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  1. I mean honestly 2008 is still a n00b, what great wars do you remember? GW I was 2006 GW's II and III were 2007 It appears you weren't around for any great wars ๐Ÿคจ
  2. 2016? Do you not mean 2006? Or am I missing something here.
  3. you don't understand logic or comparisons, you compared that to a group of people you called primitive for putting bones through there lips, you adding somethinga bout killing something was later in your attempt to squirm out of it.
  4. but you didn't talk about 10 people killing lots of people... you denigrated all people groups who had bones through their lips. How does it feel way up there looking down on everyone all the time?
  5. People all have value to the world. Your inability to learn from and appreciate all the difference and things that make each group unique is your greatest failure. if you cannot find value and a learning opportunity from every experience that is your failure not theirs.
  6. i mean.. you got in trouble for calling a guys wife fat and fake and now you are insulting certain cultures and calling them inferior. Pretty much straight racism.... you wonder why you are hated by all.
  7. We all know the real reason for this. Low could not get the aborption of all the Citadel alliances as he wished and since Umbrella melted away rather than be absorbed he decides to hit the remainder. Well played Low, well played. TOP members who haven't merged in yet.... OG.... Gramlins.... and myself (only real FCC left... well Theamplified42 is out there somewhere) we should be scared and joined the borg that is known as Argent.
  8. MaineGOP


    Hmm I didn't know Invicta fought on the other side of Karma. I do know TOP got assigned to someone apart of the rest of The Citadel due to their wanting not to fight their fellow Orange brethren IRON.
  9. Yet every war you fought you've called your opponents rogues and barbarians.... kettle, pot, meet each other
  10. 6 more pages, this is still going? Let me guess Junka: "I'm fighting the evil people and I'm a nice good guy" Everyone in CN regardless of what side they are on: "No you are actually a dick all the time and no one likes you" Junka: "I'm not nice to tyrants and low IQ losers who don't get memes. I'm too pretty and perfect and WoT is awesome. If you are below me I'm not nice, but I'm really a nice guy" did I just paraphrase the last 6 pages? ok good
  11. I'm probably missing some inside joke. But without that knowledge this doesn't appear appropriate. If this is in regards to a forum moderation issue then it should be handled privately or the post quoted to make clear the violation. If it isn't and its in regards to the game then I fear you are blurring your moderator account and your personal play. I guess at this late stage no one gives a crap anymore? If it is something personal between you two that is in regards to some prior moderation issue then the appearance of crossing the mod line just lends to more accusations of mod biases. Maybe I'm just reading way too much into it.
  12. o/ NoR o/ NpO So does this mean Hannah and KH will celebrate together? On video? For all to see? ๐Ÿ˜
  13. That would mean I actually actively play CN anymore and that I don't just watch this thread to laugh at his stupidness. Meh, need something to get me through the monotony of work.
  14. He has no ideology, only that which further his own goals. When he is on top he will oppress and subjugate when on bottom he will scream repression and hegemony. It is pitifully obvious to those who have watched him for a decade. I just feel bad for the people who don't follow the game closely and might get fooled by his shenanigans.
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