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  1. I am. We started late in the round. I am rather disappointed in the direction of leadership my old comrades in D1 has taken and ashamed to say that the very thing the revered D1 and RE tried to eliminate, is now what we see in D1 today. Edit: Since this post D1 has made clear that SoTs action are of his own and not endorsed or supported by D1. Edit Again: SoT has attempted to guilt trip us into being ‘jerks’, his sad manipulating attempt to make us out to be the ‘bad people’ has not gone unanswered. We have reiterated our stance and our disapproval of his shenanigans in private and that we will accept his apology once he his done kicking-and-screaming.
  2. He even watches over us little folk who can only buy CMs, he’s a leader for all
  3. When Son of Taepor wants to respond here with diplomatic reasoning about why we should feel safe from his terroristic ways, then perhaps peace can be arranged. Planet Steve is in a troubling place when mischievous rulers like SoT are allowed to roam freely and cause trouble. He has threatened us too many times and we will no longer turn the other cheek.
  4. These alliances have continually insulted and abused the sacred gentleman’s agreements that we all respect and admire. We can only look the other way for so long until our righteous blade delivers the death blow of retribution. Today is that day.
  5. Pope Caustic has led us to the promised land and now King Stewie will deliver us from evil. Hail to the King o/
  6. Does Grub endorse this campaign? He seems to be a ‘make blue great again’ type against his progressive opponent Aurelious
  7. Interesting development, we, the cult, will watch to ensure that the unspoken gentleman’s agreement is adhered too
  8. You just can’t teach this skill, GK, well done
  9. He may run but he can’t hide- the Illuminati is everywhere
  10. Back in my day we warred SRA/stripes and kashmir for years... and we were happy
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