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  1. I had to double check that this wasn't an absorbing merger based on the repeated use of the phrase "the Freehold".
  2. I'm feeling personally attacked right now. Congrats on your treaty, I'd make the 'but treaties are bad!' joke but someone else already did.
  3. For reference for outside parties, the potentially effected nations falling under the protection umbrella would be these: DelOrto (Dropo7777) Nationland (El Beardo) Sabcat Island (Sabcat) Van Saar Federation (Solarchos) Golden State (JDawg555) Babylonia (Lord Serpentine) Fire Burning (1naruto9) Ballycraigy (The Ballycraigy One) Land of Nostalgics (King Homer) Lion Fan City (Ace007) Tir Mor (tanglerat) The State (Serberus) New Navaskus (Ezekeil) Veridia (Malic) Boriken Libre (ARQUITECTO) Afro Pick (master hakai) Death Hell of Americ (Lt Death) Blissfields (SirWilliam) The Ottoman State (Bayezid III) Caledor (Rud25) Despotate of Epirus (Lu Ying) Alameda (Maudosis)
  4. Velocity, why didn't you tell me that the image you had me critique was for this? I feel misled, I would have suggested a cooler font.
  5. Yeah not going to lie I actually thought that was you who posted that.
  6. The only surprising thing was that it took this long? I'd say congrats but it was likely in play face down on the field several months ago or more already, so instead I'll leave a cordial "acknowledged".
  7. That format going on is actually painful to read. Congrats to our allies in CLAWS and our acquaintances in TTK.
  8. Congratulations to everyone involved, even though I suspect deep down none of you are actually satisfied with this conclusion.
  9. I still fondly remember that time when Argent, COBRA, FTW, and Kashmir all took up the noble cause of defending PPO from whatever name Umbrella was called at that time.
  10. Ah but you see, Polaris has a preset casualty limit. Knowing this weakness, KoRT need only send wave after wave of their own men at them until they reach their limit and shut down.
  11. A lower tier terror. Driving out all the newbs. Crippling the seller economy. The war strategy utilized by only the greatest, maddest warrior minds!
  12. Congratulations, it only took an entire month for you to leave your shell. Were you just on the edge of your seat that entire time waiting to properly respond to my post while your own membership was justifying your gallant siege of the banquet table behind your walls? Genuinely shocked however that you did in fact do something useful, I had written you off as simply a coward but at least now it comes off as strategically acceptable, if an unnecessary tactical delay. So really, congrats, that loses you a -10 opinion modifier with me!
  13. You'll find out three days after the results are in when CCC acknowledges them.
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