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  1. These kids today. Can't even be bothered to learn who they're talking to.
  2. Imagine the NPO as a lizard and FTW as the tip of the tail. Eventually Big Red will turn around and bite it off, but no biggie. They'll just grow a new one. Snivelling sycophants remain in abundant supply in this world, dramatic population decrease notwithstanding.
  3. I'm in an odd position, possibly unique among remaining CN players. I signed up in 2006 and have gone through multiple nations. My longest break from CN was nearly two years, and I've had breaks of that length at least twice. If there's anyone who has gone away (for as long as I have) and come back as many times as I have, I'm unaware of them. Anyway, I left for the first time (and stopped donating to the game) owing to rampant, unchecked cheating. That was a decade ago. Every now and then I come back to see if the lights are still on, sell some tech to people I know.... From my perspective, if you want to fix CN, you're going to need a time machine. Not sure how to fit that into a questionnaire.
  4. I'm at a stage in life, both here and elsewhere, where flying under the radar is just fine. Appreciate the memory, though.
  5. With respect to this war, I recall telling several people in NG a very long time ago that they were useful to the NPO as dogs on a leash, but once the NPO felt the leash had grown too long.... Enjoy Valhalla, gentlemen.
  6. Oh it's far, far worse than you think. And of much greater duration.
  7. As I've posted elsewhere, the game died for me when, working with FAN, I obtained information on a massive cheating ring, reported it, provided multiple screenshots, and nothing happened. That was in 2009. Completely unrelated to the above, congratulations to the NPO on winning the game.
  8. Confused. Is this an ad for those who would like to do tech deals? I mean....if so, please sign me up as a seller.
  9. I came back a month ago to see if this place was as moribund as I suspected. It is.
  10. This idea has been floated for years, has always met the same response and, well, it's too damn late now anyways.
  11. Bingo. Good Lord, why won't we die? Oh, and yeah. Shadows and whatnot, I suppose. That does make sense.
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