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  1. I would recommend posting in the Report an Error forum area, if you haven't already.
  2. xR1 Fatal Instinct

    Going to Melt?

    This place sounds like heaven.
  3. So let me get this straight, you want us to aid FEAR nations?
  4. This has nothing to do with you gibsontater. Thus, Legacy doesn't really have to tell you anything. This is a Legion - Legacy affair not a Gib - Legacy affair. And I bet 90% of the people who read this aren't going to give a !@#$. It happens every war. People ghost a side to fight, CSN did it to DT.
  5. well they aren't necessarily married.
  6. An hour or so from where I live we have 3 B-2's making trips from Whiteman to Libya. (I thought I heard they are making round trips, but that may not be true) Each hour in flight is $10,000. Just throwing that out there
  7. If we were to launch a nuke it would be from a nuclear sub which at least one is always in the waters near North Korea.
  8. Aircraft carriers fuel lasts them a real long time, considering its uranium. I read somewhere it could last them 50 years, not sure if that's true or not, but if they sent in aircraft carriers off the coast line that means less flight time which means less repair time. After each flight they have to re-grease everything etc. Plus with a less flight time you burn less fuel traveling to the designated area, and more time actually doing the job. I really hope you aren't implying we launch nukes from Aircraft Carriers.
  9. Was your reply really necessary? I honestly don't give a flying $%&@ what you did or didn't do. EDIT: I also don't see anywhere in the OP of me making it a big deal.
  10. I think the "sweet 16" is more for girls. I'm sure it'd be more exciting if I got a car for this birthday, but I've had my car for 2 years already.
  11. Yeah it's my birthday. I'm 16. I don't plan to do much, don't plan to receive much. I'll probably do something to "celebrate" my birthday in May or June as that will be warmer and summer break. What I did today was go out to eat at lonestar, since it wasn't my first choice my parents will be taking me to Zia's on the hill in STL, or Maggy O'brian's. The reason I'm not asking for much (probably just some money) is I have everything I really need. I plan to use the money I get to buy a bowflex and pay my car payments with the left over money. No I do not have my license yet, I need 9 months with my permit and I have 5 currently. Anyways, that's my exciting birthday.
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