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  1. Congrats to my oldest friends in this realm, it is wonderful to see your return 😃
  2. This is why he thinks TBB can't impress a toddler - he is his own reference point on the matter.
  3. Imagine being such a terrible individual that you actually cause Ivan f***ing Moldavi to stir from his grave just to remind you that fascism isn't cool.
  4. He enlivens this place much as one can enliven their roommates by taking a dump on the kitchen floor.
  5. It's a who's who of old players. Join NG.
  6. Lots of victim blaming here. What a complete piece of trash you are. I was disappointed to discover you are one of those little cretins who maintains a zero NS nation just so you can vomit your garbage takes all over this forum.
  7. Having been one of the people who worked on it back in the day, I am very pleased to see this finally come about! Congrats!
  8. I tried searching images on google for "frozen venom" and I just got a lot of that super creepy elsa/spiderman youtube crap that gets targeted at children. Welp.
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