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  1. That crown is great and the flags are perfectly aligned. Congrats to both parties- CRAP is a great ally and I know KORT has some really good people. Congratulations
  2. I take complete ownership of my logs which at the time was my viewpoints and some have changed. Background of these logs, Caustic went inactive and Stewie took over the ship. I talked to no one outside of NG at that time and I wasn’t trying to get you to say anything- didn’t know you- my hope, and this is true, was that you weren’t going to do something stupid and half-cocked
  3. The problem is that you’ve taken the time to listen to them, while your intention may be good, as soon as they smell a hint of weakness they start lobbing insults and regime change narratives. Tehol, you’re an up-and-comer and when you lie down with dogs you get fleas, especially with this bunch. The two scenarios are letting up on NG and Cobra and everyone remains distant and lives happily ever after- or letting up on NG and Cobra and they seek revenge (which isn’t a rare thing for NG). So why even take a chance? Better to be safe than sorry.
  4. Translation: “Please let us off so that we can undermine you again.“
  5. So TPF, an alliance who undermined NPOs good will on a Valentine’s Day with attempting to carry out a despicable act of perma war is now defending an alliance (NG) who has been involved in the most rollings where evidence was denied- and Kim Jun Lucious is questioning GATOs core democracy. Oh my...
  6. An official Statement from King Neptune’s Bar “I, Lord Hitchcock am confused by Cobra’s claims. The referenced war on General Kannibis was a bipartisan agreed upon term during the Cobra-KNB war. The Gladiator term Cobra themselves drafted and we signed to. The term could not be fulfilled due to range issues and Johnny wrote it off publicly without our consent. KNB chose to fulfill said term (no timeline was ever established, nor does a write off not allow the lender to repay its debts) when possible (while this war made it possible, if the war was not occurring and it was
  7. People do care Stewie, the OP said this was merely a punishment and Johnny does appear to be turning the corner, a few more weeks of lobotomies just may push him to write a pro DBDC article... hoping the treatment works. As for exiting with your heads held high, continuing down this dark path of misleading will only be because said heads were raised up on spikes by your enemies. Would strongly encourage you open up factual dialogue and right the ship, regardless of Caustic's advice, sometimes ultra level testosterone bull headedness just doesn't work- honest and integrity are what
  8. NG was the bad boy prototype with actual genius and honor built-in. Converting to a United Purple Nations with a hint of opportunism isn't the new image people want.
  9. Of course, it benefits you. You'd sell your soul to a toaster if it benefited you. No compassion or empathy, typical narcissist. Those poor souls followed you off a cliff- rather than rekindle some honor and dignity and save them, your pride is much more important.
  10. I awaited patiently amongst 8 pages and 3 times my name was mentioned- wouldn't call my presence here 'desperate'. I've seen the ISXs of the world come-and-go and long before your existence. All of that hard work you've put into babying your membership will be burned down in a week. boo hoo
  11. Was planning to leave any way- NG isn't the same place anymore. The days of king xander, abshire, steve, lygerside and narcassitic caustic are replaced with even keeled Stewie's and Trash's.
  12. Caustic already booted me from the NG channel because I called him out on his made-up narrative. The equivalency of getting booted from an NG channel for anything is like getting booted from GPA for being too peaceful. It's his failed attempt of trying to pin my name on the opposing coalition for some type of PR spin and it's grossly miscalculated (and childish). I don't interact with NPO or IRON and I admittedly hold a dead embassy in CLAWs. Attempting to blame me is entertaining, I love the attention, but unfortunately I'm too impulsive for this time of calm-and-calculated move.
  13. It was quite obvious when NG went so fringe that the kool-aide Caustic was selling to idiots like Cobra for a heightened sense of invincibility is starting to incur it's anti-freeze aftereffect. If said alliances wanted to be welcomed back to the community (as they so claim, although believe it to be a facetime ploy), the brain wash sessions must end and a return to actual fact based discussions should be had. Like all other cults, it never ends well and chickensphere is fracturing.
  14. Knowing Bundy and the past wars NPO has been in, they wouldn't organize such a coalition if the allegations were not true. NGs disinformation attempts are no different than the spins M16 tried tried to propaganda- only to find out years after that they were in fact guilty of everything brought against them. As for Cobra complaining about coalition odds, cry me a river- you had 9 alliances on a small micro with Kapleo drooling at the mouth for some type of NPO retribution, amazing how they aren't triggering to enter this war. Now the OP states this is merely
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