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  1. Don't you mean TNSO as NSO (New Sith Order) isn't currently fighting / declared any wars?
  2. With the recent Declarations of War by The New Sith Order, does this mean that the Declaration of Neutrality from The First Order is rescinded?
  3. Good to see that @firingline made it onto the news.
  4. Surely that would mean The First Order's neutrality thing will go out of the window?
  5. At least it'll mean you'll get some exercise. That's not too bad, right?
  6. Or... reform CDS, what's the worst that could happen?
  7. I agree with what Van Hoo says, it is better to create a new alliance then to simply revive an old theme. Create your own destiny as opposed to being tied to the past.
  8. I look forward to seeing his surrender in
  9. Looks like MrMotivator has already bailed from your government and deserted his post.
  10. A most noble proclamation, yet we will have to see what happens next.
  11. So... who forgot to set Auto-Renew?
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