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  1. FTW has always been good to their allies. Congrats CCC.
  2. Hail CRAP! Hail KNB! Even though I've known Chuck Normis from CRAP most of my CN career, I do not recall ever being formally allied until now - while in KNB of all places. Maybe we were while I was in UUS? I can't remember but I think we just traded tech. If that is the case, it is about time.
  3. You're point about Korlath is fair and impressed me. It actually made me think and in that regard it is an effective OWF post. If there is a next time, asking permission would be appreciated. This is especially true if you actually do not want war. I do not buy the "if we wanted a war we would just go for it" argument, however. If it were just this one incident where Cobra and friends got on the OWF complaining about CLAWS, then okay, I might accept that Cobra is really interested in peace. I understand the need for propaganda and spin before and during a war. However, even
  4. I am not going to comment on something I am not all that familiar about. I do not froth at the mouth either. I am more of the take my ball and leave and not talk to you again anytime soon type. My example about things being turned around and how it would go down was just about the issue with someone making an insulting comment in the general discussion. That's it. To be clear, I am not saying I support Cobra's position regarding Lex either. I just can not e-lawyer some issue I know little about. Now in the spirit of deciding to take my ball and leave, I think I have said all that I care
  5. I was thinking more along the lines that you are the ones that like war and drama and are bored with the current politics of CN.
  6. I took a look at the at the conversation in general again. Tehol responded once you @ him under 5 minutes regarding the inappropriate comment and said it was inappropriate but he had to consult other government members. Jazzy commented within the hour that the comment was not something CLAWS condoned, he was sorry for the comment and that he would talk to the member once he responds. Lyanna thanked him for the response. It was made very clear that CLAWS was in the process of getting it worked out. ------------------------------------ Again - I am not responding to the situation
  7. I do not even look at the general area on our discord for days and I am considered active by many people's standards. Unless someone actually @White Chocolate me, even if I do look it is just a casual glance. Although I can not speak for other government members, as I have said before, nation leaders are busy busy people. I do not think I have ever seen any issue resolved in less than 24 hours, which is why I am surprised that you attacked that night. You know very well that there are hold ups due to people being busy. Twelve hours is not a lot of time by CN standards to work ou
  8. You all attacked him without our permission. If COBRA had worked something out with CLAWS BEFORE attacking him as some type of deal that would have been one thing. That didn't happen. And I've already covered that Cobra knows where to find claude. Next time wait until there is some type of agreement before you go attacking a member of our alliance. Like I said, I expected you all to be talking about our member's offensive comment within 24 hours of pointing it out to us but I have to admit, the fact that you attacked too I was not expecting. Congrats - that pissed me off enough to give h
  9. I am not a member of NPO in this wonderful world of ours called Planet Bob, but I have been around long enough to know they care zero for what some nobody member of some alliance (ally or not) thinks. To talk about rolling NPO is all but a meme around here. If I am wrong, NPO is perfectly able to let CLAWS know they are offended by our member expressing his own opinion in a private conversation and I am 100% sure we would work it out with them. Our member has learned a VERY valuable lesson here though in addition to the need to treat a young woman with respect. Do not
  10. Look - when someone has an issue with a member of an alliance there are a few steps that are generally followed. First the issues is brought to the attention of a government member in the alliance. This is often done in private, not in public and if it is done in public, okay - but do not be surprised that CLAWS government does not regularly pay much attention to what is said in our general discord channel. Busy nation leaders have busy schedules. (OOC: real life is > than CN) Once a government member becomes aware of the issue, then that member can bring it back to the enti
  11. I told our government that this would be posted on the OWF in less than 24 hours. Thanks for proving me right. The person apologized in private. I guess if you all can not accept that, that is your choice.
  12. CLAWS hereby cancels our treaty with ODN too. Satisfied?
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