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  1. Franz Ferdinand

    Just a random nation passing through...

    I'll let you go first.
  2. Franz Ferdinand

    Peace After 924 Days Of War

    Sounds about right to me, also looks like The Zigur shouldn't have bailed on Harry's Unaligned.
  3. Franz Ferdinand

    Joint Declaration FTW

    Best of luck with the fight.
  4. Franz Ferdinand

    A formal DoW

    I for one wait to see how the New Polar Order reacts to this declaration on their close ally.
  5. Franz Ferdinand

    Blast from the past

    Nostalgia is the main thing that keeps people going around here these days. I hope the information provided on Discord proved useful.
  6. This so-called MostlyHarmlessAlliance entity appears to be infringing on our Mostly Harmless Alliance name. It also appears that they are infringing on @Maelstrom Vortex's sleeping dragon gimmick. I will go get my towel ready.
  7. Franz Ferdinand

    A new power rises

    An insult would be something that hurts, you merely stated facts. It does appear however that somebody poisoned the waterhole, and as a result the Grand Global Alliance have had to move their assets to a shell corporation. It's Mostly Harmless, right for an Alliance to do that?
  8. Franz Ferdinand

    A MHAnnouncement, A Harmless Statement

    It does appear that you are lacking trades, possibly we could help with that?
  9. Franz Ferdinand

    A new power rises

    Official Statement from the Grand Global Alliance I stand here before you today to announce the existence of the Grand Global Alliance. I think I do not stand alone when I say: 'Today, I have found my home on CN.' because I know for a fact that there are many others, both ex-members and current members that view the GGA as a home. After 8 years it is safe to say that we will have a good run. We have been through bad times, that is something I cannot deny. The GGA has suffered much and it is time to put her to rest instead of making her suffer more. It is time to bury the past.Let us not use this thread to remit the Grand Global Alliance through its darkest hours. Let us instead use it to celebrate the good times the Grand Global Alliance has known. Through her existence the GGA shall manage to create a thriving, prospering community from which many great players shall emerge. The GGA shall, over its existence, reach heights that many alliances can only dream of, even holding sanction for a long period of time. Let us also take this time to acknowledge the persistence and resiliency of our community. We have faced many obstacles and have fallen to great depths but nobody can ever, ever say that we did not try. Never did we give up the fight and there was always someone to continue our struggle against the looming death. Even while we were fading away there were still those who remained to try and get us back on top. I salute you, members and ex-members of the GGA, for your spirit and your bravery.I know for a fact that some will feel the urge to try and use this last opportunity to ridicule us even more. Now is not the moment for grudges, ridicule or fights. This is a moment of happiness for us as it is never easy to return back to your home. I sincerely ask you to remain civil in this thread and let us, and our long history, come in peace.With these first words, the Grand Global Alliance has officially arrived. Fortuna Fortes Juvat
  10. Cool, wake me up when something notable happens.
  11. Franz Ferdinand

    Roq It 'Til The Wheels Come Off

    They still are resolved in that matter.
  12. Franz Ferdinand

    Horses without Armor

    Well, I have just two words for you:
  13. Franz Ferdinand

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    My only comment on this whole matter towards you:
  14. Franz Ferdinand

    Paradox No More

    The link is broken and should point to https://discord.gg/UpvgQX2 It's a shame that this has happened, but I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.
  15. Franz Ferdinand

    An Unofficial Announcement!

    Remember guys to visit the Cowboys at our home!