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  1. Haflinger

    While you guys war.....

    I am also familiar with this scenario, and it pretty much usually ends as well as when the official admin takes the forum down.
  2. Haflinger

    The IRON Kingdoms

    It's getting really hard to find things to disagree with these days. But, you know, without disagreements there is no drama.
  3. Haflinger

    The IRON Kingdoms

    He's quoting the chaining clause, while skipping the obviously applicable non-chaining clause that comes right after it. Also, I did this better.
  4. Haflinger

    Nation count within CN and trends

    Most games don't last forever. I mean, I remember loving playing Quake multiplayer online back in the '90s. Nowadays it's not so much of a thing. This is pretty normal. People move on. If you like playing a game, enjoy it, that's great, but just be aware of reality. You can pop a single-player game back in twenty years later and play it like it's new, but multiplayer, you need people to play with and if they aren't there - or they're different people - then it's not the same as the game you remember.
  5. Haflinger

    The Amazing Casualties Race

    I'm now at #30, and moving up. 😎
  6. Haflinger

    A righteous declaration of war!

    To be fair, it's a better reason for war than many that I have seen. Good on Pacifica for letting him go once he realized his mistake though.
  7. Haflinger

    Slow, but still kickin'

    One war declared after an OWF DoW? Man, that takes me back to 2010. Except back then it was 300-nation alliances doing it.
  8. Haflinger

    While you guys war.....

    He was more than 3 weeks inactive when I spotted him, and appears to have left the world. Still, he had a pretty big alliance seniority. And he might be a footnote in the overall history of Bob, but he was a pretty big footnote for a little while.
  9. Haflinger

    While you guys war.....

    I am familiar with the whole business of the leader deciding to close down the forums instead of just leaving and letting other people maybe run things. It never ends well, usually the alliance dies. I think it's kind of funny that apparently shaneprice wound up as an inactive in R&R though.
  10. Haflinger

    While you guys war.....

    You appear to still have 9 nations on the AA, that's certainly enough to justify a protectorate. Go and talk to someone.
  11. Haflinger

    Siberian Tiger Alliance Announcement

    Thank you, I was completely baffled by that post. I've never heard of The Ninjas. I knew WC before she was in Basketball Ninjas. 😎
  12. Haflinger

    Siberian Tiger Alliance Announcement

    We should make a club for "People who remember Basketball Ninjas." 😎
  13. Haflinger

    Siberian Tiger Alliance Announcement

    Am I the only person here who wondered how Basketball Ninjas got involved?
  14. Haflinger


    I liked Triyun and I wanted him to be successful in his internal projects inside NPO. He totally wasn't; however I agreed to Watling essentially to help Triyun out. If Triyun had gotten his way though, Karma would have looked hugely different. I did use Watling as leverage to get Hunter out of DE. Of course I didn't need to do any convincing; during the GLOP incident I got word to Moo what Hunter had done and Moo did all the work. But I was the one who triggered the meeting. I hated BDC too lol. I never really knew Coolgreen. I nearly pried BAPS away from Valhalla during the Dave War. When we attacked MK (in defense of our freshly-signed treaty with CSN) I invited BAPS along, and they really wanted to come. It was a close call then, but it was also too late, BAPS were mostly retiring by that point. But BAPS really hated MK and it bothered them a lot when they weren't allowed to fight their hated enemy because of Duckroll. Still, they pushed Duckroll to take the "Anyone who hits Invicta gets countered by BAPS and Duckroll backs BAPS up" policy that really took the pressure off of Invicta in that war, because MK's midrange wasn't competitive with ours, and it meant that we were only fighting MK for the duration of the war.
  15. Haflinger


    Yeah I wanted to do the Stickmen thing mostly because it would have led to an implosion by CJ. I didn't think it was a plan that had a very high chance of success, but if they'd gone "Sure!" when I first approached them I would have seriously swung for it. Even though it would probably have cost me the BAPS treaty, which I did value and which did pay off in the long term. In the early days, actually even before I was Invicta (I started out in a Purple micro called NRGW), I talked to Hans quite a bit, and then there was the Ataraxia drama and that mostly put an end to that heh. By the time Karma rolled around I was talking to you at UPN the most I think, Alt. Which is largely why there was all that drama between the two alliances over the stuff I was doing during Karma, because I was personally responsible for most of Invicta's major FA decisions at the time. Hmm, I also remember the Dark Evolution drama. UPN supported DE's entry into CDT, for reasons I have still never been able to figure out, and I hated them. I considered Hunter to be both an idiot and a proxy for zzzptm, and the rest of them were only slightly better. (Incidentally, when I finally left Invicta I joined Javahouse, which is where zzzptm's reroll was. I didn't know that before joining, but my arrival did make him nervous I think. He was reassured when I told him that I'd only ever wanted to do one ZI against him and I never believed in chasing rerolls.) BAPS hated DE too, and this was one of the things that brought us together.