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  1. Brewersalliance

    Up-declare madness

    In all fairness we did that last time :p
  2. Brewersalliance

    Up-declare madness

    IRON and D1 have agreed that all dirty opps are off the table
  3. Brewersalliance

    Up-declare madness

    dude. you just legit ruined the greatest dow in the history of TE. You have no clue how pissed I am
  4. Brewersalliance

    Sexy Gladiators Announcement

    Good luck guys
  5. Brewersalliance

    A PSA brought to you by IRON

    Correct, IRON agrees and will send peace for any wars that go after the 4th And my SDI crew has been working overtime :p
  6. Brewersalliance

    A PSA brought to you by IRON

    also update: IRON and War Doves agree not to conduct dirty spy ops or blockades
  7. Brewersalliance

    A PSA brought to you by IRON

    you must not spend a lot of time in IRONs discord server lol thats not even top 10 :p
  8. Brewersalliance

    A PSA brought to you by IRON

    IRON is fine with no dirty spy opps or blockades
  9. Brewersalliance

    A PSA brought to you by IRON

    I wont deny that I am cheap. I argued over a $1 charge before at a car dealership
  10. Brewersalliance

    A PSA brought to you by IRON

    What are you implying?!
  11. Brewersalliance

    A PSA brought to you by IRON

    NLoN needs some love :p
  12. Cyberbullying is a serious issue we have to deal with in this digital age. One of the most common instances of this is an action called “Trolling.” The definition of “trolling” is as follows: To make a deliberately offensive or provocative online post with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them. The great social justice warriors of IRON have decided that it’s finally time to take a stand against trolling. After teaming up with the nation of Denmark, IRON has identified a toxic troll that needs to be purged from the land of the internet. This troll has gone by several different names: Skankhunt42, King Hitler, SeaBeeGipson, Jesus Christ and most recently Mod Multi. An image of Mod Multi trolling MsShawdi on the IRON discord server This individual has been trolling leaders of nations across multiple words. From earth, to Bob to Steve, Mod Multi is a toxic troll that needs to be removed. A recent example of his trolling ways had him asking MsShawdi to “shoe foot plz,” and asking for what appeared to be naked photos. This behavior can only be solved with nuclear fire. IRON has discovered that Mod Multi has been harbored in an alliance known as “War Doves.” All nations associated with Mod Multi will be rolled to annihilation. Furthermore, IRON feels that trolls are cowards who hide behind their keyboards, and the color of a coward is typically yellow, so IRON is assuming that New Desolate Order must be filled with trolls, so they shall be rolled too. Congrats SeaBee, you are now officially a CB Signed: Brewersalliance Caesar Sister Midnight Pre war Stats: IRON NS:437,701 NDO NS: 233,407 War Doves NS: 174, 325 TOTAL: 407,732
  13. Brewersalliance


    good luck and enjoy the bloodshed
  14. Brewersalliance

    IRON is going Lambeau Leaping

    War Stats are done for anyone who cares https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iLr-DGrAl-dRJmy-bBrOWxoevdcQOXN3gvL5kx-IgKM/edit?usp=sharing
  15. Brewersalliance

    D1 dow

    Lol Very nice high five. Go make the sexy time. The winner gets to marry Pamela. So fight hard