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  1. Have a good one, Johnny, it's been a pleasure.
  2. Having been in RIA as an Elder and Triumvir a long while ago and speaking from that perspective, RIA moved on long ago, and made a lot of attempts to reach out to NG over many years, eventually building relations. I was there for it. Perhaps you should consider actually moving on like RIA did, instead of speaking empty words about it.
  3. I was RIA during those times, I was a triumvir of RIA in fact, so you talking down to me in this way is quite rich.
  4. "Nations in range" changes up a bit when you let CLAWS members and leadership intern for a bit to antagonize people. Come on, you aren't this stupid.
  5. My comments towards James are ones of disappointment because I don't actually hate him, I actually like him, or at least now, I want to like him. He has been making that quite difficult. And yes, yearly wars to "level" us just because you can, that's the same as driving us from the game. Nobody is stupid enough to not see that DBDCLAWS has been antagonizing this corner of the web for a solid year, itching for any reason to level us, and then when they couldn't find a reason, they went in with no reason. Argent, GATO, et al have been supporting and enabling the roguery and aggression of D
  6. I don't actually believe you are this stupid, and I hope you can one day find a sense of self-dignity to stop parroting this nonsense.
  7. The crime, in this case, was an attempt to get RFI/Oc to wipe NG and Cobra out of the game. Make the punishment fit the crime, you say?
  8. Well, they tried letting him go, but he just wouldn't f**k off and bother someone else. So, what exactly did you expect to happen? Hitchcock is the one who wants to drag this out forever, he's the one who made that choice. He did not stop antagonizing Cobra for even half a second after the last war. But here you are, predictably, crying that he should be let go.
  9. CRAP talking leagues out of their depth and without any sense of irony. I don't remember you guys actually being this retarded, I always thought you were just useless.
  10. I liked the part where WC got all upset that Hitchcock wasn't "given a chance," when he never once stopped antagonizing Cobra for even half a f**king second, even when Cobra DID give him a huge chance and opportunity to f**k off and find something else to do. The obsessive little creep just couldn't stop, though. And some other retards decided to actually listen to him. And so here we are. Amazing how quick DBDCLAWS plays the victim when your noCB curbstomp doesn't pan out like you wanted.
  11. This is quite the creative interpretation.
  12. Just have to draw attention to how hilarious this is. Curbie didn't go like you wanted, so come begging for white peace and acting like we're the bad guys for saying no.
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