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  1. We are alive. Internally we are active. I have been around since 2008. I like the world relatively quiet. It allows me to deal with the internal matters of my own nation. (OOC: real life) What have you done lately?
  2. NG disbanded, that should have been the end of it. You gave me !@#$ for disbanding an alliance. At least when *I* decide it is time to disband, I keep it that way. NG on the other hand disbanded, then attacked people using the NG AA, including IRON who was NG's ally in Oculus, while at the same time poaching your other former allies members, etc. If you REALLY wanted to attack IRON, the way to do it with balls would have been to leave Oculus as an alliance and plot. Hell, you could have even plotted first and left Oculus after. It would be nasty, but still within the "bad boy" reputation of NG. When your former allies finally decided enough is enough and attack, you complain. That is not fighting a war. A war is a fight between alliances. You're just a bunch of rogues involved in battles.
  3. Why disband and then come back? Either stay as an alliance and actually do something or disband and move on.
  4. That would have been much more like the NG that I knew and hated. Too bad you only thought of that now.
  5. Thankfully @jerdge has been around long enough to know to take the word of alliance members currently at war with the alliance you are asking about with a grain of salt. FTW is a merger of a few alliances and later they absored a few others, including Super Nova X (SNX) who was an ally. SNX was not that popular because it was previously lead by Junka. I am personally not sure why GK and Canik have a bad history but they do. These days there are not a lot of new nations around so in my opinion if an alliance can grow via mergers and having other alliances join theirs, good for that alliance. Come to think of it, this was popular at least as far back as 2008 when I had my first small alliance. We were constantly getting offers to move in with some other group. The members of RFI are CLAWS, FTW, GATO, The Legion and Argent. FTW , in adfition to RFI, has treaty ties to IRON, ODN and LOSS. I am probably missing a few more. Feel free to jump on the FTW discord.
  6. Lord Windmark is being “chummy” because NpO is an ally. Try not to jump to conclusions. One is supposed to treat allies with respect, especially in public.
  7. This is an example of the type of statements that Junka makes now and then that have always amused me. It can be read ironically or as literal, depending on how one feels about LPCN. In other words, he is either saying "If I really messed up all the time, I wouldn't be the leader" or he is saying "I got put into a leadership position - man was I foolish to agree to take it." Reader's choice.
  8. Having a good honeymoon.

  9. Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence. Leonardo da Vinci

    1. Mogar


      It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.

      Leonardo da Vinci

    2. Lord Hitchcock

      Lord Hitchcock

      "The early bird may get the worm, but it's the second mouse who gets the cheese."

    3. Franz Ferdinand

      Franz Ferdinand

      "There is a wisdom of the head, and a wisdom of the heart."

      - Charles Dickens

  10. You've already done things like roll GPA during Woodstock. Having done that, now you can enjoy be the "good guy." You do it well too.
  11. This is one of the reasons I like you, Lord Hitchcock, you ask questions that most "newer" nations have but never ask in public and therefore rarely get a variety of good answers needed to understand. I joined in June 2008 and after two full years of witnessing the "cycle of violence" that happens on Planet Bob, I started looking for the answer to this as well. Here is what I've found. The reasons can be put into three categories: A. Strategic. In other words, that which is most helpful for "winning" (i.e. being the hegemony) the game. This includes things like enough time to rebuild, time for the "behind the scenes" politics to be sorted out, and also (because it is a part of "making your case" in order to gain military and economic support for your side) when the side in the winning position has a "casus belli" (meaning a "justification for war") that the people needed to back them will accept. In other words, when one side or the other has enough strength/backing to be sure of a "win." B. Real Life: When do the "powers that be" all have time. It seems odd, I know, but entire wars have been avoided or at least postponed because one leader of a necessary alliance had something more important in real life to do. Also, this is major wars tend to start and/or end around around major holidays. C. "Tradition" and/or Habit: If it has worked for most people in the past, why change it? This is also affected by A and B (above) - it takes less time to do the same thing over and over each year than to actually plan something new and different AND it is a formula that if successfully repeated maintains the power for those who have it. Knowing this, what next? Simple - if you want something changed then what you have to do is find a reason to change it that benefits/is argued in terms of benefiting one of the above. Then you will be far more likely to have success. On the other hand, avoid arguments that go against the above and/or argue against changes that you don't like by stating how they go against any of the above.
  12. Actually, we had planned specifically to avoid this war. You all have made it very clear that in your own minds the word "surrender" is equal to defeat and the words "white peace" are equal to victory and that there is no room whatsoever for reason in this matter. That is exactly the type of cluster$%&@ I want Doom Kingdom to avoid. However, YOU went and posted this: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/127194-a-report-from-under-the-desk/?p=3400446 for some reason of which I am not aware. I'm sorry Lord Hitchcock but a log dump is a very traditional casus belli and in this case Doom Kingdom has decided to "do something about it." We discussed options and decided to request sanctions in response. Our allies (including Atlas) were very helpful. This isn't about your "Dream War" - it's in response to your log dump. Seriously, IF we intended to take an action in support of the Dream War, we would of gotten involved long ago.
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