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  1. I need some more war in my life. SOmeone hit me. I warred someone who warred a friend and then looked at infra.. Its was kinda awk.. So hit me! o/ War
  2. o/ You guys are legends. Retire in peace now. You guys earned it.
  3. It was a good night to be drunk... IT was not a good morning tho o/ War
  4. You like to fight and have fun, I like to fight and have fun. I was in the same boat as you. Come to TPC, great fighters, active on IRC and all that good jazz and a lot of veterans. :D
  5. Dey got dem classy grape vine crown things and some pretty soft togas.. Just sayin...
  6. "Largest Single Bill Payment (Negroes)" Good ole Wes.. He wins in the right stats.
  7. Im trying to make every thread about me but it is not working :( On a side note. Everyone, have fun in the war.. even the ones who its not most fair too. If anyone is ever truly upset with wars.. Talk to both sides of the Govt.. explain both side and 90% of the time it gets solved rather quickly.. Unless you have Confusion on your side.. But def go to Govt.. before you all try to be keyboard warriors.. Getting nuked after peace happens alot.. As a leader of an AA, not all people will listen to you, and you dont know that they arent going to listen to you until they do something like this. Dont try to condemn an entire AA or leader because of the actions of one person. Because OWF isnt going to help you solve your problems. Even enemies can be respectful. Just my thoughts o/ War
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