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  1. Well, well, late to another party. Always appreciated the recruitment efforts in the run-up to NSO's creation, but I already had Cult of Justitia in mind. Never made it by later, the politics just never really lined up from the get-go. I suppose we'll see more and more of these, not much left to say to anyone about anything except farewell. You were laughed at like so many, but you made your mark; farewell, NSO.
  2. Alliances were created organically: they existed before the ability to add one existed; instead, nations listed an alliance in their bio. They will continue to exist for the same reason that they first appeared: nations seek to grow and prosper, and to do that they need both trading partners and protection. Alliances provide both. A small number of nations never needed alliances, those that had grown so large that they were unassailable, and could deal with the small number of equals on their own. I wish I could remember the name of one such nation, the destruction of which ended this
  3. Ah yes, there it is, the magical shifting mealymouthery common to all of you. From "WE" to "me." We, we, we never did nought. Ohhh, right, well, we did, we did, but I personally... This is why a lying mouth must be slapped, a slap is a sign of utter contempt, and this little charade is utterly contemptible. You, Caliph, are contemptible in this moment. We vote, as has been the case for the entirety of history, with our feet. You, personally, Caliph, stood shoulder to shoulder with your alliance mates and allies, you went to war on their behalf, you fought to enact their visio
  4. I already linked you to the thread where the architecture was laid out as it was happening in 2010. Maybe you were just ignorant as to why you were going to war. And since we're still here, your retarded lies about white peace are the historical revisionism going on here. Peace terms in the DH-NPO War: $2 Billion in reparations ($1B from Legion alone), and a month long extended war against the top tier of Pacifica. A further 26,000 tech from TOOL. In the Dave War: extended war of top-tier MCXA nations. In the TOP-C&G War: reps totaling over $1 Billion and tens-of-thousands
  5. Come, zog, I think everyone can forgive Nordreich's survivalist instincts in signing up to be a toadie, after all, most of them did it too. But what won't stand is your clumsy ~cAlLoUt~ of Polaris' history given NoR's. And I know everyone can tell you how little bowing went on between CoJ and NPO. When you and your friends were in charge, the idea of the beat down was to destroy alliances into disbandment. You're both alright guys, personally, but the simple fact which aroused my interest is that neither one of you has anything to say about- or any bus
  6. Everyone knows their history books and where you were and who you were cheering for. Ohhhhh, I get it! It's 1:1 ideas rather than gravity of the situation. Don't be a boob, Haf. Caliph's comparison of this term to the bad ole days is a joke because frankly being kept in a golden cage is a joke of a term on the harsh-o-meter. But if he wants to put the ebil NPO mask on Polaris, let's get real about his own history when he and his compadres had a chance to really change the way things were done.
  7. Oh please! You nah-nah-nee-boo-booed your way through every violent excess of the post-Karma period while you and your allies were King Big Shit. You have no principled opposition to anything, perhaps the knowledge that some things are mean, but they're only objectionable when they're happening to you. Coming from the one who carried MK's water. Hah!
  8. Never was in GOLD, but hid in a few offshoots after the UjW; Purge and ROFL with some pretty goofy GOLDies; Ninten, Vlad, kickenwing. God there was so much drama and butthurt between all those GOLD diaspora AAs, it was astounding.
  9. Optional treaties make perfect sense when one considers the fact that action is complicity, and an alliance should not always act, and shouldn't act when to act would be against its character. As a matter of principle, Justitia's Cult signs only optional treaties. This philosophy pre-dates the advent of the non-chaining MD, but for simplicity's sake the aim is similar. Barbula and anyone else who can read, continue on; everyone else, you stopped reading 10 words ago anyway. The reasoning behind this is: Justitia's Cult firs
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