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  1. trs4ece

    WTF is wrong with 2018?!?

    I'm still trying to figure Tableau out, so some math is required to interpret these tables. Still, this is faster than going through and summing each nation's war screen. To get totals, you need to sum the diagonals. In other words: IRON NS Lost = 47,459 + 64,319 = 111,778 NLON NS Lost = 133,165 + 11,198 = 144,363 [+29%] Since you reminded me that I needed to post this, I went ahead and made one for you too Vianor Articali NS Lost = 17,443 IRON NS Lost = 22,027 [+26%] Would be pretty evenly matched if not for the uncontested 5K you got from killing our inactive. None-the-less, good war and good luck rebuilding
  2. trs4ece

    WTF is wrong with 2018?!?

    Update #2: It seems that Dixie is not so inactive after all. Just declared on one of our guys on this last day of war. I remember someone being concerned about inactives suddenly becoming active and then skewing the stats. Not wanting to ignore those concerns, here is another stats update including the back-from-the-dead Dixie: IRON: 320,436 NS 53,668 Infra 6,415 Tech [2.1% infra advantage] NloN: 336,310 NS 52,577 Infra 9,298 Tech [5.0% NS advantage, 45% tech advantage] Yeah yeah, I know that a guy suddenly showing up on the last day of war should only contribute 20% toward the stats. I just wanted to reiterate that the war was evenly matched as far as stats go. War is over at update tonight. We'll post stats sometime after that.
  3. trs4ece

    WTF is wrong with 2018?!?

    Good call. So I went ahead and searched for NLoN wars where IRON lost no infrastructure or where there was no war at all. NLoN Inactives: screed from eastcoast - no wars, 14,741 NS 2,844 infra 231 tech LukeDiamondKing from Dixie - no wars, 14,987 NS 2,717 infra 303 tech However, I also noticed that NLoN had a nation that suddenly built up on the 27th, Erytria - 20,339 NS 4,170 infra 1,020 tech. I don't believe Brewer's stats included this nation and he's definitely fighting, so I'll add him into the stats too. Updated matchup: IRON: 320,436 NS 53,668 Infra 6,415 Tech [7.6% infra advantage] NloN: 321,323 NS 49,860 Infra 8,995 Tech [0.3% NS advantage, 40% tech advantage] I don't think that looks like an unfair fight at all. Now, Erytria popping into existence and then declaring on two of our inactives on the other hand...
  4. Ha, right? Quite the waste of a terrific DoW.
  5. Wish I could take credit for the DoW, but that was the work of Brewers. And we opted to take a lot of the more damaging options off the table because this is a very light war. We were ideally going to have a full scale war with OP+DCS, but you sniped them less than an hour before we could declare. This would be true if we weren't moving right into a holiday ceasefire. We'll try to secure a better match-up next time.
  6. Merry Christmas from IRON “Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house War Doves weren’t stirring, not even the Germanic Empire’s boss; The stockings were hung by The League of Guardians with care, In Hopes that IRON Santa soon would be there The alliances were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of radiation danced in their heads; And Samwise in Kurdanak and SeaBee in a cap Had just settled down for a nuclear winter’s nap. When out on Steve there arose such a clatter, apricotsfoxbase sprang from Tuskauqua to see what was the matter. Away to the Window, there was a great flash As IRON Santa covered their alliances in nuclear ash The flames of War Doves from the guns that did blow Gave the lustre of a mid-day to rubble below When, what to College Mom’s eyes should appear But an IRON sleigh and its nations to fear What a strong driver, so rich and so quick They knew it was Talus, their stomachs grew sick. More rapid than eagles Lord Sunday He came And he whistled and shouted Sister Midnight’s name. Now LACHITON, now NELSON, now DrT and TITAN! On Rhizo! On Bears! On Shawdi and Brewers! To the top of the leaders! Answer the IRON Call! Now army's away! Navy's Away! Nukes for all! As dry leaves that before the nuclear missiles fly, When they hear the IRON Jets roaring in the Sky, To War Doves, The League of Guardians and AIRCOM they Flew With the sleigh full of bombs and IRON Santa too. And then, in a twinkling, Steve heard on the roof The pixels dying, vanishing in a poof They began to run and were turning around Down the sky IRON Santa came with a bound He was dressed in all IRON from his head to his foot And his clothes were all tarnished with nuclear ash and soot A bundle of soldiers were at his back And he looked ready for war, a punch did he pack His eyes- how they twinkled! His dimples how merry! His weapons and bombs popping the newbs cherries! His droll little gun was draw up like a bow And the blood of his enemies covered up the snow. The stump of an arm and a pile of white teeth From Doves And German and Guardian soldiers on the ground beneath His broad shouldered body, and tight abs belly Other alliances wanted him, they were so Jelly He was powerful and deadly, an IRON forged elf And D1 and UN filled with joy for missing evading IRON themselves. A wink of his eye and a nod from his head In came the bombs and soon they were dead He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work And dropped all the nukes, then turned with a jerk And laying his finger on the big red button Dropped even more bombs, while chewing his mutton He sprang to the IRON sleigh, to his team gave a whistle And away they attacked like the down of a thistle But Steve heard him exclaim,ere he nuked all in sight MERRY NUKEMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL A NUCLEAR NIGHT! --- Update 12/18 12:38 am We will not perform any of the following except in retaliation of the same: Nukes, econ ops, blockades tl;dr: IRON declares war on War Doves, League of Gaurdians, and The Germanic Empire. Merry Christmas! Lord Sunday, Sister Midnight, and Talus DoW by Brewers
  7. IRON would also like to avoid hostilities for the stated time.
  8. Why are you so keen to see screen shots of your own words? Just look through your own logs at the vitriol and lies that you've spewed. You can't hide the truth, and the truth is that you've been gunning for UN ever since they took in Stevie Squad. Even if it means ruining the game for a few genuine CN newbies, you would gladly sacrifice them to run the rest of UN and SS out of the game.
  9. Note that any nations who break the cease-fire are subject to standard penalties for doing so. They will receive a full day of counter attacks from nations that they are currently warring.
  10. After reviewing new information, we have come to the conclusion that the evidence justifying this war was invalid. Rather than continuing our part in an undeserving punishment, we have decided to conclude the war. The Independent Republic of Orange Nations and the United Nations agree to peace beginning at update today, 12/13. Best of luck in the round everyone! Signed, IRON:TE Council
  11. Saw a late hit from NLON. Please confirm that you guys are also peacing out.
  12. IRON agrees to conclude the war by update tonight 11/8 - 11/9. It was fun to see some of the coordinated strikes going both ways. Best of luck for a swift rebuild to get back on your feet in time for the end-of-round wars.
  13. trs4ece

    Nuke Availability Bug

    The UI states that we can nuke even though it has not yet been 24 hours. We should see the red "Wait 24 hours" text instead. Clicking the Launch Attack button still fails over to the red wait 24 hour text, but normally the entire Launch Attack dialog is not available until 24 hours is up.
  14. IRON proposes a cease-fire when the first wars expire at update tonight with no attacks/ops to be performed after 10/23 23:59:59 CT. If Roman Empire agrees, please state so here. Stats will be provided shortly afterward. -MegaZeux