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  1. Haflinger

    Aevum Update

    Jack, remember who you're talking to. He doesn't know what an excerpt is. I mean, it's sort of a complicated concept don't you think?
  2. Haflinger

    Why rogues are bad

    At least he spelt rogues correctly. Not like lipstick.
  3. The short version is this: when you tick everyone off, you shouldn't be terribly surprised when you get stomped. Much bigger alliances than you guys have been creamed for this exact reason. I mean... I should know
  4. Haflinger

    For Galerion

    I actually came to it from being a fan of Dragon's Dogma, which I still play sometimes. Anyway from reading about it online I got to Berserk, which has a lot in common with the game. (I'm also a fan of Claymore, which has a lot in common with Berserk as well.) Haven't finished watching the anime yet, I'm in the middle of the Golden Age arc movies. Never read the manga, not really a big manga guy.
  5. Haflinger

    For Galerion

    I don't recognize the new avatar. Having Griffith in your sig when you're the leader of an alliance not named the Band of the Hawk would be kinda inappropriate I guess lol. I'm currently using a lyricalz sig, my old sig images were mostly just text on top of Pre-Raphaelite paintings.
  6. It's been a long time since Rey was in an aggressive mass-recruiting alliance. He appears to have forgotten what newbies are like.
  7. Haflinger

    For Galerion

    Sadly, Galerion got rid of the signature image he was using. It used to be an animated GIF of Griffith from the Berserk anime.
  8. You can expect some people to behave in that fashion, but you're talking to Rey.
  9. No, we really aren't. Dude, this whole war started on August 22nd. If we were Oculus, we wouldn't even have started discussing peace yet. Yeah, I'll buy that. I've never been fond of the idea of holding AAs responsible for what random members say, even when they used to be in charge. Then again, if you make like Polar and put him back into power, this quote will come back to haunt you.
  10. Haflinger

    The Amazing Casualties Race

    Dunno about the others, but I'm still at #37.
  11. While I've never worked with FTW, I do have some familiarity with people in its leadership from other alliances. I suspect that they realized what the war in fact was, and didn't want to get involved with Junka's overreaction. Escalating the conflict would not have been in their ally's best interest. It's even possible that some elements in ISX realized this fact. I think judging ISX's foreign policy at this point is a bit premature. Galerion hasn't exactly had a lot of time to deal with things. The war is now over (mostly), he's probably focused more on dealing with his two rogues. I mean, unless he's an idiot, that's what he's doing. Give it a few months.
  12. No, your only desire is to force the next generation to fight for your ego.
  13. Opposing someone who is in a position of alliance leadership is not the same as trying to wipe them from existence. Or, put another way: When xr1 was a regular alliance member, I didn't have a problem with him. (Well I had to deal with the occasional drama when he was in my alliance, but otherwise, no problem.) However, when he became alliance government, this was a beef I had with alliances that chose to promote him foolishly. If you would go be a regular alliance member, and stop trying to throw weight around, you'd find that this mythical cabal you've dreamed up of people chasing you forever doesn't really exist. TL-DR: I am not Xiphosis.
  14. Part of leadership is ensuring that there is someone, usually a lot of someones, to take your place when this happens. When Karma began, I was Vice President of Invicta; a lot of people thought I was its leader, but the actual leader Jorost was a lot less visible than me, as he was an IA guy while I had come from foreign affairs. Still it's pretty easy to see that I had an impact, as I essentially ran all of our foreign affairs, which Jor wasn't that interested in. Anyway Karma was fun, but really exhausting, and I wound up making what at the time seemed like a really important mistake (in hindsight it probably wasn't) and stepped down from the VP position about a month after we left the war. (I did negotiate what at the time was a unique peace agreement, and as far as I know it's still unique in the history of Bob: Invicta and the Karma alliance that we had attacked both left the war together with a no re-entry condition.) Anyway, when I stepped down, Invicta just kept on going. That's because there were guys like Thrash there to step up. Not everyone I hoped would stick around did, but I wasn't relying on one person. It did change over the years, probably I did too; I'm no longer there, but they're still a healthy, active alliance. People also tend to confuse "no enemies" with "good leadership." This is a mistake. If you're doing interesting things, you're going to make enemies. Also, by doing said things, you will inspire followers (hopefully) and the alliance you build will endure. That's why all of Moldavi's alliances are still here, despite the huge number of enemies they've made. Even the NSO, the alliance he led for the shortest amount of time which made more enemies than the other two combined. Yeah, you're still my deputy though (When Thrash joined Invicta, he was ex-GDA. At the time I was Minister of Foreign Affairs, and I recruited him pretty fast as a deputy.)
  15. And where is the FCC now? The guy you were slamming was government in Invicta in the lead up to the Karma War. And they're still here, and he's still with them. (He was a government adviser the last time I checked; probably he still is, wouldn't surprise me if he'd rejoined the government though.) This is the problem with the short-term approach to leadership that many people take, you being one of the most infamous examples. The history of Bob is full of alliances that made an impact in the short time they were here, but real leadership takes the long view. That's why people remember TOP (an alliance that most definitely did not take a leadership role in Karma), but don't remember the FCC. Well, except for trivia buffs like me.