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  1. NADC has since Doom War been a near constant source of incoming developments, good and bad, which is more than most of our allies can say (for better or worse). Those times will be missed. Argent's hats are off to you NADC, may your continued journey within TTK suit you well. NADC o/ TAR o/ Also, a little blast from the past: (Argent entering the Doom War circa November 2014) Long live the legacy of Otter!
  2. I'm not sure why but I'm getting surreal vibes from this thread, though maybe nostalgic is a better word?
  3. I believe I said the name should be a mixed metaphor, but that Snake Eyes War was still bad. Regardless, I didn't really care enough about the name to campaign to change it.
  4. Well it was certainly an interesting five months, hopefully everyone is content for awhile. Kudos on your cohesion sticking it out, you all work well as a unit which is more than most coalitions can say.
  5. How dare you. Nice meme, I believe Salajol made the same joke though so you only get a 6.5 out of 10.
  6. By all means, you can ask @Salmia since it was at a lunch with her. Sorry I triggered you by having disposable income that I use on things that aren't narcotics or scratch offs I guess?
  7. Apparently not because I don't know what you're referring to.
  8. Fair enough, glad we could agree that neither option is inherently wrong. We can only hope.
  9. I like how you pull out a two month old log to try and compare your self indulgent rhetorical victory to my repaying a compliment I got about my hat to someone who got the reference on it and provided good service. Why did you even have that saved/remember it enough to go find it? As for the two extremes of snap decision making vs planned responses, sure, I can respect a willingness to assist an ally or friend no questions asked no matter the odds. However I'm also one to realize that that isn't always the solution that provides the best result for said ally or friend. What is better, actually helping someone or hurting them to show your affection? Maybe for Kashmir and COBRA the bond is so tight that getting rolled together because one made a unilateral decision to just makes the bond stronger, in which case you made the call right by them I guess, but I for one strive to achieve the best outcome for my own allies and friends rather than gain immediate gratification.
  10. Remember that time you said if you weren't so tired you would have "changed course" on the war but it was too late because you had already given the orders and it was apparently impossible to send follow up or make like an alliance announcement? That was the luxury you had. At the very least you could have brought Kashmir in on their own "defense" instead of them having to go through a regime change and join in support of COBRA a week later, which is by nature of the statement not defensive. But no, snap decisions with no planning are the only option, luxury or not apparently.
  11. If we operate at the most basic surface level, sure, enjoy the rhetorical victory. Maybe y'all should have my gold star for the outrageous success in ground floor views of situations, I wish I was so easily satisfied with myself.
  12. Nice meme. No you see GK, when NG escalated and torpedoed the peace deal our sides had negotiated it forced our hand and made the decision for RFI to counter NG for us. However, immediately after that occured IRON indicated they may be acting on it to FTW. I personally took the initiative to reach out to IRON to confirm this, then Pacifica when IRON told me that they were rankled too by NG's actions. At that point I took it upon myself to initiate a group conversation between RFI, IRON, and Pacifica wherein we were let in on their plan. At that point it was agreed for maximum effectiveness RFI would wait. The reason FTW wasn't countering was because they knew this. The reason NPO had most of the attacks was because it was NPO who made the targeting list and naturally claimed a vast majority of the slots by the time the rest of us got to it. Also ODN wasn't on the targeting list at all and took slots that had been otherwise reserved in kind of an 'oops' moment. I know it's difficult to believe, but sometimes waiting and taking time to organize a coordinated response will get you better results than rushing in and potentially making an ass of yourself, such as declaring a war that lasts for five months plus some change that ends up Thanos snapping the very AA you claim to defend, and all but obliterates another member of your coalition (RIP SRA).
  13. Please stop projecting your interests onto me. I only seek stars on the board so I can be this year's Player of the Year. I might need to ask Steeldor to nuke me once or something so I can actually enjoy conflict for once. Still, remember that the real war is the friends you make along the way.
  14. DeathAdder told me LoD will be presenting me a gold star sticker for my outstanding achievements against @rabonnobar so it seems to have worked.
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