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  1. Lord Hitchcock

    The Lion joins the Freehold

    This doesn’t surprise me, animalz have really been a wash ever since rukunu left.
  2. Lord Hitchcock

    I'm a ghost, I'm gone.

    They weren't, Sir William is just playing politics with whatever he can use.
  3. Lord Hitchcock

    I'm a ghost, I'm gone.

    You ranted in mi6 and then joined kashmir... can’t say you had much of a life
  4. Lord Hitchcock

    Bear Force One: Part Two Action Man

    Osraven, you suck
  5. Lord Hitchcock

    Positive Menstrual Attitude

    We need to make him a believer
  6. Lord Hitchcock

    Positive Menstrual Attitude

    It’s too bad honestly, there are a lot of fine people over there whom I like. We have been in contact with FTW, Canik’s diplomacy is pretty much that they can aid the broke people, like Claude. Unfortunately this has been proven time-and-time again that it doesn’t work. A lot of good people are going to get kicked while they are down, I’ve done everything I could to prevent the inevitable blood bath that is about to occur and I wash my hands of the inevitable humanitarian crisis. And the slaughter continues... Canik, make sure you’re watching the mess you’ve made.
  7. Lord Hitchcock

    Positive Mental Attitude

    C&G hasn’t existed in years
  8. Lord Hitchcock

    Just a random nation passing through...

    I’m winning
  9. Lord Hitchcock

    Joint Declaration FTW

    A few months after starting my nation, I was asking my gov why the Aztec bloc, 7 kingdoms, and umbrella were hitting us....
  10. Lord Hitchcock

    Joint Declaration FTW

    Hey everybody, Crinkled ‘Ocean Destroying’ Straw won his first ground battle. Let’s give it up for this monumentous achievement. one... two... salute. Hoorah
  11. Lord Hitchcock

    Joint Declaration FTW

    Oh good, that makes me feel bedder
  12. Lord Hitchcock

    Joint Declaration FTW

    First off, yes we are entitled to act however we feel like, the concept of war will not sway our opinion and it only strengthens it. And second, what delusional altered reality do you live in? We broke your stagger in a week. Your members are literally getting slaughtered, and have been begging for peace to the point where we genuinely feel bad for them. To: Kentucky Colonel From: Smitty256 Date: 10/5/2018 5:01:01 PM Subject: Really? Message: Seriously? I'm so $%&*ing tired of fighting. The war between our AA's needs to end. I understand that it isn't personal but I'm so $%&*ing done with this war. To: Smitty256 From: Kentucky Colonel Date: 10/5/2018 5:25:31 PM Subject: RE: Really? Message: I also hope it's over quick. Please tell your leadership so they come an agreement soon. I am down to $2,871,291,135.30 so I can only keep going for a year or so. Regards, KC
  13. Lord Hitchcock

    Joint Declaration FTW

    We taught the commies about our values of capitalism over at UCR, we restored faith in the church over at CCC, we unclogged crap so that they were movable again, we demoralized mogar.... All things a moralistic alliance would do. So yes
  14. Lord Hitchcock

    Joint Declaration FTW

    That’s rich coming from a man who sold NEW down the river and then negotiated an entry on the Oculus side- out of fear that doomsphere could potentially expand it and get FTW sucked on the other side. This, after years of FTW saying how loyal they would be to NEW, no matter what.
  15. Lord Hitchcock

    Joint Declaration FTW

    You clearly don’t know Junka. When I start spouting out the works of Ivan, then you can talk.