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  1. Isn't that The Dilber Doctrine?
  2. When you don't understand the meaning of the word 'sterile'. Congratulations, NG.
  3. Now I kinda wonder which alliance is the EA Games of CN.
  4. With respect, I came here to meet women. Fourteen years later.... *sigh*
  5. Just merge and die together. All the kids are doing it.
  6. You're as free as you want to be. Thank God most people never figure that out.
  7. Everyone wants to be Frans Josef. (If you get the above reference, you're old.)
  8. Well hello there. Nothing to see here. I mean....seriously....nothing to see....
  9. Will you be my Valentine? Think on it a bit. If you will, hey, that's just fine! If not....who gives a !@#$?
  10. Congratulations on what I can only assume is a Moon Base purchase.
  11. This is a play we've all seen a few times. Some of us have even had starring roles in earlier productions. The plot goes something like this: Alliance X does something that gets them into a war. Unable to deal with it themselves, they call in their allies. Eventually there is peace and much slapping of backs, in particular among the leadership of Alliance X, who congratulate themselves on having joined the ranks of the global powers. These same individuals are shocked when, a few months later, their erstwhile friends turn on them and their alliance is ground into powder.
  12. They said the same about me. Paper tigers say a lot of things.
  13. To recap: 1. This was started because of FTW's plagiarized flag, which they refused to change. 2. FTW has now changed its flag. 3. NPO and IRON, er, I mean FTW, can continue to grind what's left of NG into a fine powder, but NG's sole war aim has been met. 4. NG has won. A victory of the sort Pyrrhus would advise against, surely, but a victory nonetheless. Kudos to NG et al. Note: This victory subject to revision. Regardless, FTW has repeatedly embarrassed itself.
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