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  1. Let you know the transgressions? Non Grata and COBRA working on diplomatic and geopolitical schemes hostile to my allies. If you want logs, I'm afraid for the time being you're better off asking Stewie. You See What I Want You To See. Believe the Lie.
  2. Local man quotes self instead of hitting 'edit'.
  3. This is true, and in this case I was letting Lyanna and Stewie know their assertions were based incorrectly.
  4. The reference to wars from when NG was in Oculus wasn't a statement on the reasoning for this war, but acknowledging NG had no issues in the past with Oculus not posting the compromising intel they alleged to have in a DoW. That said, Caustic appears to have gone on the record as saying that there was never even actual evidence for those wars, so perhaps the comparison was indeed a poor one.
  5. I was referring to why it is a non-issue to find four DoW's from wars past, no combing necessary.
  6. The wiki features a list of major wars.
  7. I had considered selling infra so we could tango again. It was a fun last time despite my inability to remember to run attacks in the right order every time.
  8. Four minutes late Bundy.
  9. I'm honored by the honorary membership from my friends in GATO. If I had been given some forewarning that this post was coming I might have even prepared a statement! Happy anniversary GATO! To fifteen more years!
  10. As someone who doesn't really care about the development, I think the point isn't that it's being employed, but that it's being employed as a tit for tat measure. CLAWS imposed it on Lucius so now COBRA is trying to impose it on KND (who COBRA view as intrinsically linked to CLAWS), not because they think it's a good or acceptable to do, but simply as an attempt to fire across the bow of CLAWS. Who knows, maybe COBRA will embrace it and make it a standard practice on all their engagements, but I doubt it.
  11. If you think that was some form of diss, and that it would have gotten anything other than mocked by hartfw, I can pretty confidently say you didn't know him very well.
  12. Are you just upset that KNB would pick you for their trial by combat as one of their only supporters, and that would make you have to tell everyone again about how optional your obligations are?
  13. Good on you Lucius, long may peace reign. Congratulations to CLAWS on accomplishing your war goals.
  14. As the successor state to Poison Clan I would assume Non Grata would indeed hold most of the remaining PC membership that remains.
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