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  1. You may one day want to try diplomacy in lieu of goading.
  2. It is not SOP, but Cuba never forbid it either. Individual raiders have a lot of freedom. When I was raided by a DBDC nation before joining I and the the persons who were attacked returned GA fire and got a message back saying essentially "I'll consider this even and we can peace out or I'll let nukes fly if peace is not accepted - you're choice." We decided to consider it even. You probably never had direct confirmation because there is no specific SOP. I feel zero need to demonstrate that I have balls. Hard pass.
  3. So you're saying DBDC should turn off our secret mind control rays that Cuba and TB Raiders developed so effectively and passed on to the rest of us that force our targets to do nothing but offer peace. I'll think about it.
  4. Moral high ground?! Okay, that hurts. No one has accused me of even pretending such trash in years. I am sure that was intended as an insult as someone from Non Grata talking about moral high ground is hilarious. No, no, it's more "come at me, bro."
  5. Total hogwash. Your way of life is really no different than anyone else. Your guy offered peace, which was entirely in his self interest (read pixels).
  6. Nations do what they feel they must to protect their own self interests. That has been going on for years and is the basis of the entire "alliance" system in the first place.
  7. @Lord Hitchcocksays he confirms. As his e-lawyer I am passing that along. He also said that he has previously (I assume in private). As I've said in private - trying to keep him in the basement. If you REALLY want him out of it then do not say you were not warned :P
  8. Right... because during our second attempt (on discord) to try and come to a deal to end THIS war, everyone else in Cobrasphere decided to back the "term" that TDE needs to decommission his SDI and go six rounds with Lucius in order to achieve peace for KNB I don't think so, GK. Your side has decided to mix the two wars. They want to make this all about revenge against CLAWS via poor TDE on behalf of the hurt feelings and broken ego of @Lucius Optimus
  9. The concept of humility is not alien to me. The challenge was that you expected us to know just what "humility" means to you in actionable (OOC: in a text based game) terms that LH could do AND that would be acceptable to you. We are not mind readers. A. "LH acknowledging that his aggressive actions at the helm of KNB toward me and my allies is what lead to military confrontation." - what in particular (assuming this surrender is not good enough) does he need to say? B. "Banned admitting his actions were carried out with a view to undermining, baiting and sa
  10. okay - you are referring the fact that he posted now. In THIS particular case he seems to be posting something in the hope that it works. It is not what I suggested. JA still was far from clear regarding any terms, however.
  11. I was there, the entire time. I am still there. I know what is in the discussion first hand.
  12. I was there the entire discussion, starting on October 14. I have been in plenty of other peace talks and *I* had a hard time figuring out exactly what JA wanted. I still do not really know, frankly. First it was that he wanted LH to show that he was "sincere" without giving any indication of exactly (in a actionable and specific way) what LH could do to show that and no promises of whatever LH did to attempt to show that working. When it was made clear that LH was not going to just do something and hope it worked, the discussions turned to Banned "admitting" to both
  13. This is the best point of the entire thread. Liked. To Lucius - good show. Also @Banned - Thank you for providing the intelligence you have provided to CLAWS. I realize that as the leader for the "S" (SLAP) in CLAWS, it was your duty. However I do not think that any of us adequately accounted for the vast amount of drivel that would be flung in your direction as a result.
  14. I decided to sit on the KNB AA, where there is no one in my range either in the alliance or allied to the alliance. That being the case, I think it is only fair to warn potential raiders (or other potential enemies) that I have close personal ties to others who will defend me if asked. One can never be too careful.
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