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  1. Lord Hitchcock

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    I am no longer involved in politics. I have not clue what is going on nor do I care to know. I trust and have full faith in the Cobra leadership and I am following orders.
  2. Lord Hitchcock

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    I have already offered to represent them per Murtibing’s nod. I talked to both IRON and NPO about ending hostilities and they both conveyed it would happen IF SPTR wanted it. They sought no terms and did not force them to ‘accept surrender’ as it’s already been obvious on the battlefield. SPTR did not want it, they didn’t want to talk about it, so more power to them for continuing the war- but they’ve lost any sympathy card.
  3. Lord Hitchcock

    King Neptune- Monsters Inc

    He lost his battle with cancer a couple of weeks ago
  4. Lord Hitchcock

    A Farewell to Arms

    I’m gonna miss the you Caustic, you were certainly the ‘bad boy’ of CN. Also, o/ Non Grata for going out with a boom!
  5. Lord Hitchcock

    King Neptune- Monsters Inc

    I write this with a heavy heart: To: Lord Hitchcock From: Moderation Team Date: 7/8/2018 4:31:06 PM Subject: Trade Canceled Message: kingneptune has gone inactive and the trade offer agreement between you and kingneptune where Iron and Marble was traded for Pigs and Wheat has been automatically canceled. He was living on borrowed time, and I’m afraid it’s finally come. Words cannot describe how awesome of a friend he was in this world and we will miss him deeply.
  6. Lord Hitchcock

    An open letter to Avalanche

    We’ve been around long enough to know when to hold ‘em, and know when to fold ‘em. The only real loss in this debacle is Avalanche, back to the debths of inactivity and boredom they go.
  7. Lord Hitchcock

    An open letter to Avalanche

    Why must you derail every thread in existence? I stay out of your threads when the topic doesn’t apply to me, so please do the same.
  8. Lord Hitchcock

    An open letter to Avalanche

    Polar had reached out to me and I gave them my reasoning for our war against Avalanche, and they responded in kind. So we are dropping this war. Sorry Avalanche.
  9. Lord Hitchcock

    TE- Round 46

    I mean, we could just do a round of tournament edition without the in game fighting. I’m sure we can make the dialogue the same. Announcement one: DEFCON One declares on (insert alliance here) comment 1: ‘you down declared’ comment 2: ‘way to dodge the alliance right by you in rankings’ comment 3: ‘we miss cazaric’ comment 4: flag runner! Dirty dirty flag runner!
  10. Lord Hitchcock

    An open letter to Avalanche

    After many many years, I’m glad to see you accept this.
  11. Lord Hitchcock

    An open letter to Avalanche

    Yep 2010. And you haven’t done anything since- outside of a half donkey’s effort pinning yourselves opposite of Polar during some repetitive maroon drama. Your established history... well lack of, has also weighted our decision to not be dictated by your dusty treaties in lieu of a more fulfilling existence of becoming our whipping boy until we see an honest effort of remorse and correction.
  12. Lord Hitchcock

    An open letter to Avalanche

    We are discussing the matter internally. My conundrum isn’t that we don’t like Polar, it is simply because we have never crossed paths with Avalanche. At this stage, I am under the personal belief that we will not forfeit the opportunity of sparring with a foreign alliance, simply because they reside in any particular part of the treaty web. We took the same risk hitting CCC when RON was breathing down our necks.
  13. Lord Hitchcock

    An open letter to Avalanche

    ...and its about to get hotter. You have less than 24 hours to prepare yourselves for the global warming that will becometh of you. Good day, Monsters Inc
  14. Lord Hitchcock

    The Anarchist Cookbook of Cybernations

    OMG, Bundy said something both smart and true.
  15. Lord Hitchcock

    FTW Declaration of War

    This seems a bit puzzling, Terminator had invited us to join him and Morphine has co-membership in M-Inc and Kashmir. The op is incorrect in that it was not a ‘band ‘wagoning effort’.