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  1. We clearly need Korlath to post an announcement recognizing my announcement. Officially.
  2. Very well, I'll do what my CLAWS puppet masters the flag police say.
  3. From the desk of the Supreme Commander: TFO and UFP have decided to part ways, as of today the “No Time to Die Accords” are officially canceled. We wish nothing but the best for them in the future.
  4. Congrats on peace to our brothers in Kashmir.
  5. 1, Yes. They planned to attack NG knowing there was a strength disparity. 2, Correct. The Boog recognition of war was supposed to be signed by the attacking alliances, not as "boognish" as a whole. Something that we have said since the RoW was posted.
  6. I'd like to make something clear here because for some reason this has turned into a mud slinging affair against TFO. The plan was ALWAYS for TFO to stay on the sideline and let the rest of Boog (Who had the issues with NG) fight it out. IF and ONLY IF NG decided they wanted to expand the war TFO would come in and assist. That was the plan before the DoN and that was the plan after the DoN. This wasn't our war, but we were ready to defend the other Boog alliances against NGs allies. End of story. TFO, COBRA and Kash were the only active alliances in the Boog chat so it doesn't surprise me to see Martialis out here slandering us when he only popped in once every few days and clearly didn't read the rest of the chats.
  7. Congrats guys, may the future be bright and pixelated.
  8. The Order needs you to do your part to clear the galaxy of rebel scum! Join today!
  9. This is exactly how I've always heard Grub in my head, in the most loving way possible of course. Enjoy your retirement Canik.
  10. Congrats on peace TPF. Well deserved.
  11. I’m sure if that’s the case TFO will have no treaties soon. We’ll see.
  12. If you actually read what I had posted previously. TNSO was already discussed with NG leadership privately. They aren’t an independent third party. They’re part of NG fighting on a secondary AA for reasons out of this world. It’s hard to use logic when you’re blinded by your hatred though.
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