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  1. You should take your own advice and actually read what she said, to prevent you saying stupid things like this.
  2. No, I never cared about your opinion, I've always considered you a worthless moron. That hasn't changed, you merely continue to reinforce that fact with every mindless sentence you utter. Interesting to see Polar continue to fail even without me. Now, get it through your thick skull, I don't give a crap about you, I couldn't care less about your opinions, and your words mean absolutely nothing to me. The fact that you think I care about anything you say, your alliance, or this game is just completely laughable.
  3. You're absolutely right, Smurf. I can confirm that behind closed doors, Polar still has great disdain for Pacifica. They simply got closer to them for political gain and nothing more. You can rest sure that there's absolutely 0 trust or mutual friendship in this treaty.
  4. I would hold off on thinking they're not going to defend SNX, at LEAST until a day or two has passed. It's been a couple of hours, calm down.
  5. We'll defend any alliance that gets hit during their 10 day post-war grace period, whoever they are, if they ask for it and we're able. If you don't like that, tough shit.
  6. They clearly can be, I recommend you go back to school and obtain some better reading comprehension skills.
  7. You can make that argument if you want, but at the end of the day D1 attacked TDO fresh out of war. We wanted to help them by sending a couple of us over to ghost TDO and help them fight D1, but we also have no problems going all in to defend TDO from this ridiculous attack. Alls fair in love and war, that's D1's style of play right?
  8. Last night, D1 attacked us. Peace was sent and we informed them that the NDO was not at war with D1. They ignored this and continued their attacks, declaring more wars, without even making a DoW thread in the OWF, and while us being just fresh out of war. Today, we recognize hostilities between the NDO and D1. You want us? You've got us, and everything that comes with it. o/ NDO
  9. Attacking someone fresh out of war is pretty low, Cowboy...
  10. A little bumps along the way, but civilized alliances are able to work together to solve problems. =)
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