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  1. White Chocolate

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    Anyone on Planet Bob can post. That is not what matters here. Not in 2018 in any case, probably not at any point in history either. In 2018 , what you say and/or the truth or falseness of the matter is also not a primary concern. At least not in and of itself. What matters is your level of support from others - posting is only useful if it increases that support. Your posts have the opposite effect. You are only helping your enemy by continuing. The smart course of action for you is to stop.
  2. White Chocolate

    GATO Announcement

    This is a nice surprise. Thank you.
  3. White Chocolate

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    The “other world” of your imagination. Planet Bob or it did not happen. (OOC: Get your fan club here and then brag.)
  4. White Chocolate

    Happy Friday the 13th

    Okay, Hafl, you posted. That is a good start. Now what do I need to do to get you out of your rocking chair and move over to CLAWS?
  5. White Chocolate

    Treaty of Sippin' Sweet Tea

    Everyone who is anyone is donning one this season. Congrats Polar. You obtained a great ally - and on papper too! I have to admit, I am a little jealous of the paper aspect, personally. It’s like seeing a ring around the finger of an ex who always told me he would never marry.
  6. White Chocolate

    This Cat has CLAWS

    SLAP tried hard but we could not out WAE GATO - sometimes you just have to admit that someone else is worse than you. Thanks for your continued support, GATO.
  7. White Chocolate

    Santa CLAWS is Coming to Town

    Thanks NPO. o/ Pacifica o/CLAWS
  8. White Chocolate

    A Farewell to Arms

    Salute to Non Grata.
  9. White Chocolate

    Happy Friday the 13th

    In celebration of Friday the 13th... it is my pleasure to announce the existence of the alliance, CLAWS. Co-leaders: White Chocolate Al Bundy Ministers: Minister of Defense: razgriz24 Minister of Economics: Jazzy95 Minister of Foreign Affairs: claude Minister of Internal Affairs: Magical Muslim Grand Inquisitor: Randalla Deputy Minister of Defense: eviljak Deputy Minister of Economics: Admiral Alexander Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: CrinkledStraw Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs: Mr Otingocni Our discord channel is https://discord.gg/3HZHfrJ Our forum is located at http://claws-cn.com/ We are a merger of CotM (C), Last Call (L), AM (A), Alpha Wolves (W) and SLAP (S). Nations left on the AA's we are merging from are protected. I would like to thank NPO, GATO and FTW for their support. Our current treaties are
  10. White Chocolate

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    And if as a new natiin you left ME out of it, I MIGHT care. Bring me into it though and rest assured that I do not.
  11. White Chocolate

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    People enjoy attacking neutral alliances because they are not connected. People enjoy attacking non aligned nations because they are not connected. Satisfied? Speaking of attacking someone, it really does not matter what you, The Zigur, enjoy or not as far as the NPO small nations are concerned when you are attacking them. When I was new be it an alliance war or tech raid, when someone else attacked my alliance I got mad. On the other hand, if someone told me “go attack this person” who did not do anything to us as far as I could tell, I might ask why. If you truly do not like attacking NPO new people, stop doing it. You are trying to come across as the “good” guy and failing. From personal experience as both a former moralist AND then a “bad girl” when YOU are the one attacking a new person in that person’s way of viewing the workd, you lose the “moral high ground” entirely. You can try and justify it all you want. The new people you are attacking do not care. All you are accimplishing is reassurung them they made the right joice in alliance when applying to NPO.
  12. White Chocolate

    Good Enough.

    Good to see peace.
  13. White Chocolate

    The Complaints and Grievances Union

    Funny, I thought the point of this thread was to mark and honor 10 years of C&G. That would include alliances such as ODN, Int, GATO as well as any other “useless alliance” that has joined in recent years.
  14. White Chocolate

    Declaration of War

    Contact Tevron at GATO (the person who made the OP). Up to him. If you can wake up LSF that would be helpful. One would think attacks would do the trick, but I guess not.
  15. White Chocolate

    Declaration of War

    Thank you for forgiving him on this matter. They have nations on an AA. Taking into account the lack of return fire in most of our cases, maybe they do not exist for all practical purposes. Perhaps that is the reason GATO did not get any response to GATO’s reasonable attempts to work this out without resorting to military action. Understandable. It is beautiful. Yes. Perhaps it is time for LSF to disband LSF. Democracy needs activity to be effective, especially when they want a direct one as opposed to a representative one. Otherwise elect a leader who can deal with any issues such as their current situation.