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  1. White Chocolate

    Joint Declaration FTW

    Fixed for you. Give people more credit.
  2. White Chocolate

    Joint Declaration FTW

    Seriously? You’re still bringing up doom? Even Junka has dropped that narritive at this point and I thought HE went overboard. CLAWS allies are GATO, NPO, FTW and TTK (and what remains of the alliances our membership merged from - none of which are doom). CLAWS backs our friends. We are doing that now. Get over 2015.
  3. White Chocolate

    Joint Declaration FTW

    And what was your counter offer exactly? If you were actually open to peace you could have said something such as drop the surrender and only 2 month nap. What was said instead? Something along the lines of what makes us think we get make terms, from what I hear.
  4. White Chocolate

    Wolves have Claws too!

    Blessed Admin, LH, quit trying to trigger my PTSD from having to deal with Junka as a leader of an allied alliance! This is the second thread where you mention it. All is fair in love and war perhaps, but it is 2018, not 2015! In terms of upgrading SNX to Optional WAY back then - it was one of my top 5 best decisions thus far. Enough said on that topic. 🙄
  5. White Chocolate

    Wolves have Claws too!

    No. This is an upgrade from an optional treaty we have been planning for a bit. We do not post optional treaties on the OWF - we do M level.
  6. White Chocolate

    Joint Declaration FTW

    I have no doubt that you have good allies and that they would enter if requested. I think that is correct for most alliances that another alliance would agree to ally , though.
  7. Curious who you consider “traitor” (just to clarify) the people who decided to take the Mostly Harmless Alliance AA, the people who left the MostlyHarmlessAlliance AA to join Mostly Harmless Alliance, or both? I personally get confused even asking that question, so I can see why someone in MostlyHarmlessAlliance could have been confused.
  8. White Chocolate


    You do not have to announce everything you do on OWF. Just do it.
  9. White Chocolate

    A Harmless Recognition of Hostilities

    On behalf of CLAWS, we offer our thoughts and prayers to all involved in this sad sad turn of events. There are good people on both sides.
  10. White Chocolate

    MHA Declaration of War

    Good to see Mostly Harmless Alliance after being on a “temporary” AA for almost two years finally taking back what is rightfully ... oh wait...nevermind.
  11. White Chocolate

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    Anyone on Planet Bob can post. That is not what matters here. Not in 2018 in any case, probably not at any point in history either. In 2018 , what you say and/or the truth or falseness of the matter is also not a primary concern. At least not in and of itself. What matters is your level of support from others - posting is only useful if it increases that support. Your posts have the opposite effect. You are only helping your enemy by continuing. The smart course of action for you is to stop.
  12. White Chocolate

    GATO Announcement

    This is a nice surprise. Thank you.
  13. White Chocolate

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    The “other world” of your imagination. Planet Bob or it did not happen. (OOC: Get your fan club here and then brag.)
  14. White Chocolate

    Happy Friday the 13th

    Okay, Hafl, you posted. That is a good start. Now what do I need to do to get you out of your rocking chair and move over to CLAWS?
  15. White Chocolate

    Treaty of Sippin' Sweet Tea

    Everyone who is anyone is donning one this season. Congrats Polar. You obtained a great ally - and on papper too! I have to admit, I am a little jealous of the paper aspect, personally. It’s like seeing a ring around the finger of an ex who always told me he would never marry.