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  1. Um no. Bobs population is under 5k of nations near 999 infra. That doesnt account for the tech farms and neutrals. That could eliminate probably 1000+ more of Bobs population. It's not a matter of laying down and giving up, its a matter of Bob is pretty much dead and most sticking around just do so to remain in contact w/ people they've been in contact with for years. You seem to think that Oculus is the problem. It is not. Oculus is the same shit w/ just a different name.
  2. Bobs been dead before Oculus formed. They are just the only ones still playing politics.
  3. Should we copy IRON's politics of being spineless and ducking every major losing war to save pixels so other alliances will want to ally us to use our stats? Only getting rolled when after 5 or so years you've backed out on too many alliances where you finally have to take your beating?
  4. It was our fault. We should of oA'd w/ UPN and requested back up from TPF so they would have had an excuse you are more familiar with from your allies. "Sorry we cant defend you, you are on the losing side."
  5. Perhaps his NG embassy doesnt speak that highly of IRON.
  6. If only IRON was so predictable in defending its allies in a losing war. Will never happen though. :mellow:
  7. Your stupidity of what you think Pez did wasn't covered the previous two wars? Im pretty sure this third war wont cure your stupidity.
  8. Bob might not last that long, but if it does I'm sure we will. I dont know if we will have a top tier again. We wont pee ourselves and sign a NAP at the first sign of a losing war like some Orange alliance so that might set us back. Will we have the next one coming since we continue to fault IRON for being terrible?
  9. A large group of alliances slapped a politically isolated alliance around. Not only that they then made their one and only ally join them. Although I engaged with mostly IRON nations, they are still a terrible alliance and will always be terrible. They fought with great odds in their favor as always for the last 5+ years. All these people trying to not call it sad or pathetic are in a pathetic alliance known as IRON. Sorry I coudlnt resist. :awesome:
  10. Yes that is by far the worst thing your side has ever done. Shame on them for implementing a term no one really cares about. Fucking monsters.
  11. When Caustic warned us about being rolled we were shocked people were still plotting things on Bob. What is another month or two on a dying planet?
  12. I think you are confusing Pezstars admission on screwing over MK with MagicalTrevor.
  13. I see you are too lazy/dontcare to structure anything of value so why are you even here? Must be more of your hazy memories confusing you.
  14. Please do take the time to post some huffing and puffing done. I dont recall ever questioning IRONs capability in war time. I do recall laughing at NG for allying IRON again. I'll continue to do that. How would this war change that though? IRON is still RON. You back away from anything that is a challenge. Oh sorry you lost a war 5 years ago... My bad. As for your pretty sure there was an STA rep invovled? Are you saying we took reparations? Nope.
  15. Indeed should of burned more while they waited another month for NPO to start fighting.
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