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  1. :o The Powindah has captured power of the X alliance!!! This counte-revolution must be defeated! Jrkre, the faithful Elesufi must be reinstated as the Leader! Bismelesef.
  2. The 3 percenter are nice folks! Keep them fuzzy, GATO :)
  3. now now now Bella..... let's be cordial with our dislikes shall we? :)
  4. I bet its Nishi! Congrats MHA, I hope you guys prove other people's thoughts about your alliance wrong!
  5. Congratulation Saxy :D ....and others whom I don't know
  6. I will miss the anarcho-corporate rollers. R.I.P AI o/ TLC
  7. All the best Roz! You made GPA sound so much like a mega-UCR, an if what you said is true then I have one thing to say - 'I feel you bro!'.
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