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  1. Graphics quality control report: Flags present: CHECK Flags appropriately sized? CHECK Flags centered: Not mad, just disappointed. Congrats to all concerned, although a little concerned about that statue placement.
  2. How did I never know you had a blog? Still got your backs.
  3. Maybe the wiki departments of the respective alliances should fun the FA department!
  4. If it's not, I've been rubbing pot roast all over my chest for absolutely no good reason.
  5. To that I give a hearty "HEU". We both know how the movie referenced ended. Your subtext could not be more obvious.
  6. Not a DAMN thing. I'd introduce myself, but I believe we've met! 😉
  7. Ah, the ol' "Cardi B Offensive", eh? This is CLEARLY just one more way for Lowsten to pretend he doesn't want a treaty with us. Hard to get on a whole 'nother level. And just for the e-lawyers out there: Kattegat being what Kashmir was called back then.
  8. Is there a bad time for war? Went to check the blossoms on my trees, but my population has eaten them -- apparently, they are rioting in the streets due to several days of economic devastation, I'm not sure what that's all about. Won't stop my pinky from extending as we pursue the gentlemanly art of war. Oh, yes, I'm certain you were quaking in your boots -- especially when you note the size of our blitz has TRIPLED! I'm going to be dabbing so tough, they'll be begging for yeet. It's gonna be the bees knees, yo. (Nailed it!)
  9. *Squints through binoculars, does some quick calculations* Well, not sure how many of you it will take to kick our asses, but I can see how many you're gonna use. Better make it two.
  10. And away we go. We haven't really thought this through. Haven't been paying attention. Maybe it's because, when no one's looking, we routinely dress in Jimmy Page-style dragon and poppy suits: And we ROCK that $#!%. Maybe it's because, when I was 50, I had a midlife crisis and bought a brand new '85 Pontiac Lex Quintus: She smelled like ass, but God how I loved her. Maybe it's just because we met The Kashmir in war, realized how awesome they were, and for that reason alone, we have their ass now. But who in the hell is our target? CLAWS ? Is CLAWS in this? I think I read somewhere they were. Nah, it's not CLAWS -- that's @Randalla's outfit. We've had a soft spot for her since The Apparatus. Once you've seen her in the top hat, goggles and gear encrusted bustier, you don't get over it. We're not hitting that. (I mean, we'd TOTALLY hit that -- what I'm saying is, we won't DoW that.). Hope this doesn't make @White Chocolate too jealous. We got a thing for you, too. LEGION? Nah -- been there, done that. For the record, we didn't find them to be LOLegion at all. The one's we fought fought well. But we have that tee-shirt. LoSS?For God's sake no -- they're treaty partners for cryin' out loud! We're assES, not ass#*!#$! Which leaves... FREEHOLD OF THE WOLVES Don't really know you. Never fought you. Never seen you in a bustier, top hat and goggles. Looks like it's you. Now, @Canik, I would LOVE to leave you with a threat like "You have awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve!" But, by now you may (or may not) have noticed our "blitz," and realize that, at best, you've somewhat poked a comatose midget. Which yields a lot better results on Pornhub.com than it does here on the CN Forums. Nevertheless, you are on the CN forums, not Pornhub (or at least on separate tabs), and this is what you get: bull$#!% principle instead of effectiveness. But you know, like I alluded to, almost every ally we've ever had started with a war. Maybe this is the start of something beautiful. Until then, we'll see you out there. TL;DR: No. I will not pander to your microscopic millennial attention span. Read the whole thing. And put on a tie when you interview, for $#!%'s sake.
  11. Always decent to me. Take care, Cuba, and enjoy that little Doombird (who probably isn't so little anymore).
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