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  1. Why do you constantly try blaming the victim? Lucious made a mistake, it’s not on CLAWs to have to go through diplomatic channels.
  2. I surely wanted TIE to own up and apologize for their mistake and produce an amicable conclusion- the monster in me.
  3. And yet not a single apology, ownership of said caught red-handed mistake, or any attempt at diplomatic discourse. What is it with your sphere and the inability to take ownership for own said actions?
  4. Oh yes- let’s see past Lucious clearly trying to get TDE to set up a spy ring inside of claws for many cynical purposes, not short of the diabolical plot of attempting to blackmail TDE and turning claws against him. Whilst Lucious thought he was sneaky (a known attribute for that weasel), he was caught. On the matter of its relation to your other wars against KNB, no collusion. This incident is entirely separate. The drunk Neptunians are in no way surprised of your backpedaling when it comes to defending allies; your recent lack of support, grand standing, and
  5. A complementary comic: and based on the real events of GK and Lucius.
  6. With all of the wars going on, felt it warranted to draft up a chart
  7. Completely out of context- There’s big difference between a patron willing to offer their aa announcement information versus someone who wants to Infiltrate a spy network for more sinister deeds.
  8. Oh look, Kapleo wants another ‘Sit down’. Please share, or are you going to run off like a little !@#$%* again?
  9. Oh, Lucious finally being held accountable for his actions. TIE... Tie... well played Jazz!
  10. This is all wrong, Claude would never be photographed without his multiple gold chain Necklaces.
  11. You posted this same thing in the Murder of Doombirds thread, please see my response there. you seek new to this, don’t blow your load out of the gate. We have super teirs to also consider. way I see it, up 99k prior to war, another 10k a day in super teir, in the interim we sled and handle micro stuff thereafter. relax Martialis, done this before.
  12. Enough with the tantrums GK and Johnny, let's take a quick five and enjoy some comics:
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