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  1. Glad to see this posted! Normally we hate (Jedi) knights but you guys are pretty cool!
  2. Please come visit Turtle Force One The First Order at our new forums and May the Fourth be with you all.
  3. Thanks for the update Stewie, much appreciated!
  4. I'm very happy to see TFOs friends at CLAWS getting together with our other friend Firing Lane.
  5. The First Order is looking for new and experienced nations to join our ranks and help the Supreme Leader take over the Galaxy, one planet at a time. We are currently the Largest YELLOW alliance by member count and growing every day. As a new alliance we have no where to go but up and you can be a part of it! Please join us on discord https://discord.gg/ezqxvQ9ap3 Bonus Turtle themed propaganda:
  6. Extremely happy to see this official. We can be boneheads together 😍
  7. Its been a long time my old friend, you should stop by our discord (linked in the OP) and we can chat.
  8. If there’s something you’d like to discuss please feel free to reach out on discord.
  9. You Only Live Twice No Time To Die Accords Preamble The Phoenix Federation and MI6 The First Order (hereafter referred to as "the signatories") do hereby enter into this agreement as a testament to their new friendship. With the signing of this document, the signatories lay the foundation for a future of coordination and cooperation between trusted allies. This non-chaining mutual defense and optional aggression treaty shall tie the signatories together for their mutual benefit. Article I - Non-aggression, Intelligence, and Sovereignty It is hereafter resolv
  10. Incoming transmission from the Supreme Leader: Please join us on discord https://discord.gg/ezqxvQ9ap3 Code of The First Order PREAMBLE "Let The Past Die. Kill It If You Have To. It's The Only Way To Become What You Were Meant To Be." Article I: Imperial Government The Supreme Leader, The Supreme Leader, hereby known as the Supreme, serves as the Sovereign of the Order. The Supreme reserves the power of Authority, in declaring war and treaties, imposing member sanctions and assembling t
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