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  1. James Maximus

    A Statement From MI6

    Congrats on peace MI6.
  2. James Maximus

    Brief Announcement from MI6

    Well, congrats.
  3. James Maximus

    Verdict of Swash Plates And Tail Rotors

    ROLL RAY Kappa But for reals, what did he do?
  4. James Maximus

    The dragon is dead!

    Glad to hear buddy, recover well.
  5. James Maximus

    Dark Templar Announcment

    Enjoy the retirement fellas, Congrats to our new gov.
  6. Congrats on the elected gov, and even more congrats for no max.
  7. James Maximus

    Who has the best Draft Lineup?

    I'd have to go with Myth on this one.
  8. James Maximus

    The Pointy Stick Accords.

    Is this the longest treaty in CN history? Congrats.
  9. James Maximus

    Kaskus and MI6 White Peace

    Just fact correcting, the first "attempt" at peace was smurf asking to be viceroy. We then countered with an equally stupid request of 35k tech reps, not 41k. Any amount over that was for ghosts and ghosts alone, not to be included with the Kaskus' amount.   All of you can all continue to be idiotic now.
  10. James Maximus

    Announcement from Paradoxia

    Congrats to our allies on their coup elections.
  11. James Maximus

    Re: MI6 - Kaskus War (I made a new tool)

    You're amazing.
  12. James Maximus

    Flight Control Reports Signs of Life

    Obligatory Chax is horrible. Welcome Back Europa.
  13. James Maximus

    An Announcement from MI6

    Might say SRA now smells like a Dream....         I'm sorry that was bad.
  14. James Maximus

    An Announcement from MI6

    Down with Chim and Stagger. It is your fault we are at war! Monsters.
  15. James Maximus

    MI6: The Show

    I can't wait.