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  1. I know how, I just haven't felt it worth the effort over the past 5 or 6 years. The game is not what it once was, what with an absentee admin and rampant, allowed cheating from NPO. I haven't been paying attention for a full 9 years. It is sad that you have, honestly. It is sad that your idea of an 'insult' is to criticize aid slot efficiency over a decade of spreadsheet management, how boring (and you will never be as efficient as our buddy Maelstrom who got an eternity of free tech (on top of outright cheating) so he can come here and brag about his growth, lol). It is sad that you will never know what this game used to be. Of course, you would have never made the cut for leadership back in those days.
  2. Tell us again how you rose to the top by fighting the Enemies of PacificaTM
  3. Not my first nation, captain. Maelstrom is doing his damnedest to distract again by spewing absolute nonsense again. They want as little attention as possible drawn to how useless and disposable you and FTW are. So they parade Maelstrom out to play an even bigger fool and shift the discussion. Pay attention. It is not a good sign, there is a truth they want to bury.
  4. Your alliance makes Legion look effective in war by comparison. FTW's war output is the worst I have ever seen in my 12 years in this world. It is beyond awful, how much bloat and dead weight you have. You know you were screwed if NPO and friends didn't come in to save you. I want to know why you think anyone will see reason to keep you around after this.
  5. Child, I am a relic of a past era of greatness which you could not possibly fathom. You, on the other hand, are a rat who lords over table scraps in the end days. Your alliance is weak, bloated, and pathetic, and as NG and others have demonstrated, utterly incapable of defending itself.
  6. The fact is that you couldn't handle an alliance a fraction of your size on your own, and you needed to call for backup. Despite your need to come on here and reassure everyone that everything is alright, the reality is, it isn't. FTW is an embarassment. You couldn't handle NG on your own. People are taking note, and they fully recognize that your inflated numbers do not reflect your actual strength - not by a long shot.
  7. I'm in war mode and I'm not shutting up. IRON is one of the most pathetic alliances out there, but they've mostly been smart enough to stay quiet, but not you I guess.
  8. Deranged pseudo-scientific psychobabble is all that this is. I suppose this is the multiverse branch where you didn't cheat just because the mods said that you were allowed to do something that nobody else ever has or ever will be allowed to emulate.
  9. I, too, subscribe to the Many Worlds Interpretation, however it is still an act of probability as to which branch "you" are following, and therefore you cannot accurately predict how one will act in any given branch.
  10. As wrong as you are on matters of this world, you also fail to understand the inherent probabilistic nature of quantum mechanics.
  11. Let's be clear, it was at most two weeks of work with the land cheating scheme.
  12. Well here is an old name among many I didn't expect to see. Miss the old days, you made them special, truly, you were one of the greatest adversaries. I miss it deeply.
  13. Oh, I am sure of it. This is just what got openly exposed in the here and now. If you have more stories to contribute, I am extremely eager to listen.
  14. At the end of the day, I have my dignity intact. Far more than you can say, cheater.
  15. Other people did raid their departing members, and got in-game warnings for it. So yeah, you 100% benefited by a double standard. You can pretend to have the moral high ground all you like. I never cheated to get where I am. You are all frauds enjoying a fraudulent victory. There will forever be an asterisk next to the W. It's not skin off my back. Gloat all you want, it rings ever more hollow.
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