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  1. LordSunday


  2. LordSunday

    TE- Round 46

    admin probably just watching this like (I know I am)
  3. "... And the gates came crashing down, the scandalous lies revealed. Those on the Planet Steve rejoiced, they saw this was the reckoning. The end of the Flag Runner's Era had begun. The cannons fired on the first day they could; those who had cheated the system stood ready to pay the price for their crimes. They have endured, but now they face the full wrath. The veil of truth was upon the United Nations. It was the day of IRON." - Holy Book of Round 45 And now, another announcement from your Independent Republic of Orange Nations TE has seen for two rounds now what the United Nations is about. They find whatever means are necessary for them to win their precious awards. Last round, those with honor showed that they were tired of it, and made their best to say no more. But the creation of multiple "SE/RL Friends," almost 40 of them, on the last day led the United Nations to again steal the award from those who showed true dedication to Planet Steve and the competition that should be fostered. We have now sat at the table, and IRON along with many others have agreed it is the time to end this once and for all. DEFCON 1 lit the torch, and now we take over for them. IRON hereby declares war on the United Nations We understand that with this there's going to be a lot of moaning and complaining by the UN... So we got these for you Signed, IRON:TE Council LordSunday - Wahooooooooo, I'm studying for a Physics Final rn on drugs trs4ece - Rules Interpreter Sister Midnight - Fair Maiden of IRON:TE
  4. IRON hereby withdraws from the Accords
  5. LordSunday

    Alliance Flags

    This is supported by me as well
  6. LordSunday

    Strongest Alliance award

    Translation: Let's figure out another one that I can manipulate the system to win through the use of all my "friends." We still expect UN to start with 60 members you'll personally revitalize the TE community!
  7. And now, another friendly announcement from your INDEPENDENT REPUBLIC OF ORANGE NATIONS As we close in on the end of the round, it's time to show once more that the IRON Steam Roller is as ready as ever for the challenges before it. Today, the Roller found a lonely D1 roaming the streets of Steve. We have photo evidence of what happened shortly thereafter. Long story short; IRON activates it's Steam Roller on DEFCON1 Signed, IRON:TE Council LordSunday - TE Councilor MegaZeux - TE Councilor Sister Midnight - TE Councilor PS - Sorry for the short DoW with little thought, I'm currently studying for an exam I have tomorrow morning
  8. LordSunday

    DoW (UN)

    Done having your tantrum?
  9. LordSunday

    DoW (UN)

    *crawls out of hole* *shakes head* Pfft *crawls back into hole*
  10. LordSunday

    Oh Damn... IRON Inbound

    Some re-looking of stats needs to be done, but it is pretty apparent the "almighty" UN and their beliefs on WCs got quite shown up by high-level coordination tactics, considering the level of bragging they put into these super destructive WRCs they were (trying to) tout.
  11. LordSunday

    Oh Damn... IRON Inbound

    To be fair I haven't had a full conversation with HG in quite some time, so I wouldn't say I idolize or agree with everything from him. I will admit however he taught me a lot about this game and for that he has my full respect.
  12. LordSunday

    Oh Damn... IRON Inbound

    HG you should see the little tidbit from the WotN peace declaration thread... It's interesting that there's still a lot of slots Wolves occupy... Also for trying to peace out they seem to like using nuke slots too...
  13. LordSunday

    Wolves in the Middle

    Due to this screenshot I do not Al... It was obvious from the start UN was trying to avoid us, and them intentionally keeping their slots closed from IRON proves how cowardly they are. I would encourage WotN utilize those slots in coordination with IRON if UN is going to try and hide behind them
  14. LordSunday

    Wolves in the Middle

    See LH... Now WotN and UN are having a pillow fight