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  1. abbasmehdi

    The 'C' word

    Dajabo get well soon mate. I am looking forward to seeing you get back and kick our ass.
  2. yes you are allowed hitchcock, sign up quick.
  3. i guess we got blazed and dipped.
  4. That is a spot on analysis. The thing I would add is if you touch philosophical subjects, use them as they are real, if I were in your place, to write such a narrative I would imagine that dreams are a reality and the things we normally do are a dream. A different perspective to things goes a long way and it has a bit of uniqueness to it. You will have to make a huge concept map to make it possible. Goodluck.
  5. what? now everyone thinks we are gonna send them a well coordinated song in pms?
  6. I agree with auctor and also agree that recently there has been some heavy proliferation of retard threads.
  7. join mi6 rightnow smurth, you too enzos
  8. i think you should join mi6, they are kinda the coolest cats around, i mean we got james bond.
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