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  1. Best of luck, heard Non Grata has a vacancy and hits all your criteria.
  2. At least one former government official from 1TF circa 2009, so should be interesting.
  3. You join an alliance who can guide you through the process.
  4. At least it's got to be said that Knights of the Round Table were chivalrous enough to peace out a nation who they had staggered.
  5. I think they have quite willingly come forward already. You might need to check your visibility, a dove is blocking it.
  6. You appear to be 6 months old, have no account on our Discord / Forums, and I have never heard of you.
  7. At least we have some kind of action, that's good I guess. Lost Silver.
  8. I don't recall Dilber being in New Sith Order at the time, sure it wasn't someone like Ivan Moldavi?
  9. That's why I am the only person you can trust with free hosting. No leaks ever happened from alliances I hosted!
  10. Goodbye edibles, hello fictional creatures at The Phoenix Collective.
  11. Only @Steve Buscemi could do that, and he seems to be pretty vacant now.
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