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  1. NADC and Oculus agree to end hostilities on the following terms: The NADC surrenders to Oculus. Oculus will provide protection to the NADC for 100 days. The parties will agree, as soon as possible after the publication of these terms in the OWF, on a list of Top 10 Peace Mode nations in the NADC (“Class A” nations); and Top 10 War Mode nations in the NADC (“Class B” nations). Each Class A nation shall be paired with a Class B nation, and shall send 100 tech to their paired Class B nation for 10 rounds. The NADC agrees that it will never return to Blue. The parties agree that, if any issues arise in relation to any of the above terms, they will undertake to discuss those issues with the other party as a first step measure to resolution. Signed on behalf of the North Atlantic Defense Coalition, Aurelius Signed on behalf of Oculus, Almighty Grub
  2. Congratulations to Blackatron on finally escaping! It's been fun working with you. Congratulations to Maine on his new role (but commiserations on how much of a time sink it will be for you)! TTK will be well served with you in charge of FA.
  3. Yes, you are correct in your assumption. We are almost certain that Bernkastel leaked copies (screenshots or other replications) of posts made during an election campaign when it was clear he was going to lose. The copies were provided to Polar/Oculus. Oculus, led by Polar, used it as an excuse to declare war on the NADC.
  4. It's curious to me that one would blame the victim rather than the perpetrator of unwarranted violence. Nevertheless, as I said, Polaris would use any excuse to beat us up, it was only a matter of time. I'm sure if it had not been this, something else would have been "manufactured" to ensure war. Please bear in mind also that my posts were made as a candidate running for leadership in a democratic alliance. I am obligated to inform the members of my alliance what my objectives and guiding principles are. It is true that there is always a risk that someone will leak internal discussions but the NADC has been of late quite disciplined in this regard - that is until quite recently. In regards to why I felt returning to the Blue Team was important, I note that our alliance has been for the vast majority of its existence a Blue Team alliance. The NADC has a strong community that is proud of its history and heritage. I felt that a negotiated return to the Blue Team would help restore part of our heritage, which was lost when we were forced off the Blue Team. Bear in mind that, again, this was not official policy and was yet to be discussed by our alliance.
  5. All you have done is invited in the cowards and the dishonourable. They should find a suitable home in Polaris.
  6. From what I can see, most of it is more of the same. With respect, I am not going to waste time responding to those. If you're going to quote, please don't cherry pick. Quote the next part too. Without a doubt, I made a mistake. But not the mistake you think. I made the mistake of thinking Bernkastel would be a gracious candidate in defeat. I did not know the true nature of his character. What I did know was that even the merest hint that I wished for us to return to the Blue Team was a pretext to declare war on us, regardless of the fact that: (a) it was not yet official policy; (b) it was not in breach of the agreement; and (c) even if I had adopted the most conciliatory means, they would assume hostile action was the only way we sought to achieve that end and pounce upon us. This, in fact, turned out to be prescient. To avoid this end, what I had hoped to do was to lay the ground work to negotiate. First, I had to determine if my people even wanted to return to Blue. As leader, I don't force my views on others but I do have the responsibility for starting the conversation. If my alliance had said it was not worth investing our time, I would have moved onto other things (in fact, other things had been prioritised - trade circles, tech clubs, etc.) If they had said yes, I knew that I had to negotiate with the right people in Polaris. I knew there had to be reasonable, decent people in Polaris - it's just the few prominent bad apples that give you all a bad name. In short, I'm not pissed. I knew Polaris would use any excuse to beat us up was a possibility - if it hadn't been this, it would have been something else. Polaris simply confirmed what I suspected. What I hope is others, both those inside Oculus and outside of it, see the situation for what it is - that Polaris has broken our peace agreement in its haste to find any excuse at all to hit us - and the kind of threat Oculus represents to all - by giving Polaris the military backing and carte blanche it needs to recklessly pursue its objectives, irrespective of what is fact, right or even acceptable behaviour - and indeed, to the continuing vibrancy of Planet Bob.
  7. Forgive me, gentlemen (and gentlewomen, if there are any). It's been a busy weekend. I'll respond to posts that raise new issues as I can.
  8. Acknowledging your posts. Don't have time to post at the moment. Will do so when I can.
  9. Incorrect. As far as I know, the denials were in relation to whether it was official NADC policy. That is true.
  10. Even on your interpretation of my words, which I dispute, it's quite a stretch to go from that to "military action by the NADC imminent" or even "the NADC poses a threat".
  11. No plot. No machinations. As for the rest, see my above post. We have a democratic process in our alliance, not a dictatorship. Nothing had been decided.
  12. In summary, join or die. As expected. See you out on the field.
  13. Drum beating? Hardly. I am sure Polaris (and, by extension, Oculus, who seem intent on following Polaris mindlessly) would love to draw the inference that the NADC had a nefarious plan. I refer to my original post, which addresses the issues. I also note that anything further I say will not persuade you. Again, I'm responding mainly for the benefit of the decent few who care about proper CB's. Oh, by the by - please, if you're going to insult me, don't just call me an e-lawyer. Just call me "lawyer".
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