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  1. Most I've had blocked in a row was 17 or 18... sad, sad day...
  2. Silly Franz, Octopus is afraid of BONES.
  3. Shirley NG will be there in a heart beat. Wait... Your name's not Shirley. I don't believe it is, but many members of SPATR hold dual membership.
  4. Its not only that, but the way NPO e-lawyered it, it would require the activation of the "oA" portion of the treaty, which in any affair is usually a stretch (unless you're NPO and want to get in on a curb stomp). How high?
  5. [color=#ff0000]R[/color][color=#e74417]e[/color][color=#d0842e]y[/color][color=#b9ba45]t[/color][color=#a2e25c]h[/color][color=#8bf973]e[/color][color=#73fe8b]G[/color][color=#5cf0a2]r[/color][color=#45d0b9]e[/color][color=#2ea1d0]a[/color][color=#1766e7]t[/color] why the sadness? Do I need to bring a few candles and some chocolates too?
  6. An Invicta Declaration of War On November 7th 2014, Doom Squad declared war upon Invicta without a proper casus belli. Many did not agree with this heinous act, but Invicta welcomed it, because we needed a new nemesis other than GATO. Time has passed since the uncalled for war against Invicta, Invicta has had time to rebuild, Doom Squad has had time to rebuild and formerly reform under the alias Doom Kingdom. Unfortunately for them, this does not excuse their previous actions and barbaric acts. The time has come for them to answer for their actions. The time has come for us to take a stand a
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