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  1. Glad to see this up! I can't wait to Coup Jazzy
  2. Our ally has called and we have answered. Today, The Templar Knights ride for war against the armies of the New Polar Order. Their unjust attack on the Knights of the Round Table has left no other course of action. The Templar Knights ride to Camelot's aid. Our banners wave proud. Our swords are as sharp as ice. Our blitz....is non-existent to give you a fighting chance. All that remains is to spill the blood of the penguins. See you on the battlefield.
  3. Today, on January 1st of this New Year, the North Atlantic Defense Coalition officially merges into the Alliance of the Templar Knights. I know that many of you rejoice with the crumble of a dead alliance, but in her time here on Bob, NADC did a great many things, even if some of them were just getting rolled. NADC was my home for over 5 years, the only alliance I’ve ever had the pleasure of joining. When I first took a leadership position at NADC, I had envisioned things of grandeur, a rebirth of the alliance I called home. Reality had a different plan and over the past 2-ish years, I had to
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