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  1. For this abomination alone you deserve whatever Karma has in store.
  2. Nah. I've made it clear for the last decade how I feel about CN. It's a garbage pile built on fraud. In 2009, when FAN's spies uncovered a huge NPO-sponsored cheating ring -- run by Bilrow, incidentally -- I took all their evidence to Admin, who did nothing. (To anyone reading this who continues to donate to CN: You're a chump.)
  3. I just deleted yet another nation. I rather suspect it's permanent this time. Oh wait.... that's not a thought but an action. Apologies.
  4. Isn't that The Dilber Doctrine?
  5. When you don't understand the meaning of the word 'sterile'. Congratulations, NG.
  6. Now I kinda wonder which alliance is the EA Games of CN.
  7. With respect, I came here to meet women. Fourteen years later.... *sigh*
  8. Just merge and die together. All the kids are doing it.
  9. You're as free as you want to be. Thank God most people never figure that out.
  10. Everyone wants to be Frans Josef. (If you get the above reference, you're old.)
  11. Well hello there. Nothing to see here. I mean....seriously....nothing to see....
  12. Will you be my Valentine? Think on it a bit. If you will, hey, that's just fine! If not....who gives a !@#$?
  13. Congratulations on what I can only assume is a Moon Base purchase.
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