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  1. On one hand, you stole my protest flag to use on the actual announcement. On the other hand, you used my protest flag on the actual announcement. I'll chalk that up to a victory. JOIN US NERDS.
  2. I never even had a chance to buy any swords. ☹️
  3. I'm sorry, which 'first point'? I don't recall saying they don't have an ideology in my first point, in fact I heavily implied there was one.
  4. Saying you're not ideologically required to hit the biggest threat in the same sentence where you say your sphere always wanted to (and thus, did/do) because that's what you believe in no matter the cost just reinforces that it is in fact an ideological requirement. I can personally attest to that not being true on several individual alliance levels and at least one coalition scale level, if not two (it's been like eight years now), and that's just off the top of my head. Often times it really did boil down to, as you yourself said above, "defending our allies no matter t
  5. That was admittedly a pretty low energy attempt (Sengoku was much better at it, but not everyone is capable of their tier), however at least I can take solace in the fact I was just interesting enough to be the topic of your 11677th post.
  6. If I recall correctly that's 'intentional' but made more sense in earlier designs where the outline of the dice was in its own color.
  7. I think both do? Thank you for your support. You say that, but last I checked it was I who staged the coup as part of my long term plan for the authoritarians to seize control from the democrats of RFI.
  8. You love it and you know it Canik, stop pretending you don't.
  9. Right? You'd never not notice an RFI announcement!
  10. I personally think my proposed color was superior, but for some reason it was vetoed by certain parties:
  11. Took me about thirty seconds to realize you weren't Terminator.
  12. The only 'dyn-' I want to hear about with relation to Argent is my dynasty and the expanding legacy around it.
  13. Rush you once assessed Argent as such: Did we meet your expectations?
  14. Excuse me I was informed that I don't have to go home, just that I can't stay here.
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