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    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    They were obviously as a colour, shade of purple-grey. +10 to anyone who gets the reference.
  2. Haflinger

    Defcon 1 DOE

    Sparta's always been a running joke as far as I can remember, but good luck in new endeavours.
  3. Haflinger

    Natural 20

    The end times are with us, CLAWS and Legion are in a bloc together. Congrats 😎
  4. Haflinger

    Thirteen Years of Order

    They do still have the most total of all alliances. I've fought a number of times both with and against NPO nations, and they are well above average in terms of both military competence and preparation. Well, most of them. Molon Labe was maybe better to fight with, but that was a long time ago, and I was still pretty green at warfare when they were teaching me what to do. Nueva Vida seemed like really tough opponents, but that was almost as long ago that I fought them. Ah, Orion. I remember rolling (an alliance named Orion) in defence of NPO way back when. Not the toughest alliance I've ever fought; maybe they'd have survived though if they'd stuck with their leader, he seemed like a good guy.
  5. Haflinger

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    One-third of Illuminati sent surrender offers on the first day when we attacked them way back in 2008. Most of the rest were inactive and sent offers when they logged in. This is the high bar for alliance-wide military incompetence. Let me know if you find another.
  6. Haflinger

    "Thank You Freehold"- All of LoSS

    No, in the golden days of CN you were a running joke. I like Canik though so hopefully you've turned that around. 😎
  7. Haflinger

    An Official Announcement from CLAWS

    This is backwards, you need to say "hopefully I pissed off enough people." 😎 I barely knew ya, but you knew WC, so good luck out there.
  8. Haflinger

    The Senate will decide your fate

    He's a Fark member who has 28 senate votes currently on Aqua. This would put him ahead of the #4 senate nation on Aqua, but curiously, he isn't listed on the world senators list.
  9. Haflinger

    How is this place still alive?

    I nearly quit because of Skyrim. There are lots of games out there; probably a good number of former CN players are now playing smartphone games or MMOs. But also, one basic thing about games is that as people get older most of them don't play games as much. In the boom time of CN, a lot of players were high school or college students, and well they graduated. The catch was that the new batch of students weren't showing up in the same numbers.
  10. Haflinger

    The Lion joins the Freehold

    That might be a record. Congrats? 😎
  11. Dude, all his voters are from Non Grata, and I'm pretty sure they left Oculus sometime around when they declared on IRON.
  12. Haflinger

    Dear God I hate discord!

    I used to log everything on IRC. Of course most of those logs were, err, of lesser quality. 😎 In another browser game similar to this one, I was for a few months in an IRC-only alliance. That was a ton of fun. Our war coordination was the best.
  13. Haflinger

    Frozen Orange juice

    That already happened. It was 2008 to be exact. I'm keen on seeing it going the other way myself. 😎
  14. Haflinger

    Frozen Orange juice

    I wish there had been a WalkerNinja reference somewhere in the treaty.
  15. Haflinger

    Joint Declaration FTW

    I remember my first ground battle. I'm getting all teary now. (My first five opponents all turtled. Gahhhh.)
  16. Haflinger

    Joint Declaration FTW

    NEW were a warrior alliance. They lived by the sword, they died by it too. They weren't the first to go out the way they did, I doubt they'll be the last either. They weren't keen on surrendering, to say the least. Everyone knew the war against SPaTR - which was brought on by Bones' actions, nobody else - was going to be a very long one, due to the statistics of the nations involved. NEW weren't interested in leaving before the end, but they didn't have the kind of statistics necessary to see it to the end.
  17. Haflinger


    I used to post quite a lot on these forums. There were a few reasons for this; the main one being that early in my CN career I was on the winning side of a couple lopsided wars and found myself bored to tears by them. I decided it would be more fun to try the other side, and you know I was right. Probably why I'm still here, but CN warfare against the odds is actually pretty fun. I'm also a fast typer and good at coming up with controversial remarks, especially crazy-sounding but technically plausible conspiracy theories in a jiffy too. I was reading the forums today and I realized that the last alliance Invicta fought against back when I was in high government had finally disbanded. Invicta's still here, although I'm not in it anymore. Anyway that was TOP, who we fought against way back in Karma when I was Vice President of Invicta. Still, my favourite posts were the jokes. I didn't make that many of them here on the big boards as I was too busy trying to start wars, preferably ones which would last a ridiculous amount of time, most of the time. But I did make some jokes. Here are links to my two favourite posts of mine: This was during Karma and there was an idiot in Invicta lower gov. I was VP and decided against a detailed rebuttal, instead treated the whole thing as humour. I love this post. The Rebbilon were a bunch of crazy anti-ODN rogues. Invicta and ODN were allies at the time and I had a lot of fun making fun of them. They were pretty dumb. I love this post too. I had some fun here over the years, but I never did find the war I wanted. Now my warchest is totally out of control. Oh well. 😎
  18. Haflinger


    I really had to be dragged into supporting Poseidon. At the time, we had the senate agreement with Valhalla, and I didn't have to deal with Legion at all. I didn't want to have to deal with either Valhalla or Legion any more than I had to. All of my pre-Purplegate friends in Legion had either gone to STA or ODN except for SoL (Seasons of Love) and Hymenbreach, and by the time Poseidon started I think SoL was already in NPO and Hymen had pretty much vanished. Legion-STA relations were close to nil because of the Valhalla-Legion treaty and the Valhalla-STA situation. Purqua would have been better off siding with STA and ODN and forgetting the Poseidon project honestly. At least, our stats would have been. Those wars were pretty fun though weren't they? 😎
  19. Haflinger


    You were completely wrong about Hoo, after WotC he was fine with Polaris, as witnessed by his actions later on when he forced Ragnarok to flipflop and defend Polaris against Pandora's Box. It was me that you had to worry about to be totally honest. I'd been suspicious of the Polars ever since MyWorld protected zzzptm and smuggled him to Nueva Vida, and then after Bipolar that whole relationship was doomed. It wasn't until I left Invicta active government that they started to have Polar ties again. Chefjoe wasn't worse than noWedge. Everything CJ did was IC. There were tensions with STA - and STA was right to criticize him - but it wasn't the relationship drama that noWedge had lived for. BAPS were loyal to mhawk because of his role in ousting noWedge and getting them peace. mhawk liked Valhalla, so they did too. I wonder if NE will see this. Hey @Nobody Expects - any commentary? 😎
  20. Haflinger


    Triyun liked UPN, he wanted to bring you guys on board. I don't know about the diplomats, I spent more time talking to the IOs directly myself during that timeframe, I don't remember who the Legate for Purple was back then. Valhalla really didn't like UPN though, and if they had sway with the Purple Legate that would explain some of that confusion. Valhalla went around telling anyone who would listen that UPN were untrustworthy. Of course, so did Ragnarok and a good portion of NPO's pre-Karma mission plan in FA was to bring Ragnarok on board, so that might well have been a factor too.
  21. Haflinger

    TIE Declaration of Sadness Updated x1

    Yeah that's why I'm not criticizing. My casualty figures used to be a lot lower back when I had a lower infra cap, nowadays I actually go past 8K infra after fighting wars, for years I never did. Of course I also have never raided.
  22. Haflinger

    TIE Declaration of Sadness Updated x1

    Oh sorry. I guess I'm agreeing with GK then. 😎 I actually have six times GK's casualties, and I'm three times the age. So that's alot closer.
  23. Haflinger

    The Amazing Casualties Race

    The spreadsheet shows SirWilliam both at #50 and at #51. I think something is fishy. 😎
  24. Haflinger

    Joint Declaration FTW

    You're in CLAWS, which is totally the wrong alliance for fighting me, and besides are too small 😎 Besides, haven't I been in an alliance at war with one of yours at some point? The list of alliances I've fought against is so long, surely you were in there somewhere. Most of the plotting and scheming I've seen in my years here has been frankly somewhat comical. While that's not a bad thing, laughing is good for the soul and my soul is now rather glorious, I personally find it quite refreshing to see Canik being honest where people like Grub and Arexes used to prefer inventing crazy theories to justify their behaving in this fashion.