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  1. CSM, bro; how did it take this long?
  2. That sounds absolutely amazing.
  3. Logan

    Dear LittleRena:

    Can't get more accurate that this.
  4. Well at least you get some sort of delayed gratification. Glad you didn't retaliate in some sort of vigilantism.
  5. Oh wow haha. Yes, its a common trend lately that VE's political enemies will take every chance to attempt to discredit VE when a member posts in response to a thread that most likely has nothing to do with them.
  6. Most def. One of the finest the game has ever seen!
  7. In my opinion senators should act in a way that represents the will of the individuals who voted them into power. If the majority of those individuals reside in the same alliance, than it would follow that they act in a way advantageous to the alliance. I see nothing wrong with what SYC did and furthermore he shouldn't have to apologize for his actions.
  8. I see a license plate with "CDS" once in awhile in town. Pretty sure I've seen a few others like that also.
  9. Obligatory discussing mods outside the moderation forum :x But yeah what Manwe said, creepy.
  10. There has already been a bloc that came to near finalization which ended up not going through which was going to bear the name name, called The Voltron of Awesome. I recommend all to stay clear if you wish your bloc to come into existence Though to be fair that is a year or two older. Also thanks for shedding light on this story, I have always wondered why everyone decided to keep it such a secret even after failing. I mean its not like it wasn't ever exposed in the first place.
  11. I like both Traditional and Last Man standing. The other ones I don't really follow >_>
  12. Right but that proves that the SF/CnG bloc is actually more clustered than the former hegemony correct? I thought that's what these webs were made for..
  13. I believe the second web has less ties because you didn't count the blocs that bind them.
  14. I thought your avatar was holding a spoon and the orb was a cereal bowl.

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