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  1. Looking for a job, whatever side woos me- will side with for attention.
  2. I assure you neither of those top your jealously. and @kerschbs I stand in solidarity with the rest of the free world when proclaiming:
  3. An exhaustive list of people in NG who matter:
  4. Will vouche that her prices are astronomical and worth every penny. For example when @Kapleo and @Johnny Apocalypse tried to bully my peaceful micro she ensured that I received a fair trial and worked diligently to remove the wool of sheep’s clothings from the aggressive party’s wolve character. Additionally she runs circles around Caustic.
  5. Glad to see AW back in the mix, always a quality alliance.
  6. And yes, yes you are. Any further rebellion will be crushed. We do not wish this as a permanent structure but until we see some good faith effort coming out of that cess pit our reign will continue. And you can start by removing that tried-and-convicted war criminal from his officer post.
  7. I have seen a lot of spin doctor propaganda in my day and this is a classic example of a belligerent and irresponsible keynote- It’s outright treasonous and you should be ashamed. LUNN has on multiple occasions displayed antagonistic political positions against the sovereignty of peaceful micros.
  8. I’m afraid it’s in the early stages. I’m trying hard to prevent escalation but LUNN has done little to contain the situation.
  9. LUNN has always been stinky. A turnaround story is never easy but I think that now that they don’t have all the extra baggage of weasel allies and now a passionate micro legend for betterment and guidance as their viceroy- I suspect they will become something of a success.
  10. They were abandoned by their bloc mates and allies and feel it is important to salvage the remaining members.
  11. Dear World leaders, Today I humbly come forth and ask that you disregard the League of Ultra Nationalist Nation’s government as it is void and they are now considered under the defacto banner of Bad Company. The transition will have it’s phases, I ask that the nations of L.U.N.N. lay down their arms, there is no need to have them because the government will keep them safe. That they work for a collective richness for which all members profit equally and fuel the movement. This is not socialism or communism- but a revolution. Failure to comply will result in being labeled a traitor and handled as such. We ask for patience in this time of peaceful and loving transition. Thank you, LH
  12. Krihelion telling other people not to temp them with a good time, that’s rich
  13. Weren’t you in that mouse bloc with lunn?
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