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  1. All 8 of us Curious to follow up on the story though, for example, whether or not the guy really was pedo, did his job involve children, etc.
  2. Oh my god, the memories. Good to share a battlefield with you again, my old friend!
  3. UE was fun and all, bringing over 100 fresh players into a dying game and then getting criticized for it, but no, my best work was always under the 64Digits banner. As far as FTW, I would be amused, but not surprised, if they couldn't even deal with a one man micro, and had to call others in to fight their wars for them.
  4. For clarity, this is not a "one nation" announcement, this is an alliance announcement, 64Digits is back. 64Digits has a long and ancient history as a "micro" of great significance, a history which, as founder, is my proudest contribution to this game. This trend, of certain parties deciding that they will be the sole arbiters of the "legitimacy" of alliances, is a farce and a fantasy - and it's dangerous to any alliance that values their sovereignty. Alliances and their members have the right to self-determination. 64Digits does not acknowledge the precedent that some are attempting to set. And yes, our doors are open to new members, for any who would like to join. You can PM me here with any official inquires, membership applications, or diplomatic requests.
  5. Okay, but 5 years of doing nothing with your nation, usually that's reserved for ****posters like tywin, but you have less than 50 posts, so what are you here for?
  6. Oh no, someone is butthurt about their pixels. Save your spreadsheet stats, surrender.
  7. 64Digits declares war on FTW for various reasons, including (but not limited to) vandalizing the CN wiki, trying to demand reps as surrender terms after you called in overwhelming numbers to fight your wars for you, taking the symbols of dead alliances and desecrating them without any sense of shame or irony, and in general for being easily the worst alliance around. Get your cowards to come out of peace mode, seriously!
  8. I expect FTW is going to call all of their allies to defend, as they aren't capable of doing it themselves.
  9. Nothing in this place is "relevant" anymore. But at least RV was once relevant and notable, more than you can ever say.
  10. Historical CN forums are gone. Hope nobody needed anything from that ancient place. http://z15.invisionfree.com/Cyber_Nations/index.php Wayback Machine has some things but good luck finding an actual thread that was saved: https://web.archive.org/web/20070506130011/http://z15.invisionfree.com/Cyber_Nations/index.php On one hand, shame so much history was lost, on the other, probably too few people care anymore. That era of the first 1-2 years probably had about as much history as the entire rest of the length of the game. (It's possible the place got converted to a tapatalk board, but I can't find it if it was. Probably for the best *shudders*) Oh yeah this probably means any historical alliance forums that used Invisionfree are also gone, lol.
  11. Thank god it isn't going to bring up it's stupid tank clan again.
  12. A coward who would not step up to defend the allies that he signed papers with, lectures others about "principles."
  13. Tell me more about what you think a "Coward" is. Is this the same definition Canik uses, where NG is too "cowardly" to not war and spend years in boredom buying infra for their spreadsheets? I never made the claim that you weren't exactly where you belong. Trash belongs in the dumpster.
  14. If only you knew what was. Enjoy your "future" in this dead husk of a game while you still can. It's a bleak world indeed, when an embarrassment like Canik is allowed to "lead" and alliance, and the best trolls they can put forth are as dull as you. But you really got 'em with that wiki edit, champ, they'll never figure out it was you
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