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  1. Don't worry everyone, the Viridian Entente will offset the damage done to the green sphere by planting a tree for every nuke our friends in the NpO launch
  2. I don't recall having any fear toward voicing opinions. I also never really considered us a swing (I tend not to hold grudges or have a deep set commitment/ambition to oppose people in this game), so our willingness to be friendly to various parties might have contributed to such a perception. At the onset of the bloc, there were concerns among Viridians about putting all of our efforts into one bloc given the tendency of blocs to dissolve (such as our prior experience in Pandora's Box). Sadly the choices of our non-Oculus relationships weren't compatible, but concerns on seeking external relationships faded over time due to our satisfaction with the bloc. I suppose the hypothetical case of being thrown out of Oculus would leave VE in a terrible place defense wise, but its not something I intend to plan for. If there were such a strong division that might get us thrown out, I would like to think it would be where we make a final stand before dissolving--- which is acceptable to me.... though I cannot imagine what such a division would be at this point.
  3. Is this part of the sexy date you spoke about? We accept.
  4. TTK's attack on NG constitutes an attack on Oculus. As a result, VE and GLoF recognize a state of war against TTK. For the Viridian Entente, Supreme 142, Lord of the Entente Austrailia, Duke of the Entente Azure, Secretary of Defense Blkandwhtlion, Secretary of Economics For the Grand Lodge Of Freemasons, Alexg314, co Grand Master Monkeybum, co Grand Master
  5. It was supposed to be secret aid. Now our plot to fund NG's enemies has been exposed. I'll start phase 2 now: 1v1 me NG.
  6. When I need a break from my work, I read the complaints and get some form of amusement out of them.
  7. The Viridian Entente declares war against AGW Overlords via the The Donatello learns to play Sudoku Accords.
  8. I have been appointed as the 11th Lord of the Viridian Entente. I'd like to thank Baltus for his confidence and all the contributions he has made in VE. The effort and dedication that Baltus has put in for the Entente has been critical to VE's success over the many years. I will continue to seek out his counsel, and he will continue on in Parliament as a Chancellor (chancellors help oversee foreign policy). My plans for VE will build off Baltus' FA policy and internal goals. We will continue to work with and support our allies, in addition to opening our doors to the rest of CN to come establish communications with us. I'm not one to hold grudges, so I plan to follow the example Baltus has set in working with those we've had difficult relations with and move forward. Cybernations has changed since our founding. I will be working with my government to ensure that we are properly adapting to these systemic changes and to ensure that VE continues the prosperity it has seen in the past several years. The current government of the Viridian Entente is listed below. I've appointed Yenroh as my Duke. His experience in VE will be of great value to me and the Parliament, and I can rely on his good judgement in making executive decisions. I'm also pleased to see the inclusion of newer and older members in our government, allowing the voices of all generations of Viridians to be heard. Lord: Supreme 142 Duke: Lieutenant Yenroh Secretary of Economics: Lieutenant Yenroh Secretary of Defense: Samwise Secretary of Communications: Verlion Secretary of the Interior: Cards Chancellors: Austrailia, Cornelius, and Baltus
  9. The Viridian Entente will protect the Mortal Wombats AA until all members have found their new home. MW have been extraordinary allies, and it was a pleasure interacting with them. We wish you all the best in your new endeavors.
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