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  1. BDRocks

    Joint Declaration FTW

    This is a dumb war
  2. BDRocks

    Roq It 'Til The Wheels Come Off

    If NPO is going to declare on Cowboys, the rest of CN should declare on NPO. This world is almost extinct. It's about time we all fight NPO and see what happens.
  3. BDRocks

    Putting the W back in WAE

    lmao the real WAE
  4. BDRocks

    The Complaints and Grievances Union

    Do you remember boy RV?
  5. BDRocks

    The Complaints and Grievances Union

    Stumpy arguably was C&G's greatest member
  6. BDRocks

    The Complaints and Grievances Union

    To good and old memories.
  7. BDRocks

    The Complaints and Grievances Union

    Phew 10 years later and it still somehow exists. Friends > Infra indeed
  8. BDRocks

    M Inc merges into Cobra

    April Fools!
  9. BDRocks

    Anyone around from the Old Days?

  10. BDRocks

    Another Micro War

    It was even labeled war funds...Enjoy the war KoN. Please give me some casualties. Ty
  11. BDRocks

    Da WAE

    Pot calling the kettle black. Gratz on the 12 years GATO
  12. BDRocks

    We come in pieces

    No Bajor know's exactly what you are talking about. You were intentionally mislead. I am UN low gov and was in The Dawners as a reroll. Wolves know who Trump(NorthKorea) is, it's Nikola.
  13. BDRocks

    We come in pieces

    Why would we do that exactly? They were in UN at the beginning of the round. If your actions hadn't caused them to delete, they would of been there all round. Them joining this late is worse off in terms of casualties than had we stayed.
  14. BDRocks

    We come in pieces

    Bajor already said but I'll repeat it because it seems like you and your friends have a very hard time understanding simple statements. A) We had to delete and reroll because of D1 and friends actions of nuking us/staggering us so we would eventually reach bill lock or complete irrelevancy. B) The Dawners that rerolled, were the top 5 casualty holders of the entire game at the time of deletion. Our forced deletion hurt UN casualties numbers just as they did D1's. C) Don't force nations to delete and you won't be complaining about them down the road.