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  1. I don't recall having any fear toward voicing opinions. I also never really considered us a swing (I tend not to hold grudges or have a deep set commitment/ambition to oppose people in this game), so our willingness to be friendly to various parties might have contributed to such a perception. At the onset of the bloc, there were concerns among Viridians about putting all of our efforts into one bloc given the tendency of blocs to dissolve (such as our prior experience in Pandora's Box). Sadly the choices of our non-Oculus relationships weren't compatible, but concerns on seeking external relationships faded over time due to our satisfaction with the bloc. I suppose the hypothetical case of being thrown out of Oculus would leave VE in a terrible place defense wise, but its not something I intend to plan for. If there were such a strong division that might get us thrown out, I would like to think it would be where we make a final stand before dissolving--- which is acceptable to me.... though I cannot imagine what such a division would be at this point.
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