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  1. Blackatron

    The Brewers Sucks Accords

    You’re wars are 98% offensive, yet you only have a damage ratio of 1.25? That’s pretty poor all things considered.
  2. Blackatron

    Joint Declaration FTW

    It’s okay GK, i’m Sure SLAP will protect you...
  3. Blackatron

    A formal DoW

    Jedi went inactive shortly into the M3D war, apparently not one for losing pixels.
  4. Blackatron

    A formal DoW

    To be fair, Umbrella has all of 6 nations below 200k NS.
  5. This is so sad. Alexa play the Soviet National Anthem.
  6. Blackatron

    Blast from the past

    Yeah, they were allied for a long time, but the treaty got cancelled, and NPO hit TPF preemptively (IIRC), TPF was understandably annoyed and so after that war ended they declared permawar on NPO.
  7. Blackatron

    Slow, but still kickin'

    Which war was this?
  8. Blackatron

    The IRON Kingdoms

    Why are you so grumpy about them oAing on on the same !@#$@#$ side as you?
  9. Blackatron

    Horses without Armor

    Have fun all.
  10. Blackatron

    A Farewell to Arms

    Err, they have...
  11. An isolated system will become increasingly chaotic as a function of time.
  12. Blackatron

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    24 pages. I feel sorry for the poor $%&@ers who have read even half of this.
  13. Blackatron

    King Neptune- Monsters Inc

    Oh Jesus... Sorry to hear that man. That really sucks.
  14. Blackatron

    Surprising number of Tech Sellers

    Well that's what I mean, obviously if every person in a position to buy tried to do so there would not be enough sellers, but since that is not going to happen there is no shortage of sellers for those buyers that are active. Obviously the rates issue is a problem for some, but it only adds to the problem that lower level buyers will never get up there with the top tier, which reduces the incentive to grow (for many). The situation is now so extreme that even if you returned to your former efficiency, Umbrella/Cowboys could not catch up to IRON/NPO.
  15. Blackatron

    Surprising number of Tech Sellers

    There has never been a true shortage of sellers IMO, simply buyers too lazy to look. I am perhaps a culprit in this, in that I am a developed nation that isn't buying tech because I see no benefit in it.