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  1. Hell, CK makes Hitchcock look like a damn saint. It is damn impressive. Also, thanks ❤️
  2. You won't be able to afford them when we are done with you, which will be in f***ing never.
  3. "Getting along" is outside CK's capability of understanding. Her meltdown in COBRA's own server was quite the sight to behold.
  4. Thanks lads. I know I talked s*** about you before, but this is some honorable stuff in a tough time for us. Much love guys ❤️
  5. Oh man, I was wondering what this s***show was missing, it didn't feel complete. It as an LH post! That's what was missing!
  6. Oh wow, what an exciting treaty that really shakes up the state of the world!
  7. "Premier star wars alliance" is named after something from the Disney trilogy. Is this really the best our world can muster anymore?
  8. Was it because KoRT didn't deal with their cockroach infestation? Quite reasonable, and glad to get such a quick confirmation in that case.
  9. Have a good one, Johnny, it's been a pleasure.
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