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  1. Says someone in DBDC. Boring shticks for boring people.
  2. So did this ever happen or is LH still trying to find someone to be his friend
  3. Congrats Tankobite and here's to a pleasant retirement for Lucius 😃
  4. It only dilutes the issue if KNB have a minimal counting of allies and friends, due to perhaps being insufferable pissants or something. Oh. I think I understand the complaint now.
  5. They have not been on the table since the far ancient past, which was quite a dark era. While their return is not the first time we've seen such things, their re-introduction does, in fact, constitute a new precedent. CLAWS and by extension RFI decided that was the path they wanted to proceed with. Naturally, you see fit to shift the blame elsewhere, but no, my friend, this one's all yours.
  6. Again, what is with the complaints from RFI, who have decided to set the new standard on wonder decommissioning terms of surrender? I don't get it. I mean, I agree, I am disturbed by the development, but you guys are the ones who pioneered it, so it's a bit ironic coming from your sector. Stop whining. Own up to the new world your crew decided to pursue.
  7. CLAWS wants to make this the new standard, I don't understand why you are crying about it.
  8. LH has a 0 infra, 0 tech, 0 land nation, he is a non-participant in this world, he has never been in a state of not having given up. His only contribution is to mislead others into the line of fire, from which he is blissfully unaffected.
  9. Calling DeathAdder's strained farts a "propaganda machine" is quite generous.
  10. It was not common, and when it did happen, it caused so much outrage to the point that you are no longer allowed to delete your MP anymore to prevent it from being a surrender term ever again. Admin literally stepped in to stop it from happening again, that's the level we're talking here.
  11. It's telling that your sole definition of "crappy" alliances is based on membership size alone, as you sit in an alliance that has amassed the greatest number of turds it could find.
  12. Oh, cool, we're back to forced decomming of wonders again? Any of you kiddos know why you aren't allowed to decom MPs anymore? I'll give you a guess. Absolutely appalling on that front, but I guess par for the course for an alliance like CLAWS.
  13. Reporting spying activity to a neutral third party is in no way similar to reporting spying activity to an adversary that is engaged in active efforts to destroy you. Just saying, these are totally different matters entirely. There is plenty of documentation about the behavior of CLAWS and their proxies/raiding parties, and their extended efforts to assault the COBRA-associated group of micro alliances. The moral posturing is doubly rich when your allied government in CLAWS goes around conducting piracy against targets they see as vulnerable. For instance: Al Bundy having bee
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