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  1. yung flow

    D1 Strikes Again

    You have the slightest clue bub, dealing with all these scum declares from your friends I decided to retire from this stupid game and that's when HG reached out and asked that I join him and wouldn't require me to be involved in government. Defcon1 has/had friends most of those alliances disbanded, trying to keep up with all of TDO multis became exhausting for all of us
  2. yung flow

    D1 Strikes Again

    The amount of hypocrites in this game is surreal. It's all about who you are will dictate if your actions are honorable or not. If your anyone in Stevie squad/alpha wolves/TDO/whatever DD stupid AA was then everything you guys do is ok but anything D1 does isn't ok.
  3. yung flow

    Wolves hit D1 and Misfits

    Thanks for assisting caz in getting an education.
  4. yung flow

    Wolves hit D1 and Misfits

    Anyone else see this! Stevie may have just ruined his flag run over this war. Victory is already here
  5. yung flow

    Wolves hit D1 and Misfits

    He better start spending some money if he wants to win anything, I'll bankrupt my nation over this war
  6. yung flow

    Wolves hit D1 and Misfits

    Your job was misfits? Lol, guess the 7 of us are just that huge and scary
  7. yung flow

    Wolves hit D1 and Misfits

    This really isn't a crying deal? Look at the declares, it was obvious D1 had arrangements on a war and you jumped right in the middle of it. I expected nothing less though. When you are garbage at the game and need to do what it takes to make yourself shine then so be it. You killed the game not me. Btw you got all these dudes in my NS and you still insist of 3 down declares. You guys are some turds.
  8. yung flow

    Operation Equalizer

    Don't you have some nations to be deleted for running multis?
  9. yung flow

    Operation Equalizer

    Again, techniques to justify a war with essentially inflated numbers that don't mean squat. The war spoke for itself by the time it was over. I was down to 25k by the second day while all 3 of your nations sat at 32k plus. ANS show stronger then any number you put on the table.
  10. yung flow

    Operation Equalizer

    Like you have A say in people cheating.... I find it funny that so many alliances claim to be the best TE Police for the game but yet do all the same scum stuff. DCS did a scum declare practically targeting only us. Your all a bunch of hypocrites which has ruined this game. Stevie participated in one of the worst multi cases this game has ever experienced and the member count shows for it. Which is why I will be permanently retiring after this round. I see after 2 absentee rounds the game hasn't change. Nobody and I mean nobody knows how to declare an even war, somewhere the numbers will be stacked against the other alliance. Usually it's ANS and pairing a weak alliance for numbers. Allowing the cheating to go on and the space between NS declares allowed has ruined this game. Rest easy TE your time has come
  11. Am I really that scary guys? 3 down declares on me? Give me something to work with jeez
  12. yung flow

    TKT DoW

    You have just conducted a spy operation against the nation of Britania Maximus. In the attack your spy efforts were successful as your spies were able to gather the following information about the nation:Desired Religion: NorseDesired Government: CommunistThreat Level: Severe Tax Rate: 28%Number of Spies: 46Last Nuke Purchase: NoneLast Wonder Purchase: 9/24/2016Total Money: $760Technology: 497.69 LevelsLast Bill Payment: 9/26/2016 2:24:13 AMTrade Partners: Helviti, Hellenic Empire, Xeeny, Frankfurtia, MorgantoniaMilitary XP Ratings: Army XP: 13, Navy XP: 8, Air Force XP: 54, Intelligence XP: 1Assigned Generals: NoneTotal Aircraft: 77Aircraft Fighter Strength: 493Aircraft Bomber Strength: 180Navy Purchases Today: 0Navy Vessels:Corvettes: 3Landing Ships: 13Battleships: 9Cruisers: 7Frigates: 6Destroyers: 5Submarines: 4Aircraft Carriers: 4Your spies returned home unharmed and unidentified. (9/26/2016 6:06:11 PM) You have just conducted a spy operation against the nation of Xeeny. In the attack your spy efforts were successful as your spies were able to gather the following information about the nation: Desired Religion: None Desired Government: Republic Threat Level: Severe Tax Rate: 28% Number of Spies: 550 Last Nuke Purchase: None Last Wonder Purchase: 9/20/2016 Total Money: $312,249 Technology: 397.38 Levels Last Bill Payment: 9/26/2016 8:12:03 AM Trade Partners: Frankfurtia, Morgantonia, Helviti, Britania Maximus, Hellenic Empire Military XP Ratings: Army XP: 2, Navy XP: 3, Air Force XP: 1, Intelligence XP: 4 Assigned Generals: Air Force XP Level 30 Total Aircraft: 0 Aircraft Fighter Strength: 0 Aircraft Bomber Strength: 0 Navy Purchases Today: 0 Navy Vessels: Corvettes: 0 Landing Ships: 0 Battleships: 2 Cruisers: 8 Frigates: 0 Destroyers: 5 Submarines: 0 Aircraft Carriers: 0 Although the mission was a success your spies were caught, 20 spies were killed, and your identity has been publicly revealed. He broke Since we are in the sharing business
  13. yung flow

    NDO Recognition of War

    That's right, aren't you guys all the same people?
  14. yung flow

    NDO Recognition of War

    Thought I was in an SE thread for a minute. Guess it's time we all make treaties and what not. I figured Caz would be a cheer leader here. God forbid TDO gets a decent war that would just tear him apart. Since TDO has showed up this game has gone to shit.
  15. yung flow

    Defcom 1 DOW

    You literally do stupid shit all the time, you didn't bother citadel when they acted like idiots so why would you expect me to stand up for you? Especially when this situation isn't god awful to begin with. Is it wrong to declare 3 days out of war? Of course. Is this declare just so terrible and going to beat you to the curb? Absolutely not. You guys still pack a bigger punch with these stats. Your ANS show it. You know this will put your alliance on the same level as others and that bothers you. Then there wouldn't be such a thing as down declaring for you. We both know you can't have that. At the end of the day you guys will still be better off then defcon1 financially and infrastructure.