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  1. I wish you good fortune in the wars to come. May future endeavors find FTW well.
  2. Your position is acknowledged. I'm simply explaining one of the "why's" left over from the now completed conflict. Moving forward, the goal is to make sure this conflict doesn't repeat.
  3. The leadership of both sides wants to avoid that sentiment, per the rhetoric of the summit. It's a valid concern, and something I believe will get its due investment with the attention of so many influential sphere leaders working towards it.
  4. The whole situation was bad and everyone involved should feel bad. The fact remains, lured or not, he did it and it was not only rhetorically defended, but it required him to stand his allies down. That's not encouraging to the idea we should have bothered to try and convince people to not defend NG or COBRA in this case, much less hope they stood you all down. Could have, could have not. At the end of the day, it's all hindsight regardless.
  5. Which was fine, the understanding we had was that we always intended to put things on the table during the peace conference. While it happened earlier than we expected and slightly altered (we intended to provide them during, not immediately preceding, but that was whatever). Yeah, I imagine they were. That wasn't my department and is something Oculus will have to reconcile. That's great, and as I said, it fits mine too. As someone who was not only there, but a primary voice in the negotiations, the Oculus draw back was at the r
  6. I understand the point he was making, I also noticed his example of when CLAWS declared on TIE being justified, but also acknowledging that their allies needed to be told to stand down. Now imagine this scenario where we have every belief that the strategy would be to deny everything. Was NG and COBRA going to tell their allies to stand down? I doubt it, so why cater to a reality that isn't going to happen? I don't know where I implied that wasn't the case. Again, it was always going to be a waste of time arguing about it in a DoW thread. Kapleo hims
  7. If your position is that we didn't provide the logs at the start because we knew the CB was weak, then why would we present them to argue? If our position is that your side would deny everything anyway if we provided the logs at the start, then why would we present them to argue? There wasn't a scenario where it mattered in either narrative, and of course the favoring of narratives will for the most part be down partisan lines.
  8. Polar's position on the CB was what it was, it didn't and doesn't change any stances on our side regarding the CB. We can argue about it until the lights go out, however focus has shifted to the future.
  9. The summit was called to meet at the behest of the Polar-Legion tie, and the success of it was owed due in large part to the fact that the majority of it was organized and cordial. We all agreed to disagree on the merits of the war at the Polar representative's urging, because it was at that point irrelevant. The goal of the war was never to "exterminate NG" and as such, the positive dialog in the summit has presented both sides with alternative options more befitting the geopolitics of the day. Hopefully those options are taken. Again, that's also not what the war was ab
  10. Because that's not what happened. We had what we had and saw cause enough for conflict, what does it matter or not if we argued about it with folks that would never be convinced during the war?
  11. As was stated (and demonstrated) within the peace summit as well as several DM's, there was no point in presenting or litigating the logs publicly. Literally neither side will ever agree they committed wrongdoing regardless if they have or not, and the two sides that generally be at the moment make up the vast majority of the posters on this forum. There's no real middle ground to convince, so why commit to an argument that will never resolve in a satisfactory way? Everyone thinks they're the hero of the story. Folks are free to DM me for details I have, the 'no logs until a peace
  12. No no no, you don't understand, not a crate, a basket. You guys can even use the phrase "basket of deplorables", it checks out.
  13. But I was told I'd get candy in my basket too!
  14. Two reasons. 1) They posted the DoW. 2) They had a nation in my range.
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