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  1. In all of my time here, never have I seen such a pathetic and sobby recognition of hostilities
  2. Word of the day: Dignity Used in a sentence: “Canik, take your beating with some dignity” In all of my time here, never have I seen such a pathetic and sobby message asking for peace
  3. I’m retired you moron. While you’re boasting about 5 million casualties: Murtibing is about to break 50 million. Jonesing is about to hit 30 million, and when kingneptune left he was at 28 million. I don’t need to finish wars and don’t even care if they get finished, I trust Cobra’s leadership. My work now is humanitarian, if you’re lucky I may even call upon some of my old NEW pals- You know, your former treaty partners who canik made a blanket statement in regards to FTW remaining neutral in the NEW/SPTR/Kaskus conflict only to delete his post 2 weeks later and piggy back with oculus. How hilarious would that be?
  4. Better be careful, FTW May try to plagiarize that
  5. You know the thing about you that bothers me the most- you are one of the few players who I have gradually disliked over the course of my time here, even Claude grew on me in that time period. The days you were in atlas and we were hitting TSC, our chats were great and you had such a strong yearning to travel the roads less traveled. In your later years you’ve become the status quo, mundane to the very definition of boring. Every move you made I thought to myself, there may be a glimmer of hope that the youthful Tevron breaks out of his shell- yet here we are.
  6. What a tremendous turn-a-round from the ‘ol Revolution days
  7. You don’t care yet you feel the need to tell the world you don’t care. you care.
  8. I will pay a lot of tech for a front row seat at the negotiations table between Joe Black and Caustic
  9. Gibs, He’s the definition of a weasel. Crawl back to your hole, coward. You’re leadership is as strong as the wind blows.
  10. I never liked you Cuba, you were always selfish and a sleezy dirt ball. But the world absolutely needed characters like you. o/
  11. I don’t know what do do here... The route of Methrage-where I detail the thread- and preach Pacifistic Libertarian values. The route of Immortal Junka- where I derail the thread and preach Pacifistic Imperial Order. The route of Sir Kindle- where I detail the thread and preach Pacifistic ‘don’t thread on me’ micro lifestyle. The times have changed and all greats one are gone. All that’s left is Washington and his ‘85 Pontiac.
  12. Don’t worry wobbles, there is lot’s of interest. We’ll find someone for ya You should talk LSF into participating, it’ll be fun!
  13. After many talks in the Leauge of Micros, there seems to be enough interest in pursuing Planet Bob’s first ever ‘Micro World War’. The suggested rules of engagement are as follows: 1) All interested alliances are divided based on stats into two equal teams. 2) The Micro World War will have an official start date (hopefully in march) and a duration of NMT 14 days- both parties will know the start date well ahead of time. 3) There will be a ‘no ghosting’ policy after the teams are equally divided until the conclusion of the world war. 4) Participates of the world war waive their treaties until the completeion of the war. 5) After the world war concludes, the chips resist and if it’s a success, we aim for another one in 6 months (with new teams picked) and we’re hoping to do this twice a year. So please help make this a success! It is encouraged for the alliances participating to bring their pride and their flags waiving, enjoy the propaganda and the comradely. The only ‘losers’ are the ones sitting on the sidelines. Please in-game PM me if you think it would be fun for your own alliance. Not sure if you’re a micro? If you’re pondering that question, then I bet you’re qualified.
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