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  1. Some people clearly don't pay good enough attention to war activity when it is actually happening...
  2. Hate to be a cynic, but with the exception of Thrash, has anyone calling out NPO in this thread actually... fought against NPO at any point in the last 4 years?
  3. In other news, this happened: Largest Single Bill Payment 5/27/2019 Leistungsstarke $7,018,348,128
  4. "War with WAPA we are bored" To save anyone else who has as much trouble picking out the bold letters as I do the trouble.
  5. Is gravedigging a thing for blogs? I don't know. I do know that most of this came true in the end. It took more than a year and things happened it a strange way, but they happened. The main difference however was that no voter intimidation/movement was required, all that was needed was time for LPCN to decline naturally, Hardin helped it along the way (when Junka inevitably proclaims victory over the LPCN all its sympathisers can blame him) but it was only a matter of time. Also Meth's warchest didn't last months, it was literally like 3 weeks.
  6. I believe you guys are using the term "theory" rather incorrectly here.
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