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  1. As an unofficial official I would like to office an official complaint with the officials, regarding the official lack of official announcements from the alliance officially known as Farkistan.
  2. Thanks, accepted and responded in game.
  3. Looking for fish and lumber for a Maroon trade circle, which is otherwise pretty stable. https://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=585366
  4. Some people clearly don't pay good enough attention to war activity when it is actually happening...
  5. Hate to be a cynic, but with the exception of Thrash, has anyone calling out NPO in this thread actually... fought against NPO at any point in the last 4 years?
  6. In other news, this happened: Largest Single Bill Payment 5/27/2019 Leistungsstarke $7,018,348,128
  7. "War with WAPA we are bored" To save anyone else who has as much trouble picking out the bold letters as I do the trouble.
  8. Is gravedigging a thing for blogs? I don't know. I do know that most of this came true in the end. It took more than a year and things happened it a strange way, but they happened. The main difference however was that no voter intimidation/movement was required, all that was needed was time for LPCN to decline naturally, Hardin helped it along the way (when Junka inevitably proclaims victory over the LPCN all its sympathisers can blame him) but it was only a matter of time. Also Meth's warchest didn't last months, it was literally like 3 weeks.
  9. I was wondering what the general convention/consensus is on this issue; in a regular tech deal (IE, one buyer, one seller, sending directly to each other) what is the status of the owed tech if the seller does not managed to accept the tech before it expires? Does the seller still owe the tech to the buyer just as before? Is the sellers part done since the tech has been offered and the buyer simply failed to accept it? What if the seller sends the tech a second time and it is again not accepted before expiring? Since aid slots are more finite and thus more valuable than tech to nations with 100 tech or money to nations with lots of infra+ wonders it certainly could be argued that is the aid slot that is actually being purchased (or rented), and thus the seller has completed his part of the transaction as soon as the aid expires, regardless of whether it was accepted or not. If one follows this line of reasoning then it could be argued that if someone fails to accept money for a tech deal before it expires, then they still owe the tech as they used up one of the buyer's aid slots for 10 days. TTK doesn't have any "official" position, but generally it seems that sellers in my alliance are expected to "try again" if the tech is not accepted the first time, I was wondering what positions other alliances had officially or unofficially to this situation. Note that obviously if the seller is below 100 tech for most of the time the foreign aid is active then I think we'd all agree that it is the seller's fault, and thus he should send again.
  10. I believe you guys are using the term "theory" rather incorrectly here.
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