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  1. kingzog

    Brotherhood In Blood

    Years ago, AGW Overlords had a complicated tech-buying scheme that I took part in. #memories
  2. I have been a fan of VaG since I first learned it existed. o/
  3. I warned you -- how long ago was it? a year? more? -- and you refused to listen. So don't even....
  4. I hope you find a medication that works for you. I really do.
  5. In Meth's world, because Vladimir pointed out that Tywin didn't know what he was talking about, this makes Tywin 'influential'. I know that this makes absolutely no sense, so allow me to put it in context. Consider the number of times Meth has assumed he was a colossal figure bestriding history when everyone was in fact having a chuckle at his expense. It goes well beyond a mere false narrative. Methrage is cognitive dissonance personified. It kind of disheartens me that I don't even notice this peculiar brand of logic anymore. I've progressed to the just-point-and-laugh stage.
  6. As am I. Sigrun and I got along just fine until the great link-up with Methrage. Few things are more frustrating than knowing how something will end and then having no one believe you.
  7. You need better taste in friends.
  8. kingzog

    Official LPC Announcement

    So, who wants to join Methrage's crazy little club?
  9. Mr. Moldavi: Is NSO accepting new members? /s/ kingzog As do I, but you must be sure to feel low enough.
  10. kingzog

    Kashmir Recognition of Hostilities

    Unlikely, since you're negotiating from a position of overwhelming strength and you were, in fact, the aggressor. But I'll be happy to wave a paper flag and shout 'Huzzah!' if it means there's one less thin-skinned fop White Knight-ing and making threats when his sensitive widdle feewings get hurt.
  11. kingzog

    Kashmir Recognition of Hostilities

    This is literally true. (Not even kidding.)
  12. kingzog

    Official LPC Announcement

    "Please line up for our daily scheduled chanting of 'We Are Individuals.'"
  13. kingzog

    Kashmir Recognition of Hostilities

    I'm sure you think you sound like the great moral arbiter of all that is proper. In fact you sound like a big ol' crybaby. You stuck your nose where it didn't belong and it got smacked with a newspaper. This made you sad. So you decided to resort to some good old-fashioned we're-bigger-than-you antics. Wow, we're all so impressed.