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  1. So, we have come to that time again where we are looking for a fight someone to fight for the love of casualties. Most everyone seems to be in anarchy except a fine few bunch of AAs who seem to be itching for a fight. Either way we can help reduce your bills and fill up your graveyards, as we are sure you will ours. With all that said we do like a fair fight. The combined 18 active appearing nations of DCS WD and NDO we challenge you to a face off with 13 of our vaunted warriors. feel free to counter any and all of the lucky 13. We are sure you will not disappoint. We'd also li
  2. great DoW as usual brew. glhf guys! glad to see some life back in TE
  3. What is up with your post? Did you mess up the simple task that is quoting lol? I've said all I needed to say. And yes, you were mislead. Go cry about it, I guess?
  4. So next time, don't nuke newbies on day 7 and they won't have to reroll. And please stop lying for once, you lost about 2m kills from the rerolls, no more. My bad, you never said indefinitely, you actually gave a time frame lmao: https://imgur.com/k0a7TNC There are many other examples too, but I don't feel like digging through 1000s of messages of you crying. He tried to force one of our new players to join RE, and then when our newbie didn't comply, cowboy messaged him threatening him. Is that mercy? Lol, look at
  5. Are you forgetting that we fought one more war than you have? Go read your own messages in the TE server. I never claimed you personally messaged anyone. However, cowboy has messaged our rerolls with threatening messages. Would you like a screenshot? (you've already seen the screenshot, btw). No he hasn't, you idiot. That's my entire point; Bd was one of the Dawners. Why wouldn't we? They're fully built, have WRCs and got declared on by D1. The only reason we had them off AA in the first place was to pre
  6. Lmao what? Do you know what a "ghost" is? It's someone who you don't know, who sits on pending on your AA. Temps do not = ghosts. Second, are you claiming D1 has no temps off AA? I know for a fact you guys do.
  7. That's a matter of interpretation. They had no autonomy at all. I do not, and never have, considered them seperate, whether or not they were in a different AA; just as I never considered The Raiders or LoG to be a seperate alliance. This was merely a strategy enacted so we were able to build them up adequately instead of bringing them on AA right away, which would've meant they'd be hit by IRS ops, nukes, etc. How can you seriously sit there and blame us for not being able to keep all of our members on AA without them being bullied and their round ruined? We did what we had to do, and what we
  8. They're not a separate alliance, nor have they ever been. If anyone would've hit them they would've found that out. They joined because they've always been UN members, since the very beginning of this round, on day 1, they were under the UN AA. They fought in both wars against D1 and one of them is low-gov and has been with us for rounds now. The plan was always for them to join up when it came time for war. Take a look at their wonders and you'll see their purpose isn't to help us with casualties (which we pretty much have no chance of winning anyway), but instead to drop WRC nukes (on D1). I
  9. One of the Dawners who joined is literally low-gov; does that not make him a UN nation? Or does that not qualify as a legitimate member in your eyes? You fought every single one of these 5 nations twice this round, btw. Whether or not we kept them in a different alliance is irrelevant, and was only necessary so they'd actually have a chance to build and play this game instead of getting nuked right out of the gate. We did this 3 times this round with 3 different alliances. If your leader wasn't obsessed with us, we would've never had to. Are you kidding me?
  10. Are you not whining with this post? I don't think I've seen a recent post from you where you weren't whining.
  11. First off, we just got out of a war a week ago, so you're quite obviously clueless. Second, you seem to have missed the point, maybe it's the alcohol, idk, but I'll reiterate it for you: we were in the middle of collecting. Going through the collection process is not "living a dream." You saw an opportunity to ruin our collections and you jumped on it. Pathetic.
  12. How can we enjoy the game when we have to constantly deal with a psychopath who has a disturbing obsession with us? You simply suck the fun out of TE.
  13. Your point? Hahaha, you can't be serious. Only 4-5 of our nations have collected. I'm personally sitting on a 13 day back-collect, as is 80% of the AA. We were as well defended as possible considering we're still unbuilt from our previous war. I had max troops, tanks and air and I very narrowly escaped anarchy. The nation I linked earlier, North Korea, was literally one trade away from collecting and now he's down 400 Infra and anarchied. If only your leadership shared your empathy; they might've just waited the
  14. And that's relevant how? We don't count the top 22 because you're not focusing on the top nations, you're focusing on the weak, unbuilt and uncollected nations. Furthermore, 3/4 targets per nation means you can cover 66-88 people. What?
  15. ....why would we only count the top 22? You're either blind or a liar. Of course we were going to war. That's not the issue here lmao...
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