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  1. MaineGOP


    Hmm I didn't know Invicta fought on the other side of Karma. I do know TOP got assigned to someone apart of the rest of The Citadel due to their wanting not to fight their fellow Orange brethren IRON.
  2. No fox, say it aint so, where will we go? Maybe a bunker in Idaho?
  3. new server imo is better than a reset, let those with massive nations and have donated keep their nations. Let everyone else scramble for a new hold on the new server.
  4. I agree, a reset or a second server would be great. A reset might piss off a lot of people who have had their nations for 3,000 days and have perhaps donated. So you leave Bob alone, you create Planet Barbara? and then people can play on both but more importantly you can massively recruit to the new world and newbies have a reason for wanting to stick it out. I remember early in the game, even though the NPO had a hegemony most of us joining could compete as nations, and create alliances that could punch above their weight. Yet the Admin does not seem inter
  5. Now that I read this again there are definitely some timeline issues. There was no King before I left the game or the FCC and I definitely fought in a war. It was the FCC's first war and it was to take down the NPO, I remember OG being all pissy about Citadel being against her idols in the NPO... Meh still, o/ FCC
  6. One correction, I don't remember the Karma war, and I know you became leader after me. Right after? Were you in my cabinet or were you High Court Judge then? Been a long time. Anyways we fought in the big war to take down the NPO and if I don't remember the Karma war then we did have a war before that. Still you are right the glory days of the FCC were the best and I'd love to go back to that even in the diminished form of CN.
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