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  1. Haflinger


    Oh yeah, can you tell that story? I never had any contact with the CSN folks at all. We probably would have lost at least a third of the AA if we hadn't declared on MK. So many people had come to Invicta because they wanted to fight MK for one reason or another, we had essentially become a staging ground for MK haters.
  2. Haflinger


    I really had to be dragged into supporting Poseidon. At the time, we had the senate agreement with Valhalla, and I didn't have to deal with Legion at all. I didn't want to have to deal with either Valhalla or Legion any more than I had to. All of my pre-Purplegate friends in Legion had either gone to STA or ODN except for SoL (Seasons of Love) and Hymenbreach, and by the time Poseidon started I think SoL was already in NPO and Hymen had pretty much vanished. Legion-STA relations were close to nil because of the Valhalla-Legion treaty and the Valhalla-STA situation. Purqua would have been bette
  3. Haflinger


    You were completely wrong about Hoo, after WotC he was fine with Polaris, as witnessed by his actions later on when he forced Ragnarok to flipflop and defend Polaris against Pandora's Box. It was me that you had to worry about to be totally honest. I'd been suspicious of the Polars ever since MyWorld protected zzzptm and smuggled him to Nueva Vida, and then after Bipolar that whole relationship was doomed. It wasn't until I left Invicta active government that they started to have Polar ties again. Chefjoe wasn't worse than noWedge. Everything CJ did was IC. There were t
  4. Haflinger


    Triyun liked UPN, he wanted to bring you guys on board. I don't know about the diplomats, I spent more time talking to the IOs directly myself during that timeframe, I don't remember who the Legate for Purple was back then. Valhalla really didn't like UPN though, and if they had sway with the Purple Legate that would explain some of that confusion. Valhalla went around telling anyone who would listen that UPN were untrustworthy. Of course, so did Ragnarok and a good portion of NPO's pre-Karma mission plan in FA was to bring Ragnarok on board, so that might well have been a factor t
  5. Haflinger


    Z'ha was largely inactive by the time of Karma. He definitely was part of the old mold of power-tripping goons around NPO at the time, but he's only indirectly a cause of Karma. There are plenty of people still playing this game, I'm even one of them in my way. There obviously aren't as many as there used to be but there's still a core of players. There always were a lot of inactives, and we lost people all the time. I mean, I nearly quit when Skyrim came out, and I'm pretty sure a lot of other people actually quit when that happened. But it's a pretty low-cost game to keep running
  6. Haflinger


    Triyun and Vektor knew that there was a storm coming inside Continuum. They wanted NPO to side with Citadel against, well, the Valhalla/TPF branch. That's why they signed the big treaty with MHA. This is especially true for Triyun, note that he went to TOP after the war, which was decidedly not the safe spot to go to after Karma. I'm still not entirely convinced that Vektor wasn't a spy actually. He had formerly been a poster on the LUE boards at GameFAQs. Moo didn't really know what to do, but when bigwoody started running with Blackstone Collusion's bait he was forced
  7. Haflinger

    The Rebbilon

    The other day I was surfing and found another link to a Rebbilon thread, this one from 2013. Remember
  8. Haflinger


    I liked Triyun and I wanted him to be successful in his internal projects inside NPO. He totally wasn't; however I agreed to Watling essentially to help Triyun out. If Triyun had gotten his way though, Karma would have looked hugely different. I did use Watling as leverage to get Hunter out of DE. Of course I didn't need to do any convincing; during the GLOP incident I got word to Moo what Hunter had done and Moo did all the work. But I was the one who triggered the meeting. I hated BDC too lol. I never really knew Coolgreen. I nearly pried BAPS away from Va
  9. Haflinger


    Yeah I wanted to do the Stickmen thing mostly because it would have led to an implosion by CJ. I didn't think it was a plan that had a very high chance of success, but if they'd gone "Sure!" when I first approached them I would have seriously swung for it. Even though it would probably have cost me the BAPS treaty, which I did value and which did pay off in the long term. In the early days, actually even before I was Invicta (I started out in a Purple micro called NRGW), I talked to Hans quite a bit, and then there was the Ataraxia drama and that mostly put an end to that heh. By t
  10. Haflinger


    Kae joined UPN to get away from me. We had to replace our Vice President, I forget now who it had been, and I was Minister of Foreign Affairs and she was Minister of Finance. Kae was an incredibly industrious Finance minister. She really built the Invicta tech machine. But it was all a one-woman show, and she didn't really have a team. So I got the job essentially because she was irreplaceable in Finance, whereas I actually had managed to recruit some people into Foreign Affairs. She had already had runins with me over the opsec paranoia. I wouldn't tell people things.
  11. Haflinger


    An Invicta-UPN merger would probably have been absolutely disastrous for both alliances. Invicta was so tightly controlled at the top and such a Wild West among the general membership. I remember when Kae went to UPN, that drama would have been just crazy if we'd all been one alliance. Never mind what would have happened if Mag and Samo had been stuck in the same alliance as me lol. Amazingly, Invicta is still going. Their forums seem to be still active, I thought way back in the Karma era that we would outlast a lot of our detractors but the project's actually been more successful
  12. Haflinger


    Wait, how could you not know that? Invicta's leader posted this: I was against that post at the time but eh whatever, it really happened. Timitz, who was at the time a sort of new member in Invicta high government, handled the war assignments for the majority of Hegemony AAs. This was largely because on the night of the Karma counter against NPO, a huge group of Continuum NPO allies wanted to pull out and not defend NPO, arguing that they were not required to because NPO had violated intelligence clauses in treaties. Invicta and She Said She Was 18 were the only two AA
  13. I used to post quite a lot on these forums. There were a few reasons for this; the main one being that early in my CN career I was on the winning side of a couple lopsided wars and found myself bored to tears by them. I decided it would be more fun to try the other side, and you know I was right. Probably why I'm still here, but CN warfare against the odds is actually pretty fun. I'm also a fast typer and good at coming up with controversial remarks, especially crazy-sounding but technically plausible conspiracy theories in a jiffy too. I was reading the forums today and I realized
  14. At least he spelt rogues correctly. Not like lipstick.
  15. Haflinger

    For Galerion

    I actually came to it from being a fan of Dragon's Dogma, which I still play sometimes. Anyway from reading about it online I got to Berserk, which has a lot in common with the game. (I'm also a fan of Claymore, which has a lot in common with Berserk as well.) Haven't finished watching the anime yet, I'm in the middle of the Golden Age arc movies. Never read the manga, not really a big manga guy.
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