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  1. You apparently can't receive messages. Can you fix that so that I can PM you, please?

    1. Schattenmann


      I've cleared out some space.

  2. In his Descent of Man (where he finally applied evolution to humans after punting for a decade) Darwin stated that man would not achieve his full potential until society removed its backwards prohibitions on "consanguineous"—incestuous—reproduction.
  3. OsRavan has never liked the disinfectant effect of the sunlight of the OWF. He finds his rot shrinks in the open air, so he insults all OWF readers and participants as idiots and charlatans incapable of telling truth from lie or of having minds open or intelligent enough to be changed. I'd do the same thing, too, if I were such a skulking conspirator.
  4. Note for everyone else: No treaty signed by Schattenmann ever stipulated the withdrawal of agents.
  5. If I were younger, I'd run a[nother] manchurian candidate for ODN Senate and post the convos. If you mean to imply that OsRavan was reluctant about supporting allies' reps demands, I'm happy to report that I sat through peace talks of a few wars with ODN, you weren't there, Os was, and he was a very eager beaver to negotiate for reps on your allies' behalf. This reporter has also demonstrated that OsRavan was more hawkish than the Senate, refusing the majority's calls to simply accept surrender when offered, instead insisting on lulz terms and fake apologies. This is what's funny about d
  6. Os is of course correct when he states that he was "not in charge" of ODN when ODN supported $625,000,000 in reps from NATO to GOONS. But like any good liar, with years of practice in nimble-tonguery, he neglected to say he was in charge of the military that enforced those reps. And he was so not bothered by leading ODN's military in those efforts that he accepted re-appointment to the position mid-war. His years-long run as Secretary General began that May, where he continued ODN's practice of enforcing reps demands from allies and confederates like GOONS and MK, which was at that time act
  7. Good afternoon, I'm Schattenmann, your humble fact-checker for this mini-presentation of Os's World, your number one source for news from that land beyond the clouds, that happy land somewhere over the rainbow where the sky is green, the sun is purple, and trees grow down. Today, we visit that wonderful land again, beckoned by the claims of His Backwardness that: To do homage to the man, I say : :::::::chortle:::::: : Opposition is Action Let us first channel that biggest jerkwad of philosophy, the man who gave us pedantry, Socrates, and ask first: what is it to "oppose"? This is a w
  8. You still owe me lunch after a drum-and-fife viewing.
  9. I am kind of laughing at the suggestion that the staff uses lyricalz rather than, you know, their own access system to the actual game.
  10. Overdue and greatly appreciated. Gnashing of teeth in 3, 2, . . .
  11. The old divisions don't mean as much toward the end. I haven't made a VE swipe in almost 3 years
  12. Hitchcock, we're having one of the first serious discussions here in like 6 months, so could you kindly keep your pissant infra flexing ad hominems out of it?
  13. ODN elects OsRavan for 70 years straight. The game isn't dying because the OWF is dead, the OWF is dead because everyone uses Skype to mention the game in between fart jokes and stories about their fake sex lives and real mental disorders, rather than using the OWF. Both make the game boring as hell. Anyone who tries to play seriously (actual risks, not derpa-doo wet's be fwiends wiv 100 tweaties, durrr I'm here for the community not the game) does indeed get pilloried, isolated, and kept in a dusty corner until time to roll them or draw in their NS for a few minutes. The OWF and game are
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