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  1. Yeah, I fell asleep a few times and forgot to nuke
  2. HeroofTime55: 2,578.26 Strength Lost McDouggal: 7,670.75 Strength Lost I'll concede the ground.
  3. Sorry we couldn't get you your first million, I tried and we got close... Maybe next time, you've plenty of infra left to work with
  4. I am.... Without words. Nation Created: 10/31/2011 10:17:17 AM (3,078 days old) How are you here this long and still pull this off?
  5. Clearly, you forced them into this treaty by threatening their Paypal account
  6. Congrats NG on peace. Poaching is still the most bull**** of all CBs. If your alliance is in such a bad state that someone of their free will is willing to move out, it's not the fault of their destination where they go.
  7. There will likely be a real/better thread in the near future, just hold tight
  8. Please lock this thread as I am not Polaris gov and this thread wasn't authorized :0)
  9. New Polar Order Declaration of Fun on the Knights of the Round Table ....So, something was supposed to be posted by our Minister of Truth, Alexio15, but I guess they got drunk and passed out or something, because what else are you going to do when you're locked inside and the whole world is falling apart around you, eh? I'm sure they had a nice official announcement written up. I'm sure someone else in gov probably has a copy of that, but they're all busy smashing skulls in or getting drunk themselves. All good. So, as someone who has been in Polaris for not even two whole months yet, and in no way holds any government position whatsoever, I figure it is 100% appropriate for me to just go ahead and post a DoW. Something about it being easier to ask forgiveness than permission. And we're kinda already rolling them. Sorry about that, this was supposed to go out at the same time. Oh, anyway, Knights of the Round Table... You uh, have an offensive odor, or something. We're coming for you. Came for you. Yeah. Got 'em. Signed, Some people probably
  10. I'd like to state, for at least one data point, I had been on a non-playing cycle of 20-day tax collections for literally years (RIA kept reminding me to collect, otherwise I certainly would have been inactivated). The only reason I am "back" now, was to participate in the Holy Crusade against FTW. I left when things got boring and repetitive. I came back when a call was issued to do something interesting. If anyone is keeping this game on life support, it's NG. Probably won't be enough, but they're trying their best, damnit.
  11. I am pretty sure this goes all the way back to near the beginning of the world. The lineage of FTW is a long list of the dredge and leftovers of other alliances in an endless cascade of mergers, to keep membership numbers up and pretend they have relevance. And one day, FTW itself will merge with some other trash heap, so they can have one big trash heap.
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