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  1. Glad to hear buddy, recover well.
  2. Rey endorsed SRA, that should automatically disqualify them.
  3. The last Russian I met with my friend in a bar. He ended up doing Nazi salutes because we said we were both German...we just walked away.
  4. The !@#$ posters flocked here to !@#$ post about how they aren't !@#$ posters.
  5. Catcher in the Rye is a personal favorite.
  6. I just use Axe deodorant. As Bmth said, the sprays are too much.
  7. Much like the Tortoise and the Hare this story can teach CN players some good lessons.
  8. James Maximus

    CN Award

    You're about as funny as a hemorrhoid.
  9. We can all learn from this story. Its a good one.
  10. Because I felt the need to express my love for Turtles and honor Johnathan the Zombie
  11. Mogar you're a cut above everyone else.
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