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  1. Merry Christmas everyone To add though, it's quite ironic isn't it that SG was accused of using rogues (none of which were deleted that I am aware of) only to face 10 rogues this era of which 7 were deleted for being Multis. Of all the talk of SG/UN of using multie's it's our haters that actually used them. Try all you want, cheaters and all to take us down, but better to come at us directly haters. Cheers to the clean players and best of luck
  2. Ask Dulra if those at the top can be touched or not.
  3. If NPO is going to declare on Cowboys, the rest of CN should declare on NPO. This world is almost extinct. It's about time we all fight NPO and see what happens.
  4. Phew 10 years later and it still somehow exists. Friends > Infra indeed
  5. It was even labeled war funds...Enjoy the war KoN. Please give me some casualties. Ty
  6. Pot calling the kettle black. Gratz on the 12 years GATO
  7. No Bajor know's exactly what you are talking about. You were intentionally mislead. I am UN low gov and was in The Dawners as a reroll. Wolves know who Trump(NorthKorea) is, it's Nikola.
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