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  1. Monster

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    How is that the case? Those two things have little impact on anyone else's ability to do anything. There isn't an Umbrella anymore and we're just blowing stuff up for fun but it wouldn't have stopped anything otherwise. The current top 5 are all interconnected in some way. If someone wanted to go the SPATR route, they've had the past two years to do it. Just accept that it's over and it's unlikely anyone will do anything in support of you or SPATR.
  2. Monster

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    Yeah that's why people indulge it. It gives them entertainment to set him off.
  3. Monster

    Surprising number of Tech Sellers

    Yeah, but how many sellers will actually integrate into a centralized scheme like that and get on on the right dates? SNX is a permanent selling alliance that is fairly tight knit. This is also when most sellers now can get the 18/300 rate without being in the program if they have FAC. This type of scheme works better within an alliance rather than coordinating a bunch of outside actors. Don't get me wrong. A lot of buyers would mess it up too by being too lazy to log in when they're supposed to send. That's an equal issue in the current tech situation in the game.
  4. Monster

    Surprising number of Tech Sellers

    In current it'd be 6m/200. I was just saying no one wanted to pay more than its equivalent. Even at 3m/100 sellers grew out of it when only 3 mil and 50 tech could be sent at a time. It was never expected for so many to be tech sellers forever before. The goal for most players was to get to 5k infra and become a buyer before. Hell some people had started buying at 4k infra before. Anyway, this mentality is why mass alliances will have a definitive advantage forever and won out in the end. In the past, smaller membercount alliances could use their greater activity to fill their slots efficiently and gain tech faster. So then when sellers want 9m/100 or 6m/100 Only a few options are left for active buyers not in mass alliances: 1. Join mass alliances, which then puts strain on their supply 2. Get tech at crappy rates or not at all and be dwarfed in tech acquisition by mass alliances(what most people did) 3. Quit due to it not being worth the effort and a 12 year old game --------------------------------------------------------------------- It's just the foreign aid system isn't suitable for a declining population where there are no longer influxes of noobs wanting to sell and barely any activity. TE without foreign aid is more balanced and can adapt to having less people than before, which standard isn't built to do due to it being persistent.
  5. Monster

    Surprising number of Tech Sellers

    Well the thing with both of them had a lot of people internally dealing, once they started growing out of that, it became a lot harder to continue high percentages and they stopped having them as high since it's really easy to do internal deals but not when you grow most out of seller range. Internal deals mean when one person sends two slots are filled in an alliance rather just one. Most people didn't want to stay sellers. It's a lot of effort to find external sellers especially when often times they'll quit or be late. DK was more successful at external buying than others with their Doommerce or whatever the name was but it took a lot of effort and they were also paying a higher rate and that rate ended up being eclipsed.
  6. Monster


    There are some interesting patterns with the current influx of nations. Potentially another 4chan group.
  7. Monster

    Nation count within CN and trends

    It's really not. People will fight friends if there's enough of an impetus. In CN, it used to be the leaders had to hold the members back and placate them with promises of future warring, now the leaders have to bug the members to log in and fight if at all and many don't participate, meaning all those pretty stats you see aren't reliable. It's just 1. The Game isn't that good and 2. people grow up and move on for the most part. The guy who used to be willing to get on irc to blitz/coordinate is now the guy who says they're too busy to do it. The game relied on rank and file members being active enough and they aren't now. The fact that it's persistent also leads to people playing too long-term minded. There was a different game where it limited you to only being able to fight certain people at a given time.
  8. Monster

    Surprising number of Tech Sellers

    That's fair then. The rates issue was one of the main disincentives for me to put the effort into finding the sellers, knocking on doors to get people to send to them, and then dealing with unreliability/tracking them to get them to send. A lot of people didn't like the idea of paying more than 3m/100 rate that was prominent before the tech change. Well, once they structured their alliances towards funneling tech to bigger nations, which was basically DBDC's econ on a bigger scale it wasn't going to be feasible to have the same rates of importation and it was visible for the past 3 years or more that it would end up happening. Even with 90% slot usage if you're paying it out or having to move to new sellers, it's going to be a lot slower than free tech in all slots. Even if a group of people got free tech in all slots, it'd be a far lower quantity. There isn't really a competition between an alliance that has to renew/track down their sellers/etc or. as opposed to one getting slots full with nothing going out from them or one with enough internal sellers where they can pay out what is owed on the same day to a third party knowing some other seller will send to tech the person who paid them. This was facilitated by the increase in importation caps. It showed a fatal error in being an alliance that doesn't recruit and never had the collective culture where a lot of nations can be expected to give up their tech indefinitely to boost others. The people who typically did it had rerolled like myself and knew they were never going to get high up or were people who were no longer as active doing it as a favor. I mean this is all 10 years in, so the game's economic situation(rates/unreliability) along with the increasing disinterest/not logging in made it a futile task to continue importing. I'm not really sure of the reasons the others who are in similar situations have for keeping on. I don't think there was a way to have avoided the outcome involved for anyone short of having a lot more players so there would be more of a spread of mass recruitment alliances that would sell tech. The game can't support too many as is. Maybe the elitism hurt the retention of the game as many of the players in elite alliances didn't want to mentor new players which is what recruitment would have taken, but the slow down in people joining/decay seems to have been inevitable.
  9. Monster

    Surprising number of Tech Sellers

    The people being lazy reduces demand yes, but if everyone tried and even if only half of potential tech buyers tried to find sellers, it'd be a supply issue. People have been lazy a long time and falling behind means they're just happy to have the nation around as a keepsake so it reduces the potential demand by a lot. There was more supply earlier on when there were still a lot of people swarming in and the game was novel, but often times alliances had issues finding sellers since the demand much greater and many buyers didn't like that they didn't always get their tech so they would start to put up resistance to trusting brand new players. There is fundamentally no individual incentive to sell tech and stick around especially when a seller is unlikely to reach a competitive level from them outside of a collective goal(e.g. an internal seller selling to boost overall tech or get a certain quantity of people above x tech). I was always grateful sellers would sell at decent rates even though a lot of people had the mindset that both sides benefited equally. Eventually enough people gave up since not only were sellers spotty/demanding higher rates, the tech was also easily lost in EMP warfare, leading to today's situation. There isn't any real point in the current climate to buying tech because the rates are bad in practical terms for people not in a mass alliance with recruits/tech distributors. They wouldn't be importing fast enough for it to to do them much good when others can get much better rates.
  10. Monster

    A Farewell to Arms

    NG is saving the OWF from being just Junka. Good luck to everyone.
  11. Monster

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    I mean they wouldn't need to listen and most of them have given up a lot to stay in ISX, so I really doubt it's just ignorance. He got quite a few members off the OWF as well.
  12. Monster


    It's probably due to some suspicious activities getting uncovered.
  13. Monster

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    You do you. All you're basically doing is adding some to entertainment to the mix for them. If that's your goal, do it. Just don't think the one man resistance thing will do much good.
  14. Monster

    Surprising number of Tech Sellers

    There aren't enough for it to be sustainable and a lot of sellers won't be reliable. It's practically pointless at this stage especially with the rates they want. 30 isn't much, tbh.
  15. Monster

    TE- Round 46

    I mean at this point you should just restart it if you don't want more to drop off. You can take suggestions for following rounds. There's a crisis of confidence now.