and you save 2 i would be proud to have beaten me also ……. but I’m sorry i was able to engage at that time …. and BTW HG I’ve hated you a loooooooong time so figure 3 wars a round for 40 rounds thats about 100 wars ,,,,, wheres the rest ?????
  16. cowboy really should have kicked you to the gutter where your rat ass needs to be ……. its not to late he still can …… but like all rats when you become out of control you will be exterminated
  17. most are gone SoT perfect example they lie each other HG not you …. and not once have you ever been close to beaten me in a one on one even when i take on 6 you still lose ,,,,, your a scheming little rat HG thats it … your advice is always trash i got my WRC for fun … see cowboy has one now and is loving it …. i play for fun not to bully and pretend everyone is looking for a flag ,,, when ITS YOU always chasing the flag YOU worrying about everyone else cause you want it ….. you little rat …..
  18. HG honestly and this is truth …. you really suck at this game overtime i go to hit you your so far out of range its pathetic … your a con man little lying PAT .. your ability in this game go no further then those of a rat … your troops that stick around can not possible like you i see them on the chats and i cant see how they even want to be near you … and i really have no clue how someone like cowboy wants to be anywhere near you i really don’t understand that ……. as far as beating you HG I’ve beat you in every step of this game even to the point where i could be a higher standing member in D1 ….. you really are a PAT and that is sad because you think that is a good thing …. as far as a tape measure people with big dicks don’t really ever think about measuring it
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