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  1. As I've posted elsewhere, the game died for me when, working with FAN, I obtained information on a massive cheating ring, reported it, provided multiple screenshots, and nothing happened. That was in 2009. Completely unrelated to the above, congratulations to the NPO on winning the game.
  2. Confused. Is this an ad for those who would like to do tech deals? I mean....if so, please sign me up as a seller.
  3. I came back a month ago to see if this place was as moribund as I suspected. It is.
  4. This idea has been floated for years, has always met the same response and, well, it's too damn late now anyways.
  5. Bingo. Good Lord, why won't we die? Oh, and yeah. Shadows and whatnot, I suppose. That does make sense.
  6. The #4 alliance called in the #7 alliance for help against the #26 alliance. And we're all supposed to laugh at #26? I don't think so. The lesson here is that FTW and The lolLegion are hollow shells.
  7. Oh yay, NPO propganda. Some things never change.
  8. Came back to see if this is true. And, well, it is. Forums are dead everywhere. My brand new nation has received a total of one recruitment message. I'd suggest pulling the plug, but the game is already dead. Any movement you see is just rigor mortis.
  9. Embarrasing? I was in The Legion at the start of GWIII and I assure you it was glorious! I personally smashed multiple kneecaps with my face. (Honestly? What happened was that the war started and the entire government panicked and stopped talking. There was no coordination whatsoever. None. On the Legion forum, members begged for any kind of direction and were greeted with silence. My role was to serve as the victim of one of that war's 'nuclear rogues', back when there was such a thing. He was from the GGA. Ahhh memories.)
  10. You are hard and round. I think he's hitting on you.
  11. kingzog

    The Rebbilon

    I'm re-reading, and it hurts. ^Every LPC-related post in recent memory. (Only add in a bit less coherence.)
  12. They don't? Oh man, I am crushed....
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