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  1. malakarlian

    Slapping Time!!!

    Would be nice if the wait is so long because there will be changes to the game......fixing a few things would be worth the wait
  2. malakarlian

    WTF is wrong with 2018?!?

    I guess that's the determining factor, if those nations remain inactive then it's not a one sided war, which hey you guys can't take too much crap for the dow because every alliance has been accused of one sided wars numerous times in the past. But ya if the inactives suddenly spring to life very uneven....
  3. malakarlian


    I have been waiting for someone to reply to this dow, I am surprised no one has. I enjoyed the effort and in character narrative for this declaration. Thank you for keeping the forums enjoyable to read
  4. malakarlian

    Some needed clarification

    I think my point was missed....and it actually somewhat does not surprise me. Look past the insult if you can Hired Gun, I stated “ However that being stated I absolutely align with him on what went down last round. In fact for me to join an alliance with him in it in an attempt to right a wrong should speak volumes in regard to my own opinion of fairness within this game i was trying to explain that I take your side irregardless of how I feel about you..to be honest when I was in d1 there was never any bad vibes towards you...... but this is funny and proves a point in a way that you can’t seem to understand the point of my post because you are focused on one line of it where I am saying something about you that you don’t like. So you focus on that instead of the bigger picture which is that I would and did align myself with you to try to stop what happened last round from happening.(sigh)
  5. malakarlian

    Some needed clarification

    There is so much to say and a lot of information that can be spun, distorted, and regurgitated in i think a false way. For the record I absolutely despise Hired Gun, I think he is egotistical, dirty, vengeful,punk and the list can go on. Most people know of my opinion of him. However that being stated I absolutely align with him on what went down last round. In fact for me to join an alliance with him in it in an attempt to right a wrong should speak volumes in regard to my own opinion of fairness within this game . Loop holes sadly always exist and will be taken advantage of by people regardless of the initial intent of the structure that was made. How we perceive this to be cheating, or playing by the rules, are made entirely on each individuals shoulders to decide for themselves. Unfortunately we do not have a cybernations police unit, or a court system to decide who is right and who is wrong. No matter how players try to govern each others actions it is a flawed and somewhat futile act. But i know i will continue to make decisions in game based on my own opinion of what is right and what is wrong, and what happened last round was wrong.I truly would have rather seen defcon1 win than see any alliance win any award if it was done by bringing in unplaying nations to slant the scores to win. I am not promoting defcon1 by any means as i have found them in my judgement not to be righteous or innocent either. But which alliance has been? I sadly think we all push the limits just a little bit then we we see an alliance push farther and we call foul. I truly enjoy this community and enjoy despising some of the people in it (HG haha). But to some it up if i see what happened last round happen again i know i will work with anyone in an attempt to prevent it from happening again.
  6. malakarlian

    Merry Christmas from IRON

    Very nice DOW I have to say!:) however I don’t quite get stipulations on wars in general let alone this one to the extent it is. I get the intent of two alliances agreeing or attempting to have a war that doesn’t include “dirty” spy ops (even that’s debatable). Then blockades are added then no nukes might as well say no ground attacks either. The reason i mention this is because i see it becoming a trend and could give two alliances that agree to this soft war gives them essentially a padded period of time then time normally granted to alliances to rebuild when no real damage has occurred (especially with no nukes). So to be honest it makes me feel our alliance should now ask for these same terms so that our wars won’t be as destructive either....... i guess I’m just waving the flag of caution because I can see what could become of this type of over fluffed war agreements
  7. malakarlian

    Flag Runners You Suck

    I believe I was at war with these nations, check the stats with my wars there was no fluff
  8. malakarlian

    The Rebellion- To Send Peace

    Samwise i appreciate your offer and and we are willing to use a third party, however from this message i believe we are peacing out on the 24th tomorrow.....however if this is not Defcon1's position i would like to know. i have also sent you an ingame PM
  9. malakarlian

    The Rebellion- To Send Peace

    Ok Defcon1...I have been ATTEMPTING to talk with SoT, I dont know but i am chalking it up to a communication barrier but after many many messages of nonsense this is where we are at (nowhere) therefore i am accepting So as this is we here at the Rebellion will also do peace offers on the 24th as well. I have made an announcement no attacks will be done after update today, I hope the same on your end.
  10. malakarlian

    The Rebellion- To Send Peace

    Well LH you are either starting the cap or stirring it....why do you seem surprised there's no love for you
  11. malakarlian

    The Rebellion- To Send Peace

    What business is it of yours.....well then again with your head so far up d1 arse maybe it is
  12. Pffft....I don't know all the hidden details as it seems there are many but what I do know is 99 out of 100 times RR does what he says he will...and if that 1 time he doesn't it would be because there is a real reason....I sure as hell won't forget the other 99 times