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  1. Didn't someone try this like a year ago only to putter out in like three rounds?
  2. The Great and Powerful Lowsten does not take kindly to you words.
  3. I mean yeah, there aren't a huge number of targets above 15k NS among the other 80 combatant nations.
  4. All I see is an error, why must you lie to me?
  5. If somebody once told me we were gonna roll Screaming Red Asses again, I’d have told them they weren’t the sharpest tool in the shed. It feels like only yesterday the last time SRA attacked an Argent ally without cause or Declaration of War, and now they do so again! Last time they admitted defeat, their finger and their thumb in the shape of an L on their forehead. As it turns out however it was actually a few years ago, although the years don’t stop coming, and they don’t stop coming, and they don’t stop coming. Regardless, here we are again with yet another display of SRA’s ruthless opportunism. I concede it doesn’t make sense not to live for fun as everyone’s collective brains get smart while their heads get dumb, there’s so much to do and so much to see, but I however contend there indeed is something wrong with taking these back streets. As with last time, we will once again go to bat for our ally, and our nukes will make sure SRA glows. The Dragon will once again take a bite out of the Ass, perhaps we’ll even eat the whole thing this time. Lowsten: The Great and Powerful Emperor of Argent Trimm: Regent IMP REBS: Minister of Internal Affairs Gingervites: Interim Minister of War King William: Interim Minister of Finance Legatus: Interim Minister of Foreign Affairs iamthey: Interim Minister of Proctology Janax: Dragon Emperor Emeritus
  6. I eagerly await the section on your wiki about this. Make sure to dab on em like I taught you for maximum effect.
  7. I mean, tiers kind of make the difference. 8.6mil NS sits unusable in FTWs first page alone. Fighting a 90 nation coalition of almost exclusively bottom tier nations that out wonder you will generally cause a nuisance to any AA. And before anyone says "but IRON 1v1'd NG!" again, IRON has almost as many lower tier nations as FTW has nations.
  8. That reminds me of Men Riding Dragons Throwing Wolves At Maggots.
  9. I was going to ask you to clarify what you were getting at then, but following a reread fair enough. You were merely drawing a conclusion based on a subjective assertion replying to what was a stupid comment by Vortagre. I should have based my reply on their comment alone, apologies.
  10. It was a general reply to Vortage, Korlath, and yourself over the talking point that anyone who happens to be bored should fight with the underdogs even if it means you fight your own allies. The inference that not doing so was pixel hugging and pathetic being the only option is what Crinkledstraw and myself are replying to.
  11. You do know that you are the odd one out if you actually believe AAs betray allies just to make things more interesting, right? It happens very rarely and is usually the result of a dispute that already ruined the relationship. It also usually has like, a plan, not just some weird random reaction to sad OWF callouts. Go back to "it's a down declare!" and "it's a dogpile!" please, those at least make sense in reality.
  12. Can someone edit the RFI alliance flags over their hat badges? Kind of damned if you do damned if you don't. People gave FTW crap for not defending IRON from NG, but IRON refused all offers of help because they didn't want people doing exactly what you're doing here. At a certain point you have to realize we're in a newly formed bloc and a member alliance was attacked by three (granted much smaller) alliances. Why wouldn't we respond? Like what material incentive is there for us to let it alone?
  13. Isn't COBRA attempting to set the precedent that you should always defend allies when attacked?
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