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  1. White Chocolate

    A really good dow

    Fooled me.
  2. White Chocolate

    A really good dow

    You are the ones who chose not to invite us. It is not like we decided to attack AFTER this war started or something.
  3. White Chocolate

    A really good dow

    Hannah had built up such a collection of glitter that something had to be done!
  4. White Chocolate

    Natural 20

    “The essence of a role-playing game is that it is a group, cooperative experience.” - Gary Gygax Did anyone remember to get the snacks?
  5. White Chocolate

    I shall take my leave now

    Some of DBDC’s enemies tried to push the idea that DBDC would eventually roll everyone in an attempt to organize against DBDC. Cuba made it clear by his actions that is not the case. DBDC has a treaty with IRON. They are friends. Why break that just because on is leaving?
  6. White Chocolate

    I shall take my leave now

    Had a lot of fun in DBDC. Thank you for allowing me to join in. Best wishes.
  7. White Chocolate

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

  8. White Chocolate

    Thirteen Years of Order

    Congrats New Pacific Order.
  9. White Chocolate

    Alliance Politics?

    I rest my case @PeteManCide NPO is safe at the top.
  10. White Chocolate

    Alliance Politics?

    Please, @AlmightyGrub , be specific.
  11. White Chocolate

    Alliance Politics?

    The top alliances are mildly active - i say mildly because it is a far cry from the activity level of when I was new in 2008. Politics are stagnant. NPO is safe the top position.
  12. White Chocolate

    Dragons have CLAWS

    Looks great!
  13. White Chocolate

    An Official Announcement from CLAWS

    It was a pleasure serving with you, Al. Will miss you once you decide to leave.
  14. White Chocolate

    Dragon Wolf Nova!

    Sweet. You had a good run SNX but I think you made the correct move.
  15. White Chocolate

    Capping alliances at 12 members

    Looking at the number of noobs who have even opened my invite, that might take a bit. We DO have The Real Hershey though. There is hope.