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  1. Claude

    The Lion joins the Freehold

    Glad to see this and congrats to everyone.
  2. Claude

    Santa CLAWS is Coming to Town

    o/ Pacifica o/ CLAWS
  3. Claude

    The Complaints and Grievances Union

    o/ CnG , hail allarchon.
  4. Claude

    Ya Another Declare

    he didn't i cordially invited him to join me , 0/ AW
  5. Claude

    Another Micro War

    yeah remember i said i was gonna make them pay for this ,hit one of us and get #$%% wrecked i keep my promises.
  6. thanks for helping make GPA great again. 0/ snicks
  7. ok folks i just received a message from my darling bormann is surrending here
  8. what @%%%% you just ruined the surprise i thought we agreed on not posting the pics when we talked now you got LandofFreedom insanely jealous on discord terms just 20 feet higher and taller.
  9. Claude

    The Bilderberg Accords

    well done folks make micros great again . o/ Minc o/ AM o/ LH
  10. Claude

    What's the frequency

    Congrats guys, our allies o/ AM, and o/ isx .
  11. Nice looking treaty two of my fav o/ cats o/ animals obligatory Lof sucks.