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  1. I’m surprised you can even fit through a doorway with that noggin
  2. Hello Paul, I’m so glad you’re coming back. Yes, AW has been the evil hegemony and we all live in constant fear. Oh save us white knight
  3. because it’s not true, but that’s always been the difference between me and you. I’m not some sketch ball who just speaks falsehoods; honesty, transparency, and integrity are my cross to bear in this world.
  4. The birth of a franchise, enjoyed the read. Although a minor side note: granting dual membership at the discretion of the king technically implicates the king. In dual membership scenarios it is often argued that said members actions are that of the alliance they sit on, and thus plausible deniability. By the king passing approval for a nation it also implicates them in the actions of the nation sitting elsewhere. A fix would be to allow for warlords to be granted the ability to become dual members as they see fit. Being promoted to that high of level, they would have alrea
  5. he’s ‘okay’- don’t love him, don’t hate him. Sometimes he gets a little nippy, sometimes he’s a jerk, sometimes he’s nice.
  6. Oh please grumpy old hero’s, help d1 against the constant antagonism of AW who has twice as many nations as us
  7. These threads, so numerous of them over the years, are rarely ever worth replying to. Yours is different, you actually did something. You were fearless, relentless and also fun. The era under your leadership brought Cobra from its micro roots and landed them on the map. For those too inactive and never able to appreciate you as a friend or enemy- I pity them because they will never get to experience planet bob the same without you- you were one of my favorites. Before you go, KNB wants to send you a canister of your favorite tobacco and some of our finest crafted s
  8. Hi Paul711, here’s a better idea- why don’t you crawl back into the hole that you came from. (aka, please come back)
  9. Is this because Wes called Bingo when he actually didn’t have bingo? Those old timers know how to roll, claims reset blitz is cuz of an early bed time but a deeper analysis shows this was purely for the offensive GB bonus. Good luck to both parties o/
  10. As have we, I tried to get in those peace talks but HG wanted to play nice- so you owe him a big ‘thank you’.
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