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  1. I've been pretty much done with this game since it became clear NoR has infiltrated the mods and will use them to their advantage. There is no fairness left in CN, so pointless trying.
  2. Can't believe the mods let a fake jew, just pretending to give Nazis, get anyone banned they want over claiming them of being antisemitic. I boycott CN until the mods stop being tools, letting themselves be manipulated into helping Nazis win. Also go ahead and ban me, you guys already killed it when deciding to use your mod powers to side with Nazis.
  3. Warriors willing to fight alongside us welcome to join. Ask how you can help indirectly to become part of the Libertarian Stealth Alliance.
  4. When someone comes in to make a long post full of lies and slander, it can be hard to resist telling them to stfu. Although Merry Christmas and I fully understand your perspective.
  5. I've been shown your communications with Martin and know about all deals cuts, so maybe you should just stfu while I still feel like allowing you plausibile deniability.
  6. You only shot maybe a few cruise missiles at Martin and didn't even really fight him; allowing Martin to focus on Hanssen. So you didn't even fight when you could have fought someone in Aevrum, you avoided damage instead. (So you can threaten to sell it down to fight instead.) Grow up and stop being so useless/demanding. Don't care what you do, but your threats don't impress.
  7. Reichsmarschall; not sure why you and Hanssen can't agree on who outranks who. So can't trust your deals when she can overrule you at will.
  8. I've fought against worst odds than this many times and only time I deleted was when I attacked ISX as I was quitting though. Not sure why DeathAdder is still talking with himself over his imagination..
  9. Latexi and him I'm guessing have just went along with what you've pushed for and haven't heard more than your twisted side of everything. Seems you never even told anyone about my outreaches about peace and offering to resolve it how Kristjan wanted; only for you to continue insisting I wait on terms and there was no fix since you guys wanted to set an example. Eventually they'll wake up to what you've been up to..
  10. Under previous regimes, something like this would have been resolved right away. Beyond Hanssen, I think most are normal.
  11. Those in NoR interested in talking about the facts can contact me, although it's clear Hanssen will lie and distort things. NoR's brand is what Hanssen is damaging most..
  12. DeathAdder, you don't know or care for the facts. Although you aren't relavent to my interests, so not going to read all that.
  13. Your constant lies and warmongering based off them. I just wonder how long NoR wants to be dragged through this war you provoked and escalated; while trying to portray the opposite to everyone else. You wanted this war badly and will say whatever you need to try keeping it going; although people will get sick of being dragged through this conflict you provoked; while being on power trip / delusional state since. Only damage is to be gained for both sides this war, there will never be a payday and dragging it out longer will only increase damage for NoR and those assisting.
  14. Nice to know you don't care for facts and would rather blindly hate me no matter what; so responding to you is pointless. Good luck finding other hobbies I guess.
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