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  1. Lmao let me be honest here I did ask a legit question even though I didn't expect anyone to have an autism meltdown while answering and expressing his feelings..good job rebel vigina now go and sit relax and drink a beer old man cheers xd.
  2. He will need to coup me xd,but I support RFI be lead by our lovely Dragon one day and you are being quite the instigator here....not sure how your fellow NGers feel about this .
  3. Tell us how you really feel little one 🙂
  4. We don't care about your opinion you are irrelevant and a bottom feeder let the big boys handle this and go crawl back under a rock junka jr.
  5. I'm proud of being one of the architects of this beautiful and wonderful alliance currently the 3rd most powerful and larger alliance. Our union endures, unbowed, unbent,unbroken . We move forward with heads held high into a new era of prosperity and achievement pushing to new heights. Thanks to my brothers and sisters in the union and our wonderful allies cheers. 😍
  6. Oh look the little girl is jealous again. And who cares as long as our allies are happy is al it matters. Btw this thread is about ftw - odn cancellation not about your obsession with claws or our treaties.
  7. I'm Glad to finally see this posted., cheers 0/ Wayward sons have Claws.
  8. posting from my cellphone and it looks fine to me xd. 0/ TTK
  9. mdoap with TTK Hard to Match Knights n Claws Preamble: In order to more properly sharpen our respective implements of destruction, CLAWS and The Templar Knights hereby mutually agree to sign this Pact of Mutual Defense and Optional Attacking + Benefits. Article I: Mutual :WUB: The Templar Knights and CLAWS agree to respect the sharpness of each other’s chosen weapons of destruction and justice. Both alliances shall respect the techniques used to care for their tools, and shall not interfere with each other’s best practices. Article II: Keep Pointy Things to Oneself We all agree that we
  10. As a pink team senator. I'm glad that you have chosen pink the best sphere ...you have my blessing go forth multiply and fill planet Bob.
  11. boom! Deal with it! Grats 0/😘
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