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  1. I like your sig! :3

    Batallion> That's just "making a mistake"

    Batallion> and then of course you gotta learn from that mistake.

    Batallion> I have made so many mistakes that I'm virtually perfect right now

  2. I got your back bud :)

  3. Down with this guy...

  4. Stelios

    Welcome to TDE!

    Why do you guys try to be as baller as us.. it isnt possible TDE
  5. How are you??!?! Saw you lurking my TE DoW i believe :D play TE!

  6. You better come back!!

  7. your my public office Zeph

  8. Keep your head still, ill be your thrill

    the night will go on

  9. it means this is your public office!!!

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